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Doikers 04-02-2011 08:00 PM

Ohhh Felicia , lets think , what would she have to do to escape? Or should we find someone else , an old bathroom some chains and waterpipes? *Nostalgic for the classics :P*

shadowedsoul 04-02-2011 08:15 PM

lol okay remind me to never get on your guys wrong side. =p jk just joking

ˈsäləˌterē 04-02-2011 08:17 PM

Thanks for the hugs Mark n Felicia! ~Hugs ya back~ I'm very shaky atm! Things haven't been good! That's why I haven't been around. I don't like to come on n burden people or bring them down. I try to just be supportive of others, but haven't been feeling like I have anything to offer.

Doikers 04-02-2011 08:20 PM

*Hugs Solo* It's okay to need support here hun , we are here for you :)

*Hugs Jill* Yeah you stay on my sweet side :P jk

ˈsäləˌterē 04-02-2011 08:26 PM

Thanks Mark!

Billy! 04-02-2011 09:05 PM

*Hugs everyone*
Well I could help, we could do the bathroom scene and put my sister in with her?

Doikers 04-02-2011 09:28 PM

Jill , supplie the chains and it's a deal :P

PoisonedApple 04-02-2011 09:41 PM

*bounces around the room*
I am sooo excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited! so excited!

I get to order my hoopnotica stuff today:D now I just need to figure out which set I want most and which I can have....

How is everyone else?
How goes the SAW reenactment?

Billy! 04-02-2011 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2687254)
Jill , supplie the chains and it's a deal :P

Mark i'm guessing that was aimed at me? I'm Charlie :-p

Doikers 04-02-2011 09:51 PM

Charlie sorry yes it was aimed at you but England are playing Wales and I live in Wales and am English , focus elsewhere , sorry :) Can you supply the chains :P lol I have a camera to make the puppet film :P

*Hugs Crimson* Whats hoopnotica hun ?

shadowedsoul 04-02-2011 09:53 PM

lol cool can i help too, and possibly put my auntie in there as well. :p

Louise 04-02-2011 09:54 PM

hugs everyone

Doikers 04-02-2011 10:03 PM

Hey Jill wel'll need a big bathroom :P

Doikers 04-02-2011 10:03 PM

*Hugs Louise*

Billy! 04-02-2011 10:04 PM

Yesh I can supply the chains :D I also have a few rusty saws in my shed, so they can cut their legs off when they get desperate XD

frenchhorn 04-02-2011 10:08 PM

*hugs you all*

Is saw a film? cos I'm very confused. lol

I just waked to the shop co I had to get bin bags, it was so scary, the people were follwoing me, but didnt talk to me much this time, then i get back only to be told by my flatmate that the idiot upstairs has flooded their kitchen and spraks were coming out of the fridge plug so th fridge has been turned off.

Billy! 04-02-2011 10:20 PM

Teehee oliver, yes saw is a film about this weird guy who kidnaps people and makes them do horrible things in order to live. E.g. this one guy had to choose between crawling through a load of barbed wire to escape, or being gassed..........
Pretty gruesome films XD
And that sucks, is there anything you can do about the water?

Doikers 04-02-2011 10:20 PM

Hehe Charlie , well lets give them Sharp hacksaws , give em a chance , so on goes the search for a suitable bathroom :P

Billy! 04-02-2011 10:26 PM

We could adapt the film and use a big hall instead? I know a nice big hall at my old school. Could fit over 1000 people in there for whole school assemblies (they were awful!)

frenchhorn 04-02-2011 10:27 PM

well they sound like delightful films, I'm very glad I've never seen them

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