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not_so_insig 14-08-2023 12:29 PM

Morning all. Tesco shopping order today. Only 1 substitution and zero unavailable items.

one_step_closer 14-08-2023 12:34 PM

I hope you have an ok day at least, Jen.

Hope work goes well, Beckie.

Good luck with the meds sort, Tamo!

When is your Tesco delivery coming, Dawn?

I have been to the chemist and to a local loch then Morrisons. Done a washing and finished my book.

long road 14-08-2023 01:00 PM

On the sofa now, trying to relax. Am watching a video of some Welsh YouTubers driving across Africa as part of a charity rally.

Going to do lunch and antibiotics in a little bit. Have to wait until 2 hours after my iron tabket. Picked up a meal deal from Tesco on way home so I have a coronation chicken sandwich, skips and a Fanta fruit punch to look forward to.

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 01:31 PM

I'm glad you're well enough to stay at home lr.

Did you enjoy your book osc?

Sounds like a successful delivery insig!

My godmother is visiting soon :)

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 01:57 PM

My tesco order is coming between 2 and 3 pm Lindsay. So I havent had it yet tamobhuuta.

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 02:01 PM

Oh ok. Have fun putting everything away when it arrives!

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 02:04 PM

Afternoon gang!

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 02:05 PM

That's the worst part finding putting everything away
Usually I deal with the lemonade bottles first but today as I have 2 frozen items then I have to prioritise them. I dont normally have frozen food. Usually I have a rest in between.

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 02:05 PM

Afternoon Jenna!

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 02:07 PM

How's the world with you Dawn? What are your frozen items? I love freezing things so much I have two freezers :P

long road 14-08-2023 02:37 PM

Thanks Tamo home is much more chill than hospital. Hoping I continue to be well enough to remain at home.

May your putting away of shopping go quickly and easily Dawn. My partners parents are picking up are click and collect order for us and dropping it off, as we already had click and collect slot booked and there wasn't any avaliable delivery slots. I have got myself some treats.

Two freezers Jenna! How wild!
What is your favourite thing to freeze?

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 02:58 PM

oooh yay, what treats have you got coming Jen?

I really like baking stuff to freeze and then at the busiest times I can just grab a box from the freezer and I have my snacks for the next few days sorted :)

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 03:18 PM

I had a lovely time with my godmother :) tea time now

long road 14-08-2023 03:38 PM

I ordered magnums, Maryland cookies, fruit loaf and blackcurrant squash. Its a new fancy blackcurrant squash which is just fruit juice, sugar and a little water, hoping it tastes like ribena used to before they made it a weird mixture of artificial sweetners and sugar made it taste not quite right. If it does planning on having hot blackcurrant squash. Always used to have hot squash when I was ill as a kid.

Ooh home baking in the freezer is lovely. My mum loves to bake but now none of the family live nearby she still bakes but freezes half so her and Dad don't let it go to waste

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 03:40 PM

Oooo I love hot blackcurrant squash!

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 03:43 PM

oh I'm very invested in this squash now! I hope it tastes just right!

long road 14-08-2023 03:44 PM

It's a proper comfort drink so I am hoping the new squash is up to the job!

Partner and his Dad are just putting away shopping so I get to try it soon.

one_step_closer 14-08-2023 03:46 PM

Excited to hear your review of the DILUTING JUICE Jen. :tongue2: if you have to dilute it.

long road 14-08-2023 03:49 PM

You do have to dilute it however it's is definitely called squash because if how many fruits they have squashed into the bottle to make the concentrate.

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 03:51 PM

What have I missed?? And why does Lindsay call it something weird?

one_step_closer 14-08-2023 03:55 PM

Scottish people call it diluting juice.

long road 14-08-2023 03:57 PM

Well I am not Scottish :p you may obviously call it whatever you like.

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 04:02 PM

I'm going to say it - scottish people are weird.

long road 14-08-2023 04:06 PM

I mean everyone/ every nation has some weird stuff.

For Scottish people it's what they call squash.
For other parts of the world it's that they don't sell squash at all. For instance america just have powerdered mixes like kool aid no squash anywhere!

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 04:07 PM

Hmm, I should probably check what they call it in My Country as often we agree with the Scottish!

long road 14-08-2023 04:13 PM

Squash update it's not the same as old recipe ribena but it might be better????

I am enjoying the hot squash very muchly regardless. Helping me relax a bit more.

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 04:16 PM

Glad you're enjoying it :)

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 05:08 PM

Hooray! Glad it's good!

