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Cacoethes 05-09-2023 07:08 PM

It is far too hot for gym things lindsay!
Chatting was a better option!

Yaaaay jen!

tamobhuuta 05-09-2023 07:38 PM

Glad you're going home lr.

long road 05-09-2023 09:08 PM

Am home.

Have showered and put on fresh PJ's. I had chips as second dinner (only had sandwich and ice cream for hospital dinner) Now sorting meds etc. Before trying to get an early night.

Will need to ring GP tomorrow to check in post admission.

not_so_insig 05-09-2023 11:44 PM

I watched Who Killed Lin and Megan Russell? Lindsay. It was on catchup despite being on tonight so I watched it then.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 06:17 AM

Morning everyone!

long road 06-09-2023 07:19 AM


Cacoethes 06-09-2023 07:25 AM

Hellooo jen!
How are you doing this morning?

long road 06-09-2023 07:39 AM

Lol I saw the Mrs Doubtfire gif in my head when I read helloooo!

I am alright. Still bruised and achy. Little bit short of breath/ tight chested. But really happy to be at home.
And I got nearly 8 hours sleep last night although I did wake up for a little bit around 5:30am. I suspect the sleeping may have been a side effect of taking my strong painkillers for legit painkilling reasons.

Got to ring GP when phones open and check in post admission. Few bits that need sorting out.

How are you? Any exciting plans?

Otherwise my plan for today is to rest as much as possible. And If my body decides it up for it maybe roleplay online this evening.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 07:48 AM

Np always says that, and now i do too XD

Nearly 8 hours is great!
It is always good to be back in your own bed after a hospital stay

I'm ok thanks.
Nothing massively exciting.
Run, see L because she has the day off, glow beatz.
And possibly have the phone call with ED people, as this is the last day i class as 'early this week'
But who knows!

Resting is a good idea!

long road 06-09-2023 08:40 AM

The hospital bed was pretty comfy but too narrow. Which is why I kept falling out of bed when I had a seizure not much room for rolling around when spasming etc. I want a bed at home that can raise my head that much with the touch of a button though. I just use a pillow mountain!

Most exciting part of my day so far is I had fruit toast for breakfast!!!!

Yay for seeing L! And try not to melt at glow beats!

ED phonecall wise could you text the doc you spoke to last week to check when to expect call/ chase up?

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 08:55 AM

Yeah tbh the adjustable beds are ths only good thing about them!

Fruit toaasssttt!!!

Idk what we're gonna do yet. There's really not a lot to do here!
It was hot at glow beatz last night but not actually THAT bad!

I think it would just panic me more. I spend ages composing texts and then massively overthinking them and it just makes me super anxious. I do it with emails too!

long road 06-09-2023 09:12 AM

If I had one at home I guarantee partner would play with it though. He can be such a big kid at times!

Fruit toast is life. It was sooo good. Although I missed dinner Monday night and had NHS toast at like 9pm and NHS toast always hits the spot.

You could go for a walk at the nature reserve place if it's in a wood? That way there would be shade. Or go somewhere like a bowling alley where there is air con!

Quick call and leave a message? I get like that with texts emails and phone calls. For phonecalls I rehearse how the conversation might go in my head a million times. If you think a text would help though you could post the content in your serious thread and wee could give you some tips or just reassure it's ok to say.

I got through to the doctor's after 20minutes on hold and was off the phone within 25. Long for my doctor's but nothing compared to yours. Nurse is getting a message about me being discharged etc and should give me a call at some point this morning.

tamobhuuta 06-09-2023 10:05 AM

Morning guys.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 10:10 AM

Love nhs toast!

We could do!

Nah i can't leave messages either XD
If she is gonna call, she usually does after kind of 4pm. So if she doesn't call today, I'll tet and send a text.

That is quite a while for your surgery!

Morning tamo

long road 06-09-2023 10:11 AM

Morning Tamo!

