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Cacoethes 15-11-2022 03:59 PM

Sunny here now!
How random

not_so_insig 15-11-2022 05:46 PM

I am home. I went to the charity shop, the post office, the tourist information centre and caffe nero. Busy day!

Zurg 15-11-2022 06:06 PM

I'm sorry you lack cocoa, Tamo :(
Does your family take wishes on what to bring along when they visit you?? A nice cup of cocoa seems a rather minor and easily granted wish :) everyone should be able to have a cocoa at this time of year!!!

You've been busy, Dawn!!! Time to relax now, hopefully :)

Hope you're somewhere dry and warm, Beckie :)

I did laundry and tried to relax with a bit of gaming after, but Findus would have none of it and continued to bite and scratch my comfy chair until i turned off the laptop >:(
This is why we can't have nice things!!!!

one_step_closer 15-11-2022 06:17 PM

Hi everyone. I have read but can't get my brain to sort things out to reply to you all so I'll just say I hope you're having a good evening. I've asked this before, are you at a different time Kat?

Cacoethes 15-11-2022 07:06 PM

Dry and warm now!
Been a bit all over the place today lol!
Going out again in a bit! Gotta wolf down some dinner first though
Running a bit late because i literally spent 20 minutes chatting about random stuff to pharmacy lady who i get on really well with! She went to see evenescence! So jealous!

Lindsay i think kat will be an hour ahead. Not 100% on that but I've been to a lot of other European countries and they are usually an hour ahead!

tamobhuuta 15-11-2022 08:17 PM

Zurg, L brought me cocoa :)

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 08:20 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 16-11-2022 10:25 AM

Morning Beckie.

How are you? :)

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 11:16 AM

Hi guys, how are you?

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 12:02 PM

The med students just tried to do a blood test but gave up really easily!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 12:23 PM


Lol med students tend to suck at doing bloods!
And doctors in general tbh.

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 01:25 PM

How are you?

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 01:44 PM

I'm ok thanks!


tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 01:46 PM

I am also ok. Trying to stay occupied so I don't try to abscond.

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 01:56 PM

Good plan! (Staying occupied, not absconding!)

I'm just here to pick up the guinea pigs!
Though i am early and the lady isn't in. She's just on her way home!

tamobhuuta 16-11-2022 03:18 PM

How many guinea pigs are you getting?

one_step_closer 16-11-2022 03:35 PM

Guinea Pig pick up day party!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 03:39 PM

I got 2 tamo!
You have to get them at least in pairs because they get lonely and depressed otherwise!
I'm home and they are getting settled! One is in the hay house and one is under a pile of hay! I can hear munching! Lol

one_step_closer 16-11-2022 03:42 PM

Very cute. Now you have 2 more friends.

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 03:58 PM

I'm honestly so in love with them!
They have just come out of hiding and are exploring!

one_step_closer 16-11-2022 05:45 PM

They have a lot to explore with the wonderful 'cage?' you set up for them. Any luck on names yet?

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 05:51 PM

I think they are enjoying the cage!
They've been chasing each other around.
Fairly sure it's going to be Merry and Pippin!

one_step_closer 16-11-2022 05:56 PM

They're probably so interesting to watch. I expect lots of pictures of their antics on fb!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 06:40 PM

They are!
They're chilling now. One in a little house and the other one has spread himself out lying down! Like a little pancake! He's definitely the more confident of the two. And keeps trying to establish dominance over the other. Not fighting though!

I'm sure I'll be posting so many photos that everyone will get sick of it very soon! XD

nonperson 16-11-2022 06:55 PM

Excellent name choice, Beckie. =)

I named one of my cats Pippin too =P

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 07:07 PM

Pippin is a great name!
Also the name of the dog in Come Outside!
Loved that show when i was a kid.
Though it probably wouldn't be a thing today. A woman taking her private plane to random places for literally no reason....can you imagine the outrage on social media??

nonperson 16-11-2022 07:11 PM

I have never heard of that show o.O Must be nice to have a private plane but yeah, there would definitely be outrage nowadays!

