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not_so_insig 08-08-2017 06:28 PM

I had beans on toast plus a yoghurt in the end. Admittedly it was a big tin.

Sketchy 08-08-2017 06:34 PM

Hope you enjoyed it. I like beans on toast.

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 06:37 PM

Beans on toast is a good choice!

Sketchy 08-08-2017 06:52 PM

I bought vegetarian gummy bears to put in my happy box, which now has plenty of sugary things. I'd like to put something scented in, like lavender oil.

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 06:58 PM

That sounds lovely!

Sketchy 08-08-2017 08:02 PM

I just had soup. Yum.

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 08:30 PM

What kind of soup did you have?

Ive had my pizza end m&ms and i am very full!

Sketchy 08-08-2017 08:46 PM

It was a vegetable soup my sister made and gave me some to take home. It was lovely. She's good at making soup. She makes pea and vegetarian ham soup which is amazing.

Sketchy 08-08-2017 08:46 PM

M&ms are yummy. What kind did you get?

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 08:50 PM

Sounds yummy!

I got the peanut ones this time :)

Sketchy 08-08-2017 08:52 PM

They're my favourite ones.

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 08:53 PM

They were very good!

What are you up to Lorraine?
Im watching Holby

Sketchy 08-08-2017 08:58 PM

As always I'm deciding what to watch. I was going to draw, but I'm just too tired. I got lots of drawing done yesterday though. I'm going to my dads tomorrow, but maybe I can draw before I go.

You got any plans for tomorrow?

Everyone I know has decided to text me at once. This is very confusing.

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 09:08 PM

Im watching this new hospital drama on bbc one.
Jodie Whittaker stars in it.
I doubt I'll stay awake for it all though!

You've had a busy time recently. Resting is good. What are you doing with your dad tomorrow?

Ive got a blood test in the morning then going to see Jasmine for the rest of the day.

Strange how that happens Lorraine!

Sketchy 08-08-2017 09:12 PM

That's a shame about the blood test, but it will be good seeing jasmine. Do you have anything fun planned with her?

My sister is helping my dad with the garden, so I'm coming along too and we'll all have dinner together. He's making us vegetarian chili. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow so I'm looking forward to sitting in Dad's garden. Sadly I'm useless at gardening.

Cacoethes 08-08-2017 09:21 PM

Depends on the weather really!

That sounds really nice!
I'm useless at gardening too!

Buttons. 08-08-2017 10:06 PM

Hope you enjoy seeing Jasmine Beckie :)

Chilli and sitting out in garden sounds good Lorraine, although I'm same-hopeless at gardening! I'm lucky in that whoever lived in this house before me evidently planted rose bushes-they look gorgeous :)

Friendsfest was EPIC.

Sketchy 08-08-2017 10:29 PM

What is friendsfest? Have you had a good day Katy?

Buttons. 09-08-2017 08:20 AM

A festival type thing around the Friends TV series :) was ace.

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 08:31 AM

Morning guys.
Pissing it down here!
Got to go for blood test in a bit

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 08:43 AM

Good morning all! How is everyone today? :)

Buttons. 09-08-2017 08:49 AM

Ew to blood test, but sooner it's done sooner it's over :)

Morning Rebecca I'm okay, how are you lovely?

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 09:00 AM

I dont mind blood tests at all!
Waiting now.

How are you all?

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 09:52 AM

I'm okay thank you :D it's just started to rain here so I'm just drinking coffee watching the rain :3

Buttons. 09-08-2017 09:54 AM

Oh yeah I remember now Beckie! I'd say can you take my blood tests for me but somehow...I think there's a few logistical problems :P

I discovered last series of Modern Family that I haven't yet seen so other than someone having moved the book I'm reading (totally not had an irrational level of break down :p) I'm good ;D Wish my dog would realise difference between extensive chew toys I've bought her and the seemingly more appealing....box of tissues.

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 10:11 AM

Sounds cosy rebecca! I love watching the rain.
Its stopped here now though :(

Yeah, somehow I don't think that would really work Katy :p

Its always nice to discover new series!
I did that with Nurse Jackie, there were like 3 more seasons and I was like whaaaat?!

Oh dear!
Shes so cute though so you cant be angry with her really :p

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 10:30 AM

What is it with cats and dogs always taking more interest in the packing of things than their toys xD it's cute tho!

I'm so out of the loop with films and stuff. I only really watch Japanese or Korean films! Though I'm going through some old dvds and Labyrinth is next, love that movie!

