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xxjuliexx 14-05-2010 05:06 AM

feel icky

mouse in darkness 14-05-2010 05:15 AM

*offers Hugs to all those who would like one and waves to those that don't*

Meh, life sucks! I suck!

*crawls under bed and makes self as invisible as possible*

Hope everyone is having a good day. And offers supportive *hugs* to those who aren't

MammaMia 14-05-2010 05:21 AM

Why you feel icky Amy?

Nicole(?), you don't suck :) Life however does. *offers cuddles*

xxjuliexx 14-05-2010 05:25 AM

*curls up under concert block*

mouse in darkness 14-05-2010 05:26 AM

Yup that me, thank you for the cuddles. *Cuddles* you back.

You ok Amy? offers *hugs*

Sorr about the slow update my computer isn't loading all the responses so have to fiddle with the programming agian. Joy.

You can do it Julie!

MammaMia 14-05-2010 05:29 AM

You okay there Julie?

Nicole, you're welcome & thank you for the cuddles back :) Don't worry about being slow to reply. Silly technology hey?

xxjuliexx 14-05-2010 05:31 AM

*pushes out a note* mhmm i fine

mouse in darkness 14-05-2010 05:32 AM

You can say that again. I am having to go back to the main forum just to get updates. *sighs in frustration*


Can I give you a hug Julie?

taz35 14-05-2010 05:36 AM

I'll post a more detailed response once I have computer access - at my uncles and trying to read and catch up on an iPod touch is infuriating me. But I can't sleep again (big surprise). I hate lying in bed with so many thoughts running through my head. :(

xxjuliexx 14-05-2010 05:38 AM

*sends magic hugs to taz35*

xxjuliexx 14-05-2010 05:40 AM

just heading out be back later

MammaMia 14-05-2010 05:46 AM

That sucks Nicole. Hope you can sort it soon.

Hope you have fun wherever you're going Julie.

Taz, I can relate to how you feel so much. It sucks :( Want to talk about any of those thoughts that are running through your head??

5.46am. I really should get some sleep. Ick. No point trying now, getting too bright in my room. But I am getting bit tired. Hmm. We'll see whether I last or not. Will be awake at 8am regardless. Have to phone back. Please let them have an appointment for today :( I can't hold on all weekend or whatever. Yes I'm impatient at the best of times :'(

xxjuliexx 14-05-2010 08:31 AM

anyone here

Doikers 14-05-2010 10:39 AM

* Hugs to all who can and want to accept them*

Hmm I just rang the Mental Health resource centre and my Diaz perscrition isn't there like I was told it would be . I can't call my houseing supproy worker because I'm waiting on the mhrc to get back to me and I don't have a messageing service and my mobiles broken.

It's raining , or t least it was 2 minutes ago , I need some exercise, but can't leave the house until I get phone call :S

I'm physically tired but I need to walk that off.
Emotionally I'm knackerd.

*Sits at Ward table*

CrazyHayley 14-05-2010 10:42 AM

*toddles into the common room after 3days of wandering around ward avoiding people*

Hey wardies, so sorry I've been avoiding here.... no excuse, just me struggling with everything and avoiding everyone. BUT...(possible TMI!)...I came on my period this morning!! Which means that the PMDD is subsiding and it also means the last one over and done with as its injection time on monday! If I wasn't ill with a stinking cough and cold I think I may actually be happy....?!!!

*germ free group huggles all round to those who want them*

I am so sorry but there is too much for my medicated-more-than-usual brain to cope with to catch up with you all on the past three days. But you have been on my mind and I'll try and be a better fellow wardie from now on.

I spy a mark! *huggle* Morning! How's you this morning?!

EDIT: ah Mark, you posted whilst I was typing, so you answered my question. Lets hope you get phonecall back soon and they sort it all out quickly for you and that during that time the rain stops, so that when you're able to, you can then go for a walk. *sends out positive thoughts*

Doikers 14-05-2010 11:02 AM

Hey Hayley *Hugs* Well I got my phone call the Perscription is being written by the very boss of boss's of Pyschiatrists in my mental health team , So I'm gonna brave the rain and go there now to pick it up . He's not my Dr he's above my Dr , Then when I get back phone call number two , to my housing support worker to continue that saga with E-on *Sigh*

*Pops out*

Scarletdreamer 14-05-2010 11:02 AM

Good morning everyone...