Can you post some pig pics please? =)

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 08:06 PM

It was a kids show in the early 90's!
This woman had a dog (pippin) and she took him in her private plane (like a single person plane) to visit factories and educate kids on how things are made and stuff! The plane had multi coloured polka dots on it!

I will try!
I'm not good at posting pics on here. Was so much easier when ryl was on tapatalk!

Merry has claimed one of the hides as his own and won't let poor pippin near it!

Pi.R^2 16-11-2022 08:08 PM

I always assumed tapatalk was something Lio made up...

Also I can reprise my role as jpg distributor if you wish? I did already go stalking for a jpg.

Elmer 16-11-2022 08:25 PM

That’s correct, made up an entire app for shiggles

Did I even know you when RYL was on tapatalk??

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 08:28 PM

Unless tapatalk was some sort of shared hallucination....

yes please jenna!

Pi.R^2 16-11-2022 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by Elmer (Post 4336883)
Thatís correct, made up an entire app for shiggles

Did I even know you when RYL was on tapatalk??

Yeah, you used to often have an iPad/tablet at meets and one time you were RYLing on tapatalk and took a break to show me Magical Trevor

Elmer 16-11-2022 08:43 PM

I see

(Zero recollection of any of this)

nonperson 16-11-2022 09:38 PM

What even is tapatalk?? I feel like I don't know many things tonight.

But... cute piggy pic! Love their home and all their stuff. =o

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 09:54 PM

Everyone Loves Magical Trevor!!!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 09:55 PM

Stupid ryl stealing my caps

Elmer 16-11-2022 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4336889)
What even is tapatalk?? I feel like I don't know many things tonight.

It was a mobile app for forums that got popular when everyone started getting smartphones and forums were (still are in RYLís case :whistling:) a bit clunky and hard to use on a phone. I think RYL used it for like a month or two(??) before they decided it was too expensive/buggy, or maybe that it wasnít very secure? Canít remember.

Elmer 16-11-2022 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4336891)
Everyone Loves Magical Trevor!!!

Very much so.

Elmer 16-11-2022 10:15 PM

Triple post

it was a security breach and Beckie was very sad

I didn’t realise you’d had this username for so long Beckie!

Cacoethes 16-11-2022 10:42 PM

I vaguely remember posting that!
And also.....who tf is James?! I don't remember a james?! 0_o
I cannot believe I've had this username all this time!
I swear i only changed it like, 2 years ago!

Cacoethes 17-11-2022 08:25 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 17-11-2022 12:07 PM

Morning Cacoethes, how are you?

not_so_insig 17-11-2022 12:17 PM

Morning all. I am waiting for my parcel.

Cacoethes 17-11-2022 12:18 PM

I'm ok thanks!

How are you?

one_step_closer 17-11-2022 12:27 PM

Morning everyone.

How are you all and what are you getting up to today?

When's your parcel coming, Dawn?

not_so_insig 17-11-2022 12:30 PM

Between 11.50 and 12.50 Lindsay.

If anyone hasn't heard or isn't friends with me on Facebook then the TV show Neighbours is coming back next year!

one_step_closer 17-11-2022 12:33 PM

Hopefully not too long for you to wait then.

I can tell you are very excited about Neighbours coming back! Everyone would need to sign up to Amazon Prime though or something.

not_so_insig 17-11-2022 12:35 PM

Yes it's only going to be available on amazon. But I have prime already so it's not a problem for me.

Cacoethes 17-11-2022 12:37 PM

I'm not up to much today! Had double pilates this morning and then asda. And had a hot chocolate!
Taekwondo later. I have amazon coming at some point too.

How about you?

Weather is grim today!
Been raining since yesterday!
Put the heating on. Mainly for the piggies benefit!

not_so_insig 17-11-2022 12:41 PM

It's miserable here too. Wet and windy. My hair got damp just fetching the wheelie bin from the collection point.

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