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wildly insane 07-04-2009 09:34 AM

Hey Jem welcome back, how are you doing? *hugs*

*hugs Hannah* heyup I'm Hannah too, I think I might get confused :)

*hugs Helen* hope the migraine has gone and that you're feeling a bit better

*hugs Ashley* you got everything you need there? what are orange Mike & Ikes?

*hugs Fairytale* what's up? You feeling any better today?

*hugs Gil* are you okay?

*hugs Arwen* How's it going? hope the guilt has gone, you don't deserve that. Did ou have a good time with your friends?

*hugs Dayna* some people just don't get it, sounds like the person in question really isn't worth your trouble, take care of yourself hun.

*hugs Kahlia* glad to hear you're doing a little better

*hugs Jade**hugs Shell**hugs MaryAnne**hugs Kat* (has anyone heard from her recently?)*hugs anyone else hiding in a corner and wanting a hug*

Right must get to work, so looking forward to some days off. Leaves some easter eggs hidden in the garden.

Kahlia1981 07-04-2009 12:08 PM

*hugs everyone*

Jem - yay for freedom. Now keep yourself safe.
Helen - oh yucky migraine's .... I hate them.

I put up dark curtains in my room today.... Yay. Hopefully it will be dark enough for me to sleep a bit easier. Fingers crossed.

World War III starts tomorrow with my house-mate && Qld Health. This could be interesting ....

Jetforce 07-04-2009 12:27 PM

Yah..i know! i better try and keep safe

I'm already have bad thoughts already..ugh..sucks to be me really :-(

But yah..hope u guys have a lovely day or had a lovely day xx

zowie 07-04-2009 02:26 PM

Wooo Jem! Well done for getting out of hospital, I hope your stay helped you.


I had a good time with my old friends last night. Only a few people who were actually part of the old gang were there but it was nice to talk to them.

My care co ordinator has cancelled our appointment today. Didn't really need to see her, but it was something to do today. Gosh the days are really dragging.

Damnation. 07-04-2009 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by wildly insane (Post 1536112)
*hugs Dayna* some people just don't get it, sounds like the person in question really isn't worth your trouble, take care of yourself hun.

*hugs Kat* (has anyone heard from her recently?)

I'm slowly distancing myself from the person in question. Which is quite easy, considering it's me who's putting 99% of the effort into what remains of our friendstil <__<;;.

And she's coming round mine tonight. With any luck, we might have some piccies xD

~*Rainbow*~ 07-04-2009 05:01 PM

*hugs Widly insane* Im ok kinda have the docs tomorrow for my shoulder

*hugs jem* congrats on gettin out *hands over some chocolate easter nests*

*hugs Damnation* If your putting in most of the work then its not a friendship - I've been there with people and its not good!! In fact the people i left behind in scotland told me they would always be there for me since i've come back i aint heard from them but I know that they aint worth it.

*hugs zowie* when plans and things get cancelled they days do tend to drag i find sometime by just gettin out walking and reading a book helps me keeps my days busy and not dragging - even taking up a craft like card making or painting might help as well

*hugs Fairytales tell tales* How are you today?
*hugs MammaMia* Hope your Head is better Sweetie
*hugs Kahlia1981* Hope your curtains have worked for you
*hugs *Sorcha*Loupvoix* * How are you doing? *Hands in extra fluffy pillows and more chocolate and Juice*
*hugs banana89* Are you ok darlin???? Dont hide in corners speak to Monkey *Hands Over Mr Monkey* He's a good listener and like to give hugs
*hugs Tears of Solitude* Are you okay???

Sorry i dont know everyones names im getting there slowly!!!! :(

I was on the phone tomy other half last night and i broke down in tears on the phone becasue i miss him so damm much!!

Dont know how much more of this i can take without going crazy! If only i could find a job and a place to stay down the road then i could be back! and start being happy all over again

But thats all small silly things..............

Eclectica 07-04-2009 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by ~*Rainbow*~ (Post 1536720)
*hugs Damnation* If your putting in most of the work then its not a friendship - I've been there with people and its not good!! In fact the people i left behind in scotland told me they would always be there for me since i've come back i aint heard from them but I know that they aint worth it.