Hayley, dunno if you read what Crimson posted but she said that those who play WoW on EU servers can possibly make characters on US servers, but not the other way 'round... so do you want to see if we could all four of us, Mark, Crimson, you, & me, get together on a US server? I have toons on Silvermoon, Grizzly Hills, and Area 52, and room for new toons on all of them. :) Also, I have high enough levels to run littler toons through dungeons on Grizzly Hills and Silvermoon. :D An 80 on Silvermoon and a 74 on GH. So those would be my two servers of choice, but of course, we could always start on a new server also. :) Just not RP/RPPVP/PVP because I suck at all of those things. ;) (Well, if that's okay with you all, that is... I don't want to be bossing around this whole operation!! :o sorry....) Anyway, am so glad that you're going to be getting that shot soon!! Maybe - hopefully - sanity will return. ;) And you'll be able to post more, yey... :) *cuddles*

*cuddles Hels* Did you get any sleep, love?

*cuddles Mark* So sorry that your diaz isn't in the pharmacy yet... but maybe it's just a bit late? Ewwww rain... I could give you a workout regimen you could do indoors with weights, that my personal trainer/close friend gave me, if you'd like that? :) I used to do it and really need to get back into the habit as it really burns off fat quickly but healthily. :) Anyway... *more cuddles*

*cuddles Kahlia, JK, Nicole, Nicole, Lindsay, Laura (who IS NOT a loser!!), Julie & co., Kat & co., Oliver, and anyone else I've forgotten (sorry!!)* ♥

I'm really tired, although I just got up. Well not really, got up at 5:30am and it's just past 6am now. But am still sleepy-eyed. I think I'll probably be getting on WoW in a bit... just started a baby druid yesterday named Freyasoul and I really want to get her to level 10 today... she's level 7 now so it should be doable. :) Wheeee... lol.

I'm still a little anxious but not as near as bad as last night... am still struggling with SI thoughts though, but also not quite as bad. :-/

I have an eye doctor's appt this afternoon... ugh... don't want to go. :(

*hides in a corner* :(

CrazyHayley 14-05-2010 11:02 AM

Ooh I spy and April *huggle!* I think I'm going to play on WoW for a bit, as long as I don't end up sneezing loads right when I need to be hitting keys to kill things - this happened yesterday and I died! doh! April can I pick your WoW brain please? What does ICC stand for, I've seen it come up in the chat box a few times and I've noooo idea! lol Oh I dinged level 30 last night! Really feel like I should be better than I am though....oh well. Have you had your hair cut yet?

CrazyHayley 14-05-2010 11:10 AM

ooh wasn't 11.02am a popular time to post, LOL!

April - I haven't the foggiest how I would work out getting onto a US server. I really am NOT technical minded, but perhaps a few PM's between us WoW addicts and we could try and sort something out and I think I'm on a PvE realm, seemed the best to start out on and I've no experience on anything else, so am happy to go with the flow. Good luck at your eye appointment later. I got my new contact lenses through yesterday so I'm enjoying clear vision again with my updated prescription!

Mark - when you read this I hope that you've dried off from the rain and good luck with the phonecall to your support worker, I hope that they've made progress with the saga! I'll prob be on WoW when you get back, so if you need distraction and help then feel free to whisper me when you log on and I can help.

Well my other fellow wardies who are hiding or sleeping or what not, I shall catch up with you later *more germ free huggles for those who want them*

*toddles off into corner with big box of tissues to become Roseleigh the gnome!*

frenchhorn 14-05-2010 11:46 AM

*hugs all wardmates who want hugs, waves at anyone else*

I'm in a good mood because I just went to the barbers for the first time and have at last got my haircut how I want it and its a proper mens haircut. I'm really hoping all of my quintet will remember to wear all black and someone bring a camera so we can do photos, everytime I say, someone always forgets, its a little annoying.
I may upload some photos of my new hair later, if your lucky!!
anyway I best be off for rehearsal number 1 of the day.

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