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Accidentally Abstract 10-09-2023 08:59 AM

Yeah and I've got some health concerns which I'm waiting for results on, whilst also having health anxiety. Such fun.

Ikr, so rude! We just had 2 weeks of online only therapy and in the week we're meant to have a face to face session again she gets covid - typical!

How are you doing this morning? <3

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 09:04 AM

Oh yeah that is never fun!
Fingers crossed that your results are fine!

So inconvenient!

I'm ok. Just really fed up!
Counting the minutes until the cafe opens so i can get a decent coffee!

long road 10-09-2023 09:57 AM

Morning All!

By the time I saw doctor at A&E at 6am asthma had moved in right direction again and bloods were ok so got to come home. They said I did the right thing coming in though.

Managed to grab 3 hours sleep which is something.

Helath issues and the anxiety they can cause is none of the fun Luce. Hope you get some answers on what is going on soon.

At least you are getting there with assignment cutting words can be tricky but is easier than trying to find enough when you can't think of them in my experience.

I will take some hugs. It's cooled down a bit here in the SouthWest we had rain last night.

Hope you have your decent coffee now Beckie.

I am getting up to do ret of my morning meds before it gets too late (did my asthma ones when I got home befor napping)

Zurg 10-09-2023 10:03 AM

Sweet heavens!!! I leave you guys alone for ONE day and look what happens!!! ;)
Sorry. I've been on a 'responsible-adult-almost-mum-concerned'-vibe since my friends started having kids. No, i am not that kind of person at all, i just pretend to be for the sake of the children?.!!

I'm sorry that things in general are so frustrating for everyone. I am sending hugs, strength and healing vibes to you all <3
And a fluffy bunny butt for those with special needs (such as myself)

I'm finally doing my laundry. I also kind of have to because i'm practically out of clothes and clean towels and stuff?

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 10:03 AM

Glad you are home jen

I do not
The dr was coming round so thought i should probably stay for that!
Bit of a non event really
I'll try and go now

Well done for doing your laundry zurg!

Zurg 10-09-2023 10:04 AM

Coffee is important when you have ocd, which stands for Obesseive Coffee Disorder

one_step_closer 10-09-2023 10:08 AM

Eww, coffee!

Sending good wishes to everyone.

Zurg 10-09-2023 10:11 AM

*sends Lindsay a Stern look*
That was quite the heretic statement there, young lady!!!

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 10:11 AM

It does indeed!!!

I was going to try and be brave and get a hot chocolate but i am undecided

Hey lindsay
How are you?

one_step_closer 10-09-2023 10:15 AM

That was a scary look there, Kat!

Hot chocolate sounds better.

I'm not too good but getting on with things.

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 10:16 AM

I'll no doubt make a snap decision when i get to the till XD

Sorry to hear that. Hope your day gets better

long road 10-09-2023 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by Zurg (Post 4363427)
Sweet heavens!!! I leave you guys alone for ONE day and look what happens!!! ;)

Sorry Zurg! Will try better today :P

We do all seem to be having a bit of a **** time of it lately.

I will not steal Findus' butt but will give him some long distance pets.

I am going to make a proper coffee once I have eaten my cereal and done normal morning meds. 3 hours sleep means I don't just want it I need it!

Hot Chocolate would be good for you if you can manage it Beckie.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 11:05 AM

Morning guys. I'm home. Got in at about 2am. I did have a little lie down in the hospital, it wasn't too busy so for a while I got 3 seats in a row!

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 11:06 AM

You do need the coffee jen!!!

I've just seen PLS. It was a lady i really get on with. So had a laugh along with serious stuff.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 11:09 AM

What's pls?

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 11:15 AM

Psych liason service

long road 10-09-2023 11:21 AM

Your hospital was doing better than mine Tamo! I overheard a doctor say they had 83 patients in the department at one point. Glad you got a little bit of kip while waiting to be seen.

I have coffee. Coffee is good. I even added brown sugar this morning, I wouldn't normally but need it today.

Glad you had a good Psych Liason Experience this one Beckie.

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 11:27 AM

Hope the coffee helps!

It still wasn't good, but less frustrating because we get on well
And even if she doesn't agree with me, she still listens

long road 10-09-2023 11:31 AM

Drinking my coffee while listening to Linkin Park
Then have to do my sinus rinse and nasal spray, get dressed and potentially attempt my physio. Might read some manga.

Being heard makes the difficult conversations that little bit easier. Feels nicer not to just have what you say dismissed out of hand.

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 11:34 AM

Sounds like a plan!

Yes absolutely!

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 12:26 PM

Do pls have a plan Cacoethes?

Hope the coffee helps lr.

Crisis Team are coming between 12.30 and 2.30, think it's someone I know.

Cacoethes 10-09-2023 12:30 PM

Be annoying and sort things out tomorrow basically.
I have their number if i want to ring them while I'm here.

