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not_so_insig 02-01-2024 08:17 PM

To complicate things our glass goes in a separate box Jenna. Whereas my parents have one big wheelie bin for all their recycling because they live in a different county to me. They only have to separate their food waste.

tamobhuuta 02-01-2024 08:23 PM

We have 2 bins for misc recycling and one big bin for everything else. Our kitchen sink has a grinder for food waste.

long road 02-01-2024 08:35 PM

They don't collect glass at the kerbside here you have to take it to a bottle bank! Luckily there is a bottle bank about 50m away so it's not too much effort. Then we have one mixed recycling and one general rubbish. We don't get food waste collected yet but they are slowly rolling it out across the city

Pi.R^2 02-01-2024 09:42 PM

woah woah woah what's a grinder for food waste???

How utterly primitive Jen! Up here in the Great North (or at least my county!) we have a separate box for glass recycling.

Alas, no food waste here though so I think both Dawn's and her parents counties are better!

long road 02-01-2024 09:45 PM

Most places collect it down here in the South West. My city is just weird.

Ahimsa 03-01-2024 12:42 AM

We have to take glass to a bottle bank. There's one near work but if I didn't drive it would be 3 buses away

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 01:20 AM

Helloooo everyone!

I am back in UK-land.

long road 03-01-2024 01:28 AM

Welcome back Beckie!

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 08:08 AM

Thanks jen!

Morning everyone!

Zurg 03-01-2024 10:43 AM

Morning Beckie. Hope you enjoyed the trip and the witnessing of ancient civilisation. I've always fancied seeing Rome :)
The blizzard is real o_o i have a legit excuse for not going anywhere :D
The local police is advising everyone to stay at home and not venture outside except in emergency situations.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 10:46 AM

Morning zurg!
I would definitely recommend seeing Rome!

Oof that's bad!
We apparently have 'severe weather', but here it is sunny and only a bit windy. So either the local news sites are exaggerating (again) or we've just got lucky here!

long road 03-01-2024 10:55 AM

Morning Beckie and Zurg!

I too recommend seeing Rome, I have been twice and enjoyed it both times.

That is an impressive amount of blizzard Zurg. Good thing you stocked.up on food yesterday!

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 10:56 AM

Morning jen!
How are you?

long road 03-01-2024 11:13 AM

Asthma is being a bit stupid again so not great.

How about you?

Zurg 03-01-2024 11:52 AM

I hope breathing improves today, Jen <3
You can have some of our blizzard Beckie, if you've got a craving for weird weather ;)
The trains and busses stopped running hours ago.

one_step_closer 03-01-2024 01:10 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Welcome back, Beckie. :)

Sounds serious, Kat!

I hope you start to feel better soon, Jen.

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 01:22 PM

Good afternoon everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed Rome Cacoethes.

one_step_closer 03-01-2024 01:35 PM

Hi, Tamo. How's your day going so far?

long road 03-01-2024 01:41 PM

Breathing seems better than yesterday. Hopefully it continues to be that way.

Hi Tamo and Lindsay!

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 01:48 PM

Hi osc. I am ok but having period pains. I've taken painkillers and I've got my strap on hot water bottle. I was in too much discomfort to shower this morning but maybe later. How are you?

I'm glad your breathing is easier today lr.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 02:05 PM

Silly asthma! Glad it's better than yesterday though

I would half like a blizzard, half wouldn't!
I think I'd be annoyed having to stay inside all day

Hello tamo and lindsay!

not_so_insig 03-01-2024 02:24 PM

Afternoon all. I had a surprise: a new recycling box appeared on my doorstep today. It was a spare because some ****er nicked my previous one which I got back a month later. I only requested it in September 2023.

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 02:38 PM

What an excellent surprise!

long road 03-01-2024 03:20 PM

It's like a late Christmas present form the council Dawn!

I just had hummus, cucumber and pitta bread for lunch. Trying to decide if I want anything else.

not_so_insig 03-01-2024 03:48 PM

I have put the majority of my Christmas decorations away. Just the snow globes and my snowman lantern left. But they go in the wardrobe so not too bad. I also hoovered the communal area outside my flat.

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 04:20 PM

Well done lr and insig.

one_step_closer 03-01-2024 04:22 PM

Did you not feel like having something sweet after your lunch, Jen?

Are you in any less pain yet, Tamo?

Are you settling back home, Beckie?

Well done, Dawn. I like a snow globe. :)

long road 03-01-2024 04:29 PM

I try not to have too many sweet things as I was prediabetic a few years back but reversed it. I m very much an in moderation person these days. But I did have two bourbon biscuits with my tea just now. I allow myself one treat a week and this week's treat is bourbon biscuits.

one_step_closer 03-01-2024 04:29 PM

One treat a week! I am too weak to do that.

I have a tiny bourbon biscuit pin on one of my bags.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 04:49 PM

I am settling in thanks.
Had my doom appointments and came home and slept because i was literally almost falling asleep on the way there, while i was there, and on the way back!

Bourbon biscuits are a nice treat

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 05:17 PM

Mmm bourbons!

My tummy is better than it was thanks, though still sore.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 05:39 PM

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better tamo

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 05:46 PM

Thanks. What does your afternoon/evening hold?

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 05:54 PM

Just resting really
I'm still really tired

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 06:00 PM

Long day.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 06:26 PM

Been a very full on few days!

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 06:34 PM

Indeed! But some of it good?

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 06:36 PM

Most of it good!
Just need some decent recovery time.
My social and physical batteries are low!

one_step_closer 03-01-2024 06:55 PM

Definitely get some rest, Beckie.

Glad you're in a bit less pain, Tamo.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 07:48 PM

Taken meds already!

How're you doing lindsay?

maii 03-01-2024 08:08 PM

Afternoon everyone ... enjoyed my morning walk today and I feel like its good to get the chicken legs going again.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day today as best as possible.

Cacoethes 03-01-2024 08:21 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed your walk!

maii 03-01-2024 08:46 PM

Thank you, Cacoethes.

I guess, I don't know, was for the exercise and that I was taking my life back from I feel was robbed from me during a time when I was incapacitated. Was a struggle though to keep the negative feelings form creeping in of my pathetic reality. That being said, was nice to feel the sun and I stopped and talked to and old lady with a cane and we exchanged pleasantries and she was so nice to me so I was not alone. I didn't feel alone. I did miss out on a lot because I was no fully present in the situation and my surroundings because I kept getting lost in thought(s). Sort of auto-pilot. But, again, thank you and I need to do more of this while the temperature is good for walking.

Hope this finds you well.

tamobhuuta 03-01-2024 08:59 PM

Well done for getting out maii.

Time to rest Cacoethes!

I'm queuing for meds, I'm overdue some painkillers.

maii 04-01-2024 01:36 AM

Thank you, tomo and I hope you start to feel better and I hope everyone is doing alright.

maii 04-01-2024 02:58 AM

Hmmm ... our distraction thread has been pretty quiet today so I recon everyone is well distracted enuff with their own happenings. Gosh who said life is easy.

See you all tomorrow and be well everyone.

Cacoethes 04-01-2024 06:19 AM

Morning everyone

It was probably quiet then maii because you last posted at 2am our time!

long road 04-01-2024 10:59 AM


Cacoethes 04-01-2024 11:01 AM

Hey jen
How are you?

My cpn is on his way.
See what bullshit he comes out with today! XD

long road 04-01-2024 11:31 AM

Pretty rubbish. Woke up with a killer headache and when I tried to get up had multiple seizures. Looks like I am staying in bed for now!

I hope he is entertaining and not offensive. He legitimately needs his own cpn XD

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