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one_step_closer 21-02-2024 10:15 AM

Yeah, your body needs to be kinder to you. Do you have much to do today?

Iím not sure how i am.

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 10:29 AM

Morning people. I'm going to Mass, walking both ways because Mum's busy with work. Let's hope I don't get soaked!

What are you two up to?

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 10:36 AM

I've just been to aldi. Set a new record and got there, shopped, then back in 16 minutes!
The only other thing i need to do is my nail appointment. L is giving me a lift there and back so i don't have to worry about trains!

Not sure is better than bad i suppose lindsay

It's wet here too tamo!
Hope you enjoy mass

Zurg 21-02-2024 11:32 AM

Morning peeps :)
Hope mass is a nice experience again today, Tamo.
Speed shopping, Beckie. 16 minutes is quite impressive!!!
Are you back home again, Lindsay?? I might be a tad bit behind on matters..

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 11:35 AM

Morning zurg!
How're you today?

I hate supermarkets so i get in and out as quick as i can!

one_step_closer 21-02-2024 12:04 PM

Make sure youíre well wrapped up and have a hood or unbrella Tamo. Hope you enjoy Mass. How long is the walk?

Iím also quick in shops Beckie. And i walk really fast. What design are you going to get on your nails this time?

Iím still in hospital Kat. Being discharged on the 27th. How are you doing?

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 12:07 PM

Well done on speedy shopping Cacoethes.

Mass was nice, half the number of people (probably due to the rain!) and I'm drying off nicely.

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 12:11 PM

I walk quite fast also. Just want to get where I'm going!

I have 2 nail design choices in mind. I'm going to ask my nail lady for her expert opinion!

I'm glad it was nice tamo :)

I'm desperately trying to get some sort of treat hamper thing for my grandad and his wife. We're going down tomorrow. This is potentially the last time we'll see him, so many emotions.

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 12:20 PM

Sorry about your grandad Cacoethes. I hope you find some nice things.

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 12:26 PM

Thank you tamo

not_so_insig 21-02-2024 01:26 PM

Hello all. I have a busy day today as I have 2 sets of visitors today. They're coming with birthday presents so not so bad.

In other news I think I am getting an infection so am feeling rather sore.

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 01:36 PM

Managed to get hold of some homemade chocolates and a sweet jar for going to my granddad's tomorrow.
A very lovely lady managed to sort some things last minute and is going to deliver them later

one_step_closer 21-02-2024 01:36 PM

Iím glad you enjoyed Mass Tamo. Are you having a hot drink to warm up?

Sorry to hear that Beckie. <3

I hope you get on ok today Dawn and you actually donít end up having an infection. How is your cat doing?

one_step_closer 21-02-2024 01:37 PM

Oh thatís good Beckie. I love when people can help out last minute.

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 01:45 PM

Thanks lindsay <3
I haven't really been overly emotional about it until today
I think the reality of this maybe being the last time we see him has really hit
Yeah the lady was really lovely

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 01:55 PM

That's good Cacoethes.

My dad made a pot of tea osc which was nice.

Ooo presents insig!

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 02:34 PM

Got my coffee, watching the news ready for doctors.

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 02:38 PM

Hope you enjoy doctors :)

one_step_closer 21-02-2024 03:13 PM

I can understand that Beckie. *hugs if ok*

Hope itís a good episode of Doctors, Tamo.

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 04:36 PM

It was a good episode :)

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 05:12 PM

Thanks lindsay
Hugs are appreciated <3

That's good tamo!

one_step_closer 21-02-2024 05:15 PM

Have you been watching Doctors since it first started Tamo?

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 06:01 PM

I don't think so. I tried going back but iplayer didn't go back all the way.

Ahimsa 21-02-2024 06:27 PM

Hi all,

Insig - how was your busy day? Have you opened your presents?
Beckie - I'm glad today has been as okay as it possibly can be, I hope you're okay?
Tamo, Osc - how are you both?

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 06:37 PM

Hey beth
How are you?

Thank you. I'm ok. Tomorrow will be hard but apparently my grandad is in quite good spirits so should be ok

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 06:38 PM

I'm ok, just had a normal day. Hopefully I will get used to getting up a bit earlier for Mass! How are you?

Ahimsa 21-02-2024 06:41 PM

How much earlier is it Tamo?

Beckie, I'm glad you've got your family around you for tomorrow

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 06:47 PM

Thanks beth, it will certainly help

tamobhuuta 21-02-2024 08:34 PM

It's only an hour earlier than I was getting up.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow Cacoethes.

Cacoethes 21-02-2024 08:39 PM

Thank you tamo <3

Cacoethes 22-02-2024 04:40 AM

Morning everyone

one_step_closer 22-02-2024 09:57 AM

Oh Beckie, you were up waaaay too early. I hope youíre ok.

Cacoethes 22-02-2024 09:59 AM

I'm used to it, I'll live!
Just waiting to be picked up

How are you?

one_step_closer 22-02-2024 10:01 AM

Iíll be thinking of you today.

Iím okish so far.

Zurg 22-02-2024 10:23 AM

Sending love to you, Beckie <3 Hope it will be okay
And sending love to you too, Lindsay <3 Just because!!!

I had a dream last night that made me wave my legs around in panic and i scared the living bejeebus out of the zoo. As revenge, Findus is destroying everything within his reach this morning….

not_so_insig 22-02-2024 10:23 AM

Morning all. It's my birthday today. Have yet to open presents though. Currently suffering from cramp :-(

Zurg 22-02-2024 10:24 AM

Happy birthday, Dawn!!!! :birthday: :DANCE:

not_so_insig 22-02-2024 10:25 AM

Thanks zurg

Cacoethes 22-02-2024 10:48 AM

Thank you both <3

Naughty findus! As usual XD

Happy birthday dawn!

tamobhuuta 22-02-2024 11:12 AM

Happy birthday insig :) sending decramping potion.

Sending love and hope to Cacoethes and osc.

Hi Zurg!

Zurg 22-02-2024 11:20 AM

Hi Tamo :)
Have you been to mass yet??

not_so_insig 22-02-2024 11:22 AM

Thanks Beckie and tamobhuuta. Unfortunately it's not been good so far as I have received the news my dad's cousin has died :-( .

tamobhuuta 22-02-2024 11:58 AM

I'm not going to Mass today Zurg, it's a funeral of someone I don't know.

Sorry about that insig. Hugs if wanted.

tamobhuuta 22-02-2024 05:17 PM

Hope you're all doing ok.

long road 22-02-2024 06:51 PM

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Sorry for your loss and to hear you got sad news on your birthday hope you can still enjoy your day.

Findus Destroyer of Flats!

I have had a good day so far, our friend K came over for board games and chat this afternoon and I won one of the board games.

Hope you are all having the best days possible.

tamobhuuta 22-02-2024 07:34 PM

Well done winning lr! I'm glad you've had a good day.

I'm waiting for the last of my washing.

long road 22-02-2024 08:13 PM

I wasn't really expecting to win but I managed to pull it off!

Washing is a big chore but clean clothes and especially clean bedclothes are worth it. I love clean sheet day

Cacoethes 23-02-2024 06:37 AM

Morning everyone

one_step_closer 23-02-2024 09:06 AM

Morning Beckie. How are you? I see you have updated your thread, iíll do my best to read and respond. I donít know whatís going on for everyone because iím behind with r/vs.

Cacoethes 23-02-2024 09:16 AM

Morning lindsay
I'm tired and blah. But I'll be ok.
You don't have to reply to my thread if you don't feel up to it <3

How are you?

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