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MammaMia 16-06-2008 01:16 PM

Good Luck Zowie, two of my friends are nervous about their Psychology exam too xxx

Chels *huggles*

I'm so very tired, but have counselling this afternoon, luckilly for me I managed to wake myself up a bit more :]

Jetforce 16-06-2008 01:38 PM

*jem sits at the corner by himself with a doona wrap around him*

blondiebear 16-06-2008 02:12 PM

*cuddles Jem* *cuddles Ally*
Mystery, welcome!
Zowie, how'd the exam go?

Thank God mother's day and father's day are over for another year!

Nutritionist this morning, Psychaitrist this afternoon. The nutritionist won't scold me for the cold pizza, she'll do it for the diet pepsi. I'm supposed to be drinking green tea sweetened with stevia herbal sweetener. Maybe I should go to Trader Joes market on the way home instead of the regular one. Bozo cat likes the bread ends of the pizza.

zowie 16-06-2008 02:50 PM

The exam went awfully.
I didn't realise how little I knew until I actually sat the exam. Beth was really putting me down all the way through, trying to make me scream and shout at her just because she knew I couldn't. Had to leave the exam an hour early because of her.
I hate myself.

Jetforce 16-06-2008 02:57 PM

*hugs zowie*

I hope u did enuf to pass fingers crossed!!

MammaMia 16-06-2008 03:44 PM

*hugs Jem* You ok?

Welcome to new members btw :]

Susan, I quite agree with you....though I enjoy mothering sunday :P

Zowie, I'm sure it went better than you think *snuggles*

~*forever_broken*~ 16-06-2008 04:23 PM

Thanks mystery, and welcome to the psych ward :-D it is a pretty nice place.

Thanks also, Jeremy and Susan... I suppose I shouldn't have expected much in the way of replies... After all, it was a long, rambling rant... Still, it's nice to know someone gives a **** *shrug*.
*snuggles Jeremy* What's wrong luv?

Chels, please take care and do what's safest for you right now *cuddles*

*returns to her corner for a nap before she has to get ready to go to therapy*
lol I just woke up 45 min ago:pinch:

Margo 16-06-2008 04:48 PM

Im going to ****ing explode very soon. Ive done the vacuuming, ive watched a 3 hour long film, ive punched the wall lots. Im so wound up i cant eat and there is a constant knot in my stomache.

Pomegranate 16-06-2008 05:10 PM

*pokes Ally* Hope therapy goes alright hun. I think arranging a load of sessions over Summer is a fantabulous idea and we will be here to help you through any of the hard stuff.

Chels, please do what is safest for you and try to keep fighting. I'm sorry I have no real advice but we are here if talking would help. *hugs*

*pokes Matthew* Sorry things are feeling so crappy. What film did you watch? Do you want to talk about it?

MammaMia 16-06-2008 05:38 PM

*wishes to be poked too*

Haha I love my counsellor I really do. Apprantly from the minute I walked into the room, she felt VERY tired, she was a little tired already....but looks like I was sharing that 'engery' if you like. Plus she said some very true things about me today hehe :P

Pomegranate 16-06-2008 05:40 PM

*pokes Helen to make her feel better* Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about what she said or anything x

Detour. Derail 16-06-2008 06:48 PM

Ow :(
Ow :(
Ow :(

Headache :( ><
*crawls away*

Pomegranate 16-06-2008 06:50 PM

*gently pounces on Alexx* Nice to see you in here again sweetie. *offers headache tablets and pillow* xx

Detour. Derail 16-06-2008 07:07 PM

hello sweety.
I'm not sleeping well...
Haven't been for nearly a year and a half....
but I'm finally burning out.
*curls in the corner and tries to sleep*

Kuwairo 16-06-2008 07:21 PM

Alexx hun I know that feeling *hugs*
Have you tried anything to help you sleep? Relaxation, herbal tablets, sleeping tablets?

Jetforce 16-06-2008 07:31 PM

I'm just struggling atm...sleeping too much when i should be doing uni work, awake when i should be sleeping. Now i got a cold combined with that...grrrrr and feeling miserable with it. Enough whining from me - i'll cope somehow :-)

*hugs ally & helen* thx's for caring :-)

Hope u manage to crash to bed alexx...sounds like u r totally buggered
*cuddles u*

How is every1 else doing there??

*Curls back in the corner of the psych ward*

MammaMia 16-06-2008 07:39 PM

*gentle hugs Alexx* Fell better sweetheart.

Emma....hehe I might just do that, or maybe I'll make you wait til Wednesday hahaha :P

Kuwairo 16-06-2008 08:11 PM

Hey Jetforce (sorry I don't know your name) have you tried anything to get your sleeping pattern back to something a bit more productive?
Hope your cold goes away soon!
I'm not so bad, my arm's still really painful but less swollen. But then, it's my fault so I shouldn't really complain.
You ok Helen?

Jetforce 16-06-2008 08:14 PM

Call me jeremy :-P

Errrh, we'll see what happens

I better bucket up and get ready for my exams tho ughhhhhh

zowie 16-06-2008 08:20 PM

*hugs anyone who needs it*

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