Pi.R^2 14-08-2023 05:30 PM

Oh, remembered some fun news from today! For keen readers, you'll remember my awkward attempt at attending a chiropodist's appointment! They called today to apologise - the person had to go home early and they have a regular client with the same first and last name as me who normally comes on a Saturday so they phoned her instead of me to say that they had to cancel :P

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 05:33 PM

That's quite a coincidence!

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 05:58 PM

I have put nearly everything away bar the marmite and some barms (aka bread rolls). Sorry but i fell asleep.

I had some ice cream and frozen peas Jenna.

tamobhuuta 14-08-2023 06:00 PM

Barms hee hee

one_step_closer 14-08-2023 06:04 PM

Better than Ribena, wow! Glad you're enjoying it, Jen.

That is really weird, Jenna! Do you have another appointment?

Mmm, ice cream. What kind, Dawn?

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 06:20 PM

Carte d'or vanilla Lindsay. I cant stand cheap ice cream so treated myself as it was on special offer.

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 06:33 PM

Hey guys!

Sorry for being terribly rude and not responding to everyone's posts!
I'll just do an update on me if that's alright!
Work was fine! Pretty quiet! Went to aldi after work, did home stuff when i got back, still need to put washing away which i will do but I'm SO tired! And my feet are killing me!

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 06:35 PM

Glad work went mostly ok Beckie.

long road 14-08-2023 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by Pi.R^2 (Post 4360792)
Oh, remembered some fun news from today! For keen readers, you'll remember my awkward attempt at attending a chiropodist's appointment! They called today to apologise - the person had to go home early and they have a regular client with the same first and last name as me who normally comes on a Saturday so they phoned her instead of me to say that they had to cancel :P

I lived in a village with someone with the same first name and surname as me when I was kid. She was a few years older than me and little mix ups like that used to happen semi regularly. At least you know it wasn't a fictional chiropodist and that they do exist!

long road 14-08-2023 06:45 PM

Hello again everyone!

Feeling a little better this evening than earlier in the day. Long may it continue!

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 06:46 PM

Thanks dawn!

Glad you're feeling a bit better jen!

Imagine if absolutely no one could have the same name? So you'd have to be called like Jenna37726

not_so_insig 14-08-2023 06:48 PM

I was IP once and there was another Dawn on the ward. Was on the same meds as me albeit different doses. Thankfully they gave me the right dose.

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 07:01 PM

There was another Rebecca on one ward. They wrote our names with last name initial on the white board under the staff member allocated to us. I used to wipe off the last initial if i was bored.

long road 14-08-2023 07:10 PM

Lol at the idea of everyone having a number after their first name.

Would the number be based on how many people there were with your first name and surname or just with your first name. Some names like Mark or John could have crazy long number strings in this alternate universe!!!

Would make getting unique email that was just your name a lot easier though XD

Lol at your minor chaos causing Beckie.

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 07:27 PM

I think the parents would be able to choose. Like a username!
I have an email that's just my name! No numbers in sight!
I think my middle name isn't very common though.

Do love a bit of minor chaos! Small inconveniences!
In the old ward before it moved, the office was left unattended so i hid the wireless phone.
(It was about 3am and the nurse had refused to let me get some water so he brought it on himself really!)

long road 14-08-2023 07:36 PM

Have you chosen your babies username yet XD

Minor chaos is the best kind of troublemaking. Not that we should make trouble for anyone...

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 07:41 PM

Registering a birth would be a lot more interesting XD

Well, for that nurse it was a life lesson in patient confidentiality, information governance and not allowing a patient access to adequate hydration.
He just learned the hard way....

I actually PREVENTED chaos in my last admission!
The nurse left on call dr (late at night) in the meds room. Dr then also left meds room, laptop logged on, med cupboards wide open, keys in meds cupboard, not only did not lock clinic door, he didn't even close it.
I stood guard until a member of staff walked past and i alerted them!
And also thought it was hilarious

one_step_closer 14-08-2023 07:49 PM

I've already told everyone my nickname story that originated in primary school because there was another Lindsay in my class so I won't repeat it.

Beckie preventing chaos! The shock!

long road 14-08-2023 08:29 PM

The hard lessons stick the best I guess XD

Getting so responsible in your older years Beckie :P

I am super tired and super wired. Can't settle to anything keep changing which you tube video or TV show I am watching.

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 08:35 PM

Shocking, i know XD
I am perhaps getting more responsible!

I am familiar with that feeling Jen
It's horrible

long road 14-08-2023 08:58 PM

Nah must be something else XD

Hoping it will pass eventually might put some music on, that sometimes helps.

Cacoethes 14-08-2023 09:33 PM

Given recent events, probably not! :tongue2:

Fingers crossed!

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