(It's Damnation./Däyna - Kat's logged in and I cba to log into my own account for one reply XD)

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm gradually working on getting him out of my life, because he's just not worth it any more. Although as luck would have it, he keeps trying to talk to me kdfhjglsrkgh lriyjh ekhy khysk X____X

~*Rainbow*~ 07-04-2009 07:35 PM

Thats not so good, well sometime you have to be cruel to be kind jsut tell him that you have made a choice and that you dont want to see him for a while due to personal reason

ksdfjhlksajf 07-04-2009 09:10 PM

Yeah... I know it's hard to be tough like that!

How is everyone doing? I'm feeling a little better today.

~*Rainbow*~ 07-04-2009 09:43 PM

Glad your feeling a bit better fairytales

Emo 07-04-2009 11:50 PM

not posted here for a while and i changed my name from purple Goddess to Serenity

how is everyone ?

wildly insane 08-04-2009 12:48 AM

Hiya Serenity, we have easter eggs galore, all sorts of goodies, a wide variety of teas and an expansive denial tent so welcome back :)

[Fog] 08-04-2009 01:15 AM

Rainbow, thanks for Monkey. We've been having a little chat and he's good at hugs :-D I'm doing ok today... I'm at home from uni for a while and none of my family know about my "issues"... I have younger brothers so I'm trying so hard to try and be normal for them. It's exhausting but I want to protect them. So I've kind of got into a routine of trying hard during the day and then SIing for a release at night. Guess it's not healthy but it's getting me through.

How is everyone? I don't really know anyone's names or stories and I don't fancy trawling through 844 pages!! Lots of hugs all round though and I hope everyone has had a good, if not then bearable, day.

*Sees the denial tent and clambers in with Monkey*

Emo 08-04-2009 01:21 AM

oh i will have a mug of coffee and a bit of chocolate
* sits down in a comfy chair *

MammaMia 08-04-2009 02:08 AM

I had a really highly emotional day,it's been very tough and made me even lower. Funeral was far too emotional. I'll NEVER forget the look on Vicki's face, it'll torture me forever. Migraine has gone thank gosh for that. Am struggling :'(

*cuddles all and crawls into denial tent*

[Fog] 08-04-2009 02:26 AM

*Holds Monkey so his head his stroking your arm*

Sounds like a really difficult day. Funerals are so difficult and emotional. Anything you can do to relax and calm yourself?

I'm not good with physical contact but seeing as this is virtual you can have a big hug :)

MammaMia 08-04-2009 03:34 AM

Awwww, Gil's (Rainbow) monkey is coming to stay with me soon, lucky buggar :P

It was a really difficult day and emotional. I don't know how to calm down, too much is going on and getting to me.

Yay thanks for the hug *gives one in return*

[Fog] 08-04-2009 03:36 AM

What do you normally do to wind down? What about watching tv, arty stuff, listening to music?

To be honest I get these things suggested to me every day and I never listen but still :-)

If you want to rant I'm here to listen xxx

MammaMia 08-04-2009 03:42 AM

Well I normally poke around online, listen to music, sometimes watch tv or read a book (I have so many books to get through, although it's now going well...) and then try sleep. Doesn't always work or doesn't always happen like that :(

Bless you hun, I'm always offering people advice and then don't always take it myself when I really need to. Like I tell people they always need to look after number 1- themself and I don't do a good job of that with me :/

Thanks hun, I do apperciate it. It's just someone thought she was going to have something she didn't want and if she was right in what she was going to have, I would have died there and then. But it's okay, because that problem isn't going to happen (don't know if that makes any sense?) Then someone has fell out with me for pathetic reasons it would seem, and I tried to sort things out bu no reponse. Meh. Their loss yeah? I really really miss my ex boyfriend, I shouldn't have broken up with him but at the same time I still should have..GRRR!!! :/

[Fog] 08-04-2009 03:47 AM

Yeah I feel like such a hypocrite sometimes. I never take my own advice... so much easier when it's someone else!

Sorry to hear about everything that's going on for you, all sounds really difficult. Not really sure what you mean with the first thing, but glad that the problem isn't going to happen in any case. And the someone who has fallen out with you is getting sent some bad vibes right now. Of course it's their loss :) Do you think it will get better? And big hugs about your ex. It's so difficult sometimes when you're still not quite sure about the decision. How recently did you break up?


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