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Billy! 04-02-2011 09:04 PM

Yesh I can supply the chains :D I also have a few rusty saws in my shed, so they can cut their legs off when they get desperate XD

frenchhorn 04-02-2011 09:08 PM

*hugs you all*

Is saw a film? cos I'm very confused. lol

I just waked to the shop co I had to get bin bags, it was so scary, the people were follwoing me, but didnt talk to me much this time, then i get back only to be told by my flatmate that the idiot upstairs has flooded their kitchen and spraks were coming out of the fridge plug so th fridge has been turned off.

Billy! 04-02-2011 09:20 PM

Teehee oliver, yes saw is a film about this weird guy who kidnaps people and makes them do horrible things in order to live. E.g. this one guy had to choose between crawling through a load of barbed wire to escape, or being gassed..........
Pretty gruesome films XD
And that sucks, is there anything you can do about the water?

Doikers 04-02-2011 09:20 PM

Hehe Charlie , well lets give them Sharp hacksaws , give em a chance , so on goes the search for a suitable bathroom :P

Billy! 04-02-2011 09:26 PM

We could adapt the film and use a big hall instead? I know a nice big hall at my old school. Could fit over 1000 people in there for whole school assemblies (they were awful!)

frenchhorn 04-02-2011 09:27 PM

well they sound like delightful films, I'm very glad I've never seen them

Billy! 04-02-2011 09:32 PM

XD You should watch them. I've only actually seen the first one, but wanna see the rest.

PoisonedApple 04-02-2011 09:34 PM

http://www.hoopnotica.com/hooping-fa...oopnotica.html this is hoopnotica mark... :D

Doikers 04-02-2011 09:45 PM

Well , For a horror movie fan and a rugby fan , Thanks Goodness England (Me) beat Wales (Where I live), I've seen saw 1 through5 , nicole , there is a moment in saw 2 where me and and my detoxing people where I saw it with cringed at , at we wre 4-5 blokes addicts and THIS made us go OWWW!

Billy! 04-02-2011 09:54 PM

lol Mark, I haven't watched them all 'cause they're 18's and my mum wouldn't let me watch them till I was 16, and we only have the first one XD

frenchhorn 04-02-2011 10:08 PM

I think i'll give them a miss. I do like filmswith blood, gutsand gore, but they just sound wrong and tbh quite silly

melda 05-02-2011 12:21 AM

Hiya, I was wondering whether I could pop in, not sure what its about, but need some time out, things are a bit overwhelming at the moment.

frenchhorn 05-02-2011 12:44 AM

hi melda, of course you can pop in, welcome to the ward. I'm Oliver
*offers hugs, if ok*

ˈsäləˌterē 05-02-2011 01:21 AM

Hey Amy! It's about anything you need it to be hun. Welcome!

frenchhorn 05-02-2011 04:15 AM

*hugs solo* how are you?

ˈsäləˌterē 05-02-2011 04:29 AM

~Hugs Oliver~ things have been rough lately, but I'm really trying!

frenchhorn 05-02-2011 04:33 AM

I'm glad your trying, thats all anyone can ask of you *hugs*

Kahlia1981 05-02-2011 05:25 AM

*huggles all* I'm back. We've been without power since 3pm Tuesday until about 1pm today. The cyclone damaged a lot of trees and power lines but in Townsville there wasn't much structural damage (thank god). I've missed you all, and I've missed being able to catch up with everything online ... we've only had a battery-powered radio for company and a gas stove to provide coffee. We lost everything in our fridge and freezer and got some water in on our carpet through the front door, but otherwise we are okay. I've really missed you guys :-(

Doikers 05-02-2011 09:59 AM

*Hugs Charlie*
*Hugs Oliver* They are silly but thats the fun :P
*Waves to Amy*
*Hugs Solo*
*Hugs Kahlia* I've missed you , only yesterday I was saying I hope Kahlia didn't get hit to bad :)

Kahlia1981 05-02-2011 11:50 AM

*hugs Mark* - hey big brother. :-)
It's so nice to have power and internet again. A hot shower, a cooked meal, a cold drink. mmmmmmm :-)

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