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nicole94 07-01-2011 11:54 PM

*cuddles* I really want to do some craft stuff but I am rubbish at it and also I have no materials or anything :/

SparkleKitten 07-01-2011 11:55 PM

What about doodling? That tends to fill the urges for me.

Cazki 08-01-2011 12:19 AM

He everyone :) feeling much better now. Wasnt feeling a 100% but i decided i would try and find some calm music on U tube and i did. I didnt know this music existed its awesome! I thought i would share it, i love it, there is lots more of his music. How is everyone?

PoisonedApple 08-01-2011 12:21 AM

*hugs Ian*
Jango is good for finding new music too :) Glad you're feeling better.

PsychoKitty2010 08-01-2011 12:23 AM

-hugs ward-

Cazki 08-01-2011 12:24 AM

Thanks :) thanks for the hug. How are you? Its amazing what music can do. I'v never even heard this before, i was just browsing through "calm music and relaxing music" on u tube. *Hugs Kitty* How are you Kitty?

PsychoKitty2010 08-01-2011 12:28 AM

Going insane. Getting worse as time goes by.

Cazki 08-01-2011 12:34 AM

I'm so sorry kitty :( PoisenedApple: iv forgotton your name sorry. I feel so calm and soothed, that music is awesome, iv got it playing now.

MammaMia 08-01-2011 12:39 AM

-cuddles everybody-

Cazki 08-01-2011 12:44 AM

Heya Helen :) *Hugs Helen* how are you?

Kahlia1981 08-01-2011 12:46 AM

*cuddles everyone who can accept*

MammaMia 08-01-2011 12:47 AM


Originally Posted by Monsoon (Post 2645197)
Heya Helen :) *Hugs Helen* how are you?

I'm good. Yourself? *hugs Ian*


Originally Posted by Kahlia1981 (Post 2645201)
*cuddles everyone who can accept*

*hugs Kahlia verry tightly*

Cazki 08-01-2011 12:49 AM

I'm good thanks Helen :) i wasnt feeling a 100% until i listened to some awesome calm music, which i gave a link to just now. I feel much better now.

MammaMia 08-01-2011 12:49 AM

Glad to hear it :) Magical how music can help make us feel better isn't it?

PsychoKitty2010 08-01-2011 01:01 AM

I have no idea what I am going to do. I'm freaking out right now. I got in contact with the financial aid office at the school today to find out when I would get my financial aid money. They looked at my account and said it's iffy with me because I had to take a medical withdraw from this last semester. So they are going to review my case on either Monday or Tuesday of next week to decide if they are going to allow me to get financial aid for this next semester or not. He said that since it's my first medical withdraw and stuff, I have a good chance of being approved, but there is still a chance I can be denied. If I am denied, I will have to withdraw again. But that's not really what I'm worried about. Without that money I will be homeless. I won't have a cell phone or internet connection anymore. No gas for my car. I am living off of my financial aid money. If I am denied, everything will be horrible. And I have to wait until sometime next week, when they decide to review my case, to know if I am going to be homeless or not. Also, if I don't get my financial aid, that means I won't be able to go see my counselor or doctor anymore.

Another thing that is driving me crazy is the question on whether I am pregnant or not. My menstrual cycle still hasn't started. It is 2 days late. I do not have another home pregnancy test to take, and can't afford getting another one. I mean, I could go get one from the dollar store, but that would be a waste of a dollar because their tests are not the most accurate (I had a friend who had a sister that was 6 months pregnant who took one of the tests from the dollar store and it came back negative). I have an appointment with a clinic for next Thursday to get a test, but that is still like a week away. I'm pretty sure I am pregnant at this point, but need the confirmation in order to receive medical. I have to receive medical if I am because I need to get in and be seen right away since I will be considered high risk because of my tubular pregnancy 6 months ago. If I am pregnant, and do get medical, I will be able to go see a different doctor and counselor, if I get denied my financial aid, but that raises 2 problems. One, what would be the point if I am homeless? And for two, I would have to start all over again with someone else that I don't know and that is extremely difficult for me to do being as I do not trust people very well.

I am just so stressed out right now. I have no idea how I am going to survive this weekend. I'm freaking out. I want to cut. I'm feeling suicidal. But there's not a damn thing I can do to make it better. The school just has to take their sweet ass time. I can't handle this waiting. I don't know what to do.

-sits in her dark corner and hugs her knees and rocks back and forth-

Sorry. sorry.

PoisonedApple 08-01-2011 01:13 AM

*cuddles Kitty*
I'm sorry, I'm pretty useless for anything but a hug and a listening ear right now.

PsychoKitty2010 08-01-2011 01:28 AM

-hugs crimson- Thanks.

SoMuchMore 08-01-2011 06:21 AM

*hugs crimson, kitty, ian, helen, kahlia, sarah, and everyone else who posted before this page*

i know i'm being useless lately... can't be on much/feeling worse is making it harder to catch up :-/

Kahlia1981 08-01-2011 09:27 AM

*huggles everybody*
sorry. i'm pretty useless for anything else at the moment :-(

xxjuliexx 08-01-2011 10:02 AM

missed lotsa pages like 25

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