Hope it goes ok

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 12:44 PM

I hope they come back with an excellent plan tomorrow!

long road 10-09-2023 12:57 PM

Taking it very slow. Done coffee, sinus rinse and nasal spray but still in my pyjamas. Think I am going to read for a bit and then see if I can summon energy to shower before getting dressed.

It was lovely and cool at 6am here as we had a load of rain but it sadly has heated up again. Hot humid weather and my asthma are not friends.

Hope neither PLS or crisis team are too annoying Beckie and Tamo.

How goes everyone else days?

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 02:03 PM

Z from CT came. I've seen her before, she's quite nice, said to ring as many times as I like.

one_step_closer 10-09-2023 02:13 PM

That sounds good, Tamo. Do you think that will be helpful and you'll be able to call when you need to?

Just do what you can, Jen. Don't push it.

I hope tomorrow goes ok, Beckie and you're not too worried about it.

I've changed my bedding, washed my hair, and did a bit of reading.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 02:39 PM

We'll see osc!

Well done doing stuff :)

long road 10-09-2023 03:49 PM

Well my wrist and hand that I hit at A&E during non epileptic seizure has got more swollen and started hurting more so I rang 111 and they are sending me back to the emergency department to get it x-rayed. I have no luck right now

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 04:12 PM

Oh dear lr, that's not good. Have fun in the waiting room!

long road 10-09-2023 05:04 PM

Had an x-ray within half an hour or so of turning up just waiting for results any necessary treatment. Looks like 111 does speed things up

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 05:06 PM

That's good :)

long road 10-09-2023 05:26 PM

I was very impressed/ pleasantly surprised.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 05:27 PM

That was a waste of time:
Have a bath
I don't like baths
Have a bath

long road 10-09-2023 05:54 PM

Oh not one of those crisis teams. In my student digs I only had a shower. I had crisis team tell me to have a bath and then lapse into stunned silence when I said I don't have one

Sorry they were so unhelpful can you try some of your own coping techniques?

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 05:57 PM

Lorazepam and TV. I just thought it might help to talk.

long road 10-09-2023 06:01 PM

What you watching on TV?

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 06:06 PM

Ambulance! It's teaching me not to waste nhs time :)

long road 10-09-2023 06:07 PM

I wouldn't say you have wasted it lately.

I use to really enjoy watching ambulance but recently it's too much like my real life / a bit triggering.

I am weirdly chill in A&E right now. Think it because it's not something potentially dangerous like my asthma just somewhat injured and in a bit pain and need to be seen eventually but I don't feel is urgent. So my anxiety is a lot less.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 06:12 PM

Seeing the nurses etc was stressful but in the waiting room I 'enjoyed' sleeping/people watching.

long road 10-09-2023 06:30 PM

People watching can be fun. The other day I downloaded the hospital colour coded uniform chart and played bingo ticking off in one colour if we just spotted them and another if they actually treated me. Got to entertain yourself somehow

Have had some nice chats with strangers as well.

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 06:35 PM

That's a great game!

long road 10-09-2023 06:39 PM

I was proud of myself for coming up with it. The most illusive profession is the midwives they don't really leave the maternity unit and I have no reason to go there!

tamobhuuta 10-09-2023 06:51 PM

That would be an odd place to take you.

long road 10-09-2023 08:49 PM

True but not even seen any wandering the corridors!

Sorry for radio silence got tired of trying to type with my left hand

Still waiting to find out if I have broken anything, baased on average waiting time I probably be seen by 10:30pm or so.

long road 11-09-2023 07:37 AM

Morning all!

Looks like it's just a sprain so I have a funky splint now.

not_so_insig 11-09-2023 08:56 AM

Morning all. I have a tenancy inspection today hence why I am up early because I have some last minute tidying up to do. I also have stomach ache :angry: .

Glad your wrist isn't broken Jen.

long road 11-09-2023 09:01 AM

Hope the last minute tidying and tenancy inspection is smoothly Dawn.

Sorry to hear you have a stomachache do you think you are anxious about the inspection?

Thanks Dawn, I am very glad it isn't broken as well! The sprain itself is pretty painful but splint really helps with the pain.

I just took 65 tries to get through to my GP surgery. Thank goodness for the automated redial button on my phone! GP phones on Monday are mental! Once I got onto hold it was only a ten minute wait though. Need to check in with someone after asthma attack Saturday evening. Although things do seem to be improving and the weathe ris so muc cooler today which is bound to help, my lungs do not like hot and humid weather.

not_so_insig 11-09-2023 09:36 AM

My stomach ache is probably anxiety related. Anyway it's gone now.

tamobhuuta 11-09-2023 10:11 AM

I'm glad your stomach ache has gone insig.

Well done getting through to the GP lr! And I'm glad it's just a sprain.

one_step_closer 11-09-2023 10:48 AM

I would not have tried 65 times to get through to a GP, I don't have automatic redial unfortunately!

I hope your inspection goes ok, Dawn.

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