I just got off the phone with the Nurse and we have a plan sorted. I have an appointment with her and my named GP Dr A on Friday afternoon so we can check things are still stable before the weekend. As I am feeling okish today no need to come in right now, I can stay home and get some much needed rest. Nurse is working this afternoon, all day tomorrow and all day Friday. So plan is monitor things and if I feel worse at any point before appointment on Friday afternoon, call in and she will see me. I love it when a plan comes together!

long road 06-09-2023 10:12 AM

Ninja Beckie.

Definitely something special about NHS toast. Maybe it's because when you are eating you usually really needed that toast. Or maybe it's because their toasters are magic! XD

Good plan. Post in your thread if you need to ok? None of us mind.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 10:14 AM

Yeah probably! Toast is good most of the time tbh.
I could easily just live on buttered toast. So simple, yet so good!

Thanks jen <3

one_step_closer 06-09-2023 10:35 AM

Morning everyone. Sending good day wishes.

Glad you've got some plans there, Jen.

Hope you get the phone call soon, Beckie.

Hi, Tamo. What are you getting up to today?

I have the dentist at 2pm, fingers crossed I don't need anything done.

tamobhuuta 06-09-2023 11:28 AM

Good luck at the dentist osc.

I'm not good, might ring my CPN later.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 11:48 AM

Hey lindsay!
How are you?
Good luck at the dentist!

Just cleaned out the boys.
They have been a bit off since yesterday.
They didn't even want their treats, which they usually snatch out of my hand!
I'm gonna assume it's because of the heat. They have their frozen water bottles and plenty of hydrating veg. And are still eating hay so should be ok.

long road 06-09-2023 12:02 PM

Hope dentist goes well and you don't need any work doing Lindsay.

Sorry to hear your not doing so good Tamo, calling CPN sounds a good plan. Feel free to make a thread or post in serious space to chat if you want some support <3

Bless the guineas luckily heat wave isnt meant to last long. If we get a worse one next year you will have to buy them an air con machine!

I am now chilling on sofa with my cuddly lion, a balnket and a fan going full blast. Listening to some lo-fi and doing some casual internetting.

Had a busy morning with morning routine and medications and new sinus rinse, phoning doctors, phoning my parents to give them a proper update, emailing my brother to update him. But now finally have chance to rest. Going to make a proper coffee in a little bit and just sit here and enjoy it.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 12:03 PM

Yeah meant to rain on monday thankfully!

I would love to have an air con machine! So expensive though.

Sounds like a good idea to chill!

long road 06-09-2023 12:25 PM

Bring on the rain!

I am also very thankful to be at home rather than in hospital. The ward was very hot and humid and sweaty. Even a sheet felt too much if a cover but I can sleep without something in top of me. They had fans but mine was moved further away so I couldn't bump into it if I fell out of bed due to a seizure. At home with fan running it's quite cool.

Air con is expensive to run too. You got a decent fan at least?

Chilling is very much needed!

not_so_insig 06-09-2023 12:25 PM

Afternoon all.

long road 06-09-2023 12:27 PM

Afternoon Dawn. How's things with you?

not_so_insig 06-09-2023 12:30 PM

I am ok thanks. My neck pain from when I had my choking fit has gone I think. At least it's not hurting atm. Going wild swimming today.

tamobhuuta 06-09-2023 12:37 PM

I phoned my CPN but couldn't get the words out. Luckily he's free this afternoon so I'm going to see him.

Zurg 06-09-2023 12:54 PM

Yay for being pain free Dawn :) I'd love to go Wild swimming. Except for the fact that i can't actually swim. I can shift between floating and sinking though…!!!
I hope seeing your cpn Will be helpful, Tamo <3
And i am crossing my fingers for beautiful, shiny teeth that Will outlast even the pyramids, Lindsay :D
And i'm so glad you're home, Jen :)
And stay inside and be cool, Beckie!!! Let the piggies show you the way!!!

I took Findus to his annual health check and vaccine this morning. He is a bit cross and insulted still. But his sandbox is out for delivery today :D i am sitting here waiting in equally nervous and excited anticipation :)

tamobhuuta 06-09-2023 01:11 PM

Fun stuff Zurg!

one_step_closer 06-09-2023 03:15 PM

I have to get loads of fillings. Not happy!