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 10:40 AM

Babies do it too!
Forget the expensive activity tables and toys and books, the box and wrapping paper is where its at!

Labyrinth is an excellent film!

Buttons. 09-08-2017 10:45 AM

Yeah there may be a few issues with my brilliant blood test avoiding plan ;P

It is definitely cosy watching rain from inside but I'm just hoping it holds for the dog's walk-after that, the weather can do whatever it wants!

It is very true of animals (and toddlers :P) that packing is often way more exciting than the actual pressie. The again I'm still over excited by bubble wrap so I can't really talk :P

Never seen nurse Jackie, do think I'd like?

Tbf Rebecca you could just say the rest of us are out of touch with Japanese and Korean films! I don't think I've seen Labyrinth may have to give that a go!

Buttons. 09-08-2017 10:46 AM

Ha ha ninja posted on the babies+packing Beckie! Perhaps one downside of growing up-a couple of years ago you might have been able to get away with giving Jasmine the Packaging of the scooter without any need to buy the real thing. Now well...you're screwed :P

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 10:55 AM

Yeah, birthdays and christmases were a lot cheaper when she was younger!!

Nurse Jackie is about a drug addicted nurse. It's funny though and sad at parts because she works in the emergency department and you see all the patients coming in and stuff.
Theres more to it than that but it is good!

Buttons. 09-08-2017 10:56 AM

That sounds interesting, what channel was it originally on?

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 11:01 AM

Yeah give Labyrinth a go, it's pretty awesome!!

Oooooh bubblewrap!! Epic stuff. I have an app on my phone just of bubblewrap where you just pop the bubbles xD

Gone are the days I used to be able to make a fort out of a cardboard box to sit in to eat dinner and watch tv through the window. Good times!

not_so_insig 09-08-2017 11:03 AM

Morning all.

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 11:11 AM

Good morning Dawn!! How are you?

Sketchy 09-08-2017 11:17 AM

Morning everyone.

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 11:19 AM

I think its been on a lot of channels.
Im sure it was on BBC 2 ages ago.
And it was on some american channels.
I think Showtime was one of them.

Morning dawn and Lorraine!

Buttons. 09-08-2017 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by Shy_Bambi (Post 4125131)
Gone are the days I used to be able to make a fort out of a cardboard box to sit in to eat dinner and watch tv through the window. Good times!

Cardboard forts were the best!

Sketchy 09-08-2017 11:22 AM

I want a fort!

Buttons. 09-08-2017 11:27 AM

Get hold of some cardboard boxes and get creative!!

Sketchy 09-08-2017 11:31 AM

That would be fun.

I'm getting ready in a bit to go to my dads house. What are you guys up to?

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 11:38 AM

I used to make forts when i was in hospital.
The staff did not appreciate it :p

Hope you have a good time lorraine!

I am waiting for the bus

Sketchy 09-08-2017 11:47 AM

Thanks Beckie.

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 11:57 AM

Forts are the best!

Hello Lorraine!! Have a nice time with your dad!

Sketchy 09-08-2017 12:30 PM

Thanks Rebecca. What are you up to?

Shy_Bambi 09-08-2017 12:38 PM

I'm getting ready to go out to pick up my meds, then go to buy some food. Might go in the pet shop to buy some goodies for my snails :D

Sketchy 09-08-2017 12:39 PM

I like snails. They must be nice to draw.

Buttons. 09-08-2017 12:42 PM

I have to go pet shop today as well, Lady needs some food and treats (I love getting those for her, after make myself rules how many treats she gets :p) and I need to find her a harness she can't Houdini her way out of :P Am going to see if there's anything for calming as well as she's finding next door's very loud renovations or whatever a bit stressful. Vets have said they have a plug in thing but although I'll get it next few days if necessary is v expensive.

I've always been interested in snails, one of the only creatures of that ilk that don't freak me out! What are the biggest snails like the African ones etc can grow?

Sketchy 09-08-2017 12:45 PM

I hope you get what you are looking for at the shop Katy.

My dad is coming to collect me to drive me to his, so I'm just waiting for him to text saying he has left. I'm bored just now.

Cacoethes 09-08-2017 12:51 PM

Good luck at the pet shop katy!

Snails are cool!

Are you doing anything nice with your dad Lorraine?

Im waiting for the other bus now.
It is very cold and wet!
Hope its on time!

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