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MammaMia 20-09-2008 01:30 PM

Yaaaaaaaaay Zowie, have you seen your birthday thread ;)

Happy Birthday <3

Kahlia1981 21-09-2008 12:49 AM

Hello all.

I'm feeling a bit down when I should be happy. I slept about 9 hours for both of the last two nights and shouldn't be tired - but I'm partly guessing that the residual tiredness is caused by the addition of a new medicine into my drug regimen.

My flat looked a bit like it was ravaged by some sort of human whirlwind. Luckily the person who messed most of the rooms up is my niece and only about 3 maybe 4 years old. Because I became fed up with the state of the rooms I have been cleaning since 7:30 am this morning, and am now taking a break over two hours later.

I have some serious study work to do so I guess I'd better get myself moving.

**hugs to all**

Zowie - if you can find it have a listen to "A funny happy birthday song" by . . . Adam sandler I think. I think you'll enjoy it.

zowie 21-09-2008 01:54 PM

Thanks for the bday thread helen, made me smile. Going to the pub later for a couple of bday drinks xx

shadowedseraph 21-09-2008 02:49 PM

*huddles in the corner with a teddy bear* i dont want to be me

MammaMia 21-09-2008 03:15 PM

No problem sweet :) xx

1ofmany 21-09-2008 10:03 PM

Screw it all. thats it totaly pointless **** it **** stuff. I don't get it anymore. Why is there still a part of me fighting...I WANT IT TO STOP

Detour. Derail 21-09-2008 10:09 PM

*wanders in with loadsssss of cuggles for everyone*

Jetforce 22-09-2008 05:05 AM

ty alexx

*drops by with some muffins to ppl then hides back into his dark corner* :-)

Kahlia1981 22-09-2008 05:44 AM

Hi all. {hugs everyone}

I've actually achieved something today . . . but still feel like crap. I am barely holding it together and, to be quite frank, I'm not sure I can see why I should hold on. It feels like there is just no way out of this.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be blathering on. You all have your own issues to deal with and don't need to hear mine.

*climbs under the bed and starts crying*

Detour. Derail 22-09-2008 10:59 AM

Im back from my break away...but hopefully im here to support this time :]
Im soooo close to being 8 months free (its like a week and a day away!!) so I really wanna help all you guys because you've all helped me so much :]

Kahlia1981...whats up hunny?
Do you want to taslk about it?

Jetforce 22-09-2008 11:43 AM

Wow...congrats Alexx

Ur doing great...keep it up!!!!

*cuddles everybody too then disappears* lol

zowie 22-09-2008 12:20 PM

Alexx, that's amazing. Well done!!

*hugs everyone*

Kahlia1981 22-09-2008 01:54 PM

Sorry I haven't responded previously. I'm not sure what's wrong I just feel .... like there is no point to living. I don't know why, and I don't know what I can do about it.

*cries in the corner for a bit*

BoundNoMore 22-09-2008 02:05 PM

*sits in corner and cries*
I can't handle this anymore.
I... just... can't :crying:

Auburn Shadow 22-09-2008 05:52 PM

*hugs everyone*

I have internet back now so I'll be around a lot more again!

shadowedseraph 22-09-2008 08:08 PM

*hugs everyone* just come back from a+e where i was told as i hadnt actually done anything they couldnt help..... oh yes and they gave me the number for the samaritans :( i just want it all over *cries*

Auburn Shadow 22-09-2008 11:01 PM

*hugs shadowedseraph* Not sure if you're still online but I'm around if you wanna talk about anything. That goes for everyone.


zowie 23-09-2008 09:42 AM

It's all going wrong again. I was feeling so strong, able to ignore her, but last night I couldn't sleep because she wouldn't leave me alone.
It's been hard for the last few days. I feel like there's no point, it's not fair that I have to listen to her day in day out.
It's been a month but I don't think I can get through today. x

shadowedseraph 23-09-2008 11:54 AM

*Hugs zowie and Auburn Shadow* Try and ignore her honey your stronger than you think. I'm trying my best to ignore them too

zowie 23-09-2008 11:57 AM

I slipped up.

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