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MammaMia 19-11-2008 06:21 PM

*cuddles all tight*

Kahlia welcome back sweetie, could have SWORN I replied to your post last night, but then again maybe I didn't.

zowie 19-11-2008 06:38 PM

Finally they listened to me and I'm going IP, probably for about a week.
They dont have internet there so I wont be on for a while. Look after yourselves, love you all xxx

caiden 19-11-2008 06:42 PM

*hugs to all*
still having problems...still here for an extended visit...docs keep bringing up IP, but i am scared of that thought...so i have been telling them i am getting better instead of admitting the truth. dont know what to do anymore...i just feel so lost and alone...
*cries quietly in the corner*

Kahlia1981 19-11-2008 08:08 PM

*hugs all*

Not got any words at the moment I'm afraid. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm reading, and offer my hugs and supportive silence to you all.

Much love to all.

just-another-gurl 19-11-2008 09:14 PM

*hugs everyone* hya ppl is everyone oki???:)

caiden 20-11-2008 12:44 AM

i dont know how much longer i can go on like this....i feel so lost, so out of control....no worries though. i will be fine. i always am.

*curls up in a tiny ball, trying to stay out of the way....*

Seraphsigh 20-11-2008 12:45 AM

*hugs the room, one by one*
Hello, darlings. Hope all are safe.
I feel like s***. Stupid depression. Stupid cutting. Stupid mf-ing life. I don't even know what's real anymore. Maybe I live in space. Yeah.

Kahlia1981 20-11-2008 01:36 AM

*hugs all*

Have had an okay morning. Maybe this new medication regime is going to work. Bit early to tell properly yet .... however .... we were in a shopping center for approximately an hour and I still seemed relaxed. Not like me normally where I start grabbing the person standing next to me and leaving fingernail imprints on their arm.

Love and hugs to all.

Oh, before I do go ... I've barely eaten since before I went into the hospital and attempted to help my flatmate eat a pizza last night which I then followed up with half an hour of purging and took the gods only know how many laxatives. I've managed to lose 5 whole kilograms (11 pounds). And my brain is telling me to keep going with it. I am currently a large girl. Now don't get me wrong .... I'm not actually trying to go back down this path .... it just really doesn't help that the medication is making me have absolutely no appetite whatsoever. I'm a little confused about this right now,


Pomegranate 20-11-2008 01:38 AM

*hugs everyone*

Try and be honest with them Caiden, they are only trying to help. It's hard but they need to know what is going on to help you.

I am glad they finally listened Zowie, hope it works out for you xx

How are you doing now Hana and Marie Ann?

*offers Monark a hug* If you live in space can I come visit you??

Khalia- how are you coping since getting out of IP? *HUGS*


Back from hospital with another set of stitches. Screw up. Yet all I can think of is SIing some more.

In other news, my CPN and I somehow managed to screw up when I saw her before the summer holidays. Found out yesterday I have to be re-referred and also to my psych. CPN appointment is estimated to be in Jan some time, god knows about psych. ****ing fantastic. Last saw psych in April, CPN in June. And until then I see my uni support co-ordinator once every 4 weeks, except because of christmas not seeing her until 8th Jan.

Sorry for self indulgent rant, just needed to write it :(

Pomegranate 20-11-2008 01:40 AM

I am glad you are feeling a bit better Kahlia *hugs*. Well done for dealing with the shopping centre this morning. Please try to eat though, you know deep down not eating is not going to make you feel any better.

Kahlia1981 20-11-2008 01:47 AM

You are dead right Emma. Deep down I know that not eating isn't going to help me with recovery .... and neither will those other behaviours. It's just such a struggle. :(

caiden 20-11-2008 05:55 AM

"Try and be honest with them Caiden, they are only trying to help. It's hard but they need to know what is going on to help you."

my problem is i am so scared about what they will say. last time i mentioned having any kinds of problems like what i am going through now, they said if i didnt get better i would have to go through inpatient....i am so scared of the thought of IP....but i dont know how much longer i can manage like this....i am having a problem with telling the difference between what is reality, and what is in my head... what parts are real and what parts are just the paranoid thoughts, or just a product of the voices.... i am just so tempted to give in to it all.... i just want to cut so bad right now....

* curls up in corner and plays with tool, thinking......*

Auburn Shadow 20-11-2008 11:37 AM

*hugs everyone*

Can't stay long enough to give proper replies, but I'll come back after my counselling session.

2 hours until counselling, and I'm freaking out... mainly because of the topic. We're covering the abuse today. I've never really spoken to anyone of it, not even on here so it's going to be interesting. Dunno how long the counselling session's going to last, because it's a christian counsellor and they go on until they find a point where they see it fit to stop. Unless they have another appointment scheduled in somewhere. But I think she's got a completely free afternoon today.

Ok, gonna stop typing now. *leaves lots of hugs until she returns*

MammaMia 20-11-2008 01:17 PM

*leaves lots of cuddles*


Today is going werid. Bad. But then good too. Firstly managed to get to sleep about 1.30-2.00am. Which is good. But then I woke up at 7am (good) but fell back to sleep until nearly 8am (bad) and somehow left the house on time (good)....and then was nearly in Birmingham when I found out my notetaker couldn't do notetaking this morning because "something is up" (bad) so I had to miss my lecture (bad) but it's ok because I REALLY cannot stand my lecturer anyway and he triggers me stuipd half of the time (bad bad bad bad) but found out my notetaker was infact doing HER uni work when she's meant to be working with me. ****. She had me very concerned aswell :S =\ See if I was working with another student and had tons of uni work to do, I'd still go do the notetaking required :|


Why does it all keep going wrong wrong wrong??? CAN'T wait for this **** to be over & for tomorrow to come (seeing Hana!!!)

Pomegranate 20-11-2008 01:57 PM

I can't even begin to explain everything that has made today a ****ing **** day. Can I just have some hugs please? :crying:

youngatheart 20-11-2008 02:22 PM

Sending everyone hugsxx

Can I have one too? I feel really lonely today as if noone would notice if I suddenly disappeared.

Louise 20-11-2008 02:29 PM

*gives crystalheart a hug.*

Pomegranate 20-11-2008 02:37 PM

*hugs crystalheart* whats your name hun?

Emma x

caiden 20-11-2008 04:05 PM

huggles for everybody!
i am finally feeling a bit better today....think maybe the med change is finally starting to do something to help....thank you everyone for the support.
*leaves hugs and squishes for pomegranate and crystal,and zowie and kahlia*
if i missed giving anyone a hug, im gonna leave extra hugs behind for you

Louise 20-11-2008 04:08 PM

that is good that you are feeling a bit better and that the meds are starting to work. *hugs*

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