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Ahimsa 21-03-2023 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by long road (Post 4344230)
That sounds incredibly frustrating Ahimsa. I know some EAP 's (Employee Assistance Programmes) will refer you to an independent counsellor for the 6 sessions, you could see if that is an option? Or you could ask your director the help advocate you / find out if that is how it is meant to work.

I had a nap which helped lift my low a little bit.

I've already asked about that, it isn't an option - it would be if I was a vet as they get private medical insurance in their contract but because I'm not clinical, I don't.

IAPT have already refused me - I'm too complex, and CHMT have offered me some wellbeing workshops such as basket making and gardening (for my 17 years of trauma), or group therapy (I have an anxiety disorder, so not ideal but it also means 5 hours every week during work hours. If I can't do that, I'm clearly coping fine because I have a job.)

I've FINALLY been referred to the primary mental health team and have a phone appointment with them on the 30th, but I'm not holding out much hope after 15 years of rejections of referrals for treatment. I even had a GP say to me "If you made an attempt on your life, we'd know this was impacting you and would put you on a waiting list"

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 10:14 AM


tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 11:14 AM

Morning Cacoethes, how are you getting on?

Ahimsa 22-03-2023 11:18 AM

Hey Beckie, how're things today?

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 11:38 AM

Hi Ahimsa, how are you?

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 12:08 PM

I'm just tired.
The main hospital is pretty much a building site so that woke me up around 7am. And will probably not stop until this evening.

How are you guys?

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 01:11 PM

That sucks! Will it be too loud for a nap later?

I'm ok, got my godmother visiting later.

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 01:13 PM

I can't nap. Even if i could, would still be way too loud.

Hope you have a nice time

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 01:37 PM

I'm also quite excited because I'm meant to be getting a parcel today :) a pretty dress

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 01:40 PM


I have parcels coming today.
Amazon due soon. The evri stuff has been delivered but apparently to a different ward, according to the staff. They were gonna phone them.

one_step_closer 22-03-2023 02:11 PM

Hi everyone.

That sounds awful with all the noise, Beckie. Can you get some headphones if you don't have them already? I know that's just replacing one noise with another though. I hope it quietens down. I hope you get your parcels ok.

How are you Ahisma?

I hope you enjoy seeing your Godmother, Tamo. New dress sounds exciting!

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 02:21 PM

Hello all. I am expecting a parcel too but it's just cat food.

one_step_closer 22-03-2023 02:31 PM

At least it's something exciting for your cat! How are you doing today, Dawn?

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 02:54 PM

How are you osc?

I hope you get your parcels Cacoethes!

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 02:55 PM

I am feeling mixed is the best way to describe it. A day for music methinks.

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 02:56 PM

Mmm cat food

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 02:58 PM

I hope the music helps insig.

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 03:06 PM

Thanks tamobhuuta.

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 03:09 PM

Ryl bin night tonight. I am waiting for my parcel to come before putting the recycling out. At least I think it's just recycling this week.

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 03:38 PM

I now have my parcels!
I do have headphones. But I've got quite a headache.
I got my parcels!
So I have toiletries and another pair of jeans and a t shirt.
My friend from glow beatz is gonna get some stuff from my house after work today. Apparently her daughter lives like 15 mins away from where I am so she'll come and collect it from her and drop it to me. Won't be until Friday or weekend because work but it's better than not getting them at all!

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 03:52 PM

Oh that's good Beckie.

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 03:59 PM

Yeah. Quite a relief.

When's your parcel due?

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 04:02 PM

I have just had it. So I can do my bins now.

Ahimsa 22-03-2023 04:02 PM

I’m just on my work lunch break so catching up.

Yay for parcels!!

I feel rubbish, I’ve been on 2 walks before work and done a fitness session which just hurt my wrists (they’re super weak) and I got zero endorphins ☹️

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 04:22 PM

Tchuh, unreliable endorphins.

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 04:30 PM


Ugh. Stupid brains! Not making the endorphins when they're meant to!

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 04:38 PM

First they said my parcel would be delivered between 8 and 12. Now they're saying before 7.30pm

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 04:44 PM

How annoying. Hate it when they do that

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 05:04 PM

Is it amazon tamobhuuta?

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 05:22 PM

No, Royal Mail.

one_step_closer 22-03-2023 05:34 PM

I hope the music helps you feel better, Dawn. Keep doing the safe things you need to do. Is it windy where you are? It's been wild here. I think my bin is heavy enough to stay standing.

No wonder you've got a headache with everything you've been through Beckie, have you asked for painkillers? I'm glad you got your parcels. It's great that you have someone who can bring you some things from home. You have good people in your life.

Does exercise usually make you feel a bit better Ahisma? I hope the good feelings catch up with you.

Parcel arrivals are getting later and later, no matter who is delivering them I find. I hope your parcel gets to you soon, Tamo.

I'm not having a good day and can't get away from it.

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 05:57 PM

Yes it's windy here Lindsay. I am hoping that I dont lose my blue bag. I put the glass box out but that's too heavy to be blown over. I had very few cardboard this week so I am hoping the fact that I tucked it inside my plastics box is enough to stop it from being blown away.

one_step_closer 22-03-2023 06:03 PM

How often are your recycling boxes get emptied? I have full sized bins for different recycling stuff.

not_so_insig 22-03-2023 06:07 PM

Our recycling boxes are emptied every week. Sometimes like recently in bad weather they suspend collections.

one_step_closer 22-03-2023 06:09 PM

Do you find them big enough?

Ahimsa 22-03-2023 06:17 PM

Well I