Wild swimming sounds nice in this weather.

I hope it helps to see your CPN, Tamo.

Aww poor Findus! Hope he settles soon.

long road 06-09-2023 03:48 PM

*waves* have read but not got energy to reply properly. Hugs on offer for anyone who needs/ would like one.

I have got pretty manic and anxious since I last posted.I am about to listen to music while lying in bed and attempt to nap or at least rest. But I don't rate my chances highly.

not_so_insig 06-09-2023 03:57 PM

Hope the music helps Jen.

I am back, had a shower and coffee. It's warm here. I spent an hour in the water. I swam out the furthest that I have done.

tamobhuuta 06-09-2023 04:38 PM

CPN was helpful. We're going to check in tomorrow and I'm already seeing my Support Worker on Friday.

not_so_insig 06-09-2023 04:45 PM

I am glad that it was positive tamobhuuta.

long road 06-09-2023 04:58 PM

Glad you had a good time swimming Dawn.

And glad your CPNnhelped a bit and that you have support lined up fort he rest of the week Tamo.

Not doing so great, not having an attack but breathing has got a bit worse so just called GP surgery. Waiting for duty doctor to call and hoping she doesn't say go back to hospital.

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 07:16 PM

Evening peeps

tamobhuuta 06-09-2023 07:39 PM

Did you hear back from the gp lr?

How are you Cacoethes?

long road 06-09-2023 07:48 PM

Get to stay home for now as it improves taking my inhaler up to max in one go dose. Have very clear instructions on when I should call for help. More detail in my thread.

Just getting a kebab delivered as neither I nor partner is up to cooking. Not really hungry because of being ill but going to try and eat something

Cacoethes 06-09-2023 07:51 PM

I'm ok thanks tamo
Kind of. Not really but lol.
I'm alive

How are you?

Already said this on fb jen, but enjoy your kebab!

long road 06-09-2023 10:11 PM

And back in hospital. Managed just over 24 hours out.

long road 07-09-2023 06:03 AM


Not that I really slept. I had just drifted off maybe git ten minutes to half an hour when I got woken up for my blood pressure. Joys of hospital!

Cacoethes 07-09-2023 06:45 AM


Sorry to hear you're back in jen!
Never fun

long road 07-09-2023 07:09 AM

Nope but considering what my asthma is doing it seems like the best place for me right now.

How are you feeling this morning?

Cacoethes 07-09-2023 07:13 AM

Yeah definitely

I'm feeling a bit better thanks
Just tired

one_step_closer 07-09-2023 10:02 AM

Look after yourselves Jen and Beckie. Thinking of you both and sending love.

Zurg 07-09-2023 10:06 AM

I'm sorry Jen. I feel incredibly frustrated on your behalf and I hope they can figure out a legit plan and treatment soon.

Can you take it easy today, Beckie?? You know, as easy as it is humanly possible while taking abilify??? It's a med that really makes you into some sort of super efficient speedy Gonzales….

I'm a bit meh. Quite tired. Nah, exhausted. Not been sleeping Well for about a month. My period is due soon so i am also pms grumpy. Woe to being female :(
Having a cup of tea right now because i seriously cba to deal with my apartment that looks like a hay sack has exploded inside it….

Zurg 07-09-2023 10:06 AM

Ninja Lindsay!!! How are you today?? <3

one_step_closer 07-09-2023 10:11 AM

Sorry to hear that, Kat. Being a female can be a woe at times. Cup of tea sounds good, maybe it will help you to manage a bit of cleaning. You don't need to do it all at once.

I'm ok just tired as usual. Going to the gym with my support worker later.

It's too hot here! What's it like with you?

Cacoethes 07-09-2023 10:11 AM

Morning both!
How are you doing?

Taking it easy isn't really a thing.
But I'll try.

Oh god the hay! Can relate.

My cpn has just pulled up. Eugh

one_step_closer 07-09-2023 10:12 AM

Try your best to take it easy when you can, Beckie.

Good luck with your CPN appointment. Hope he's at least not too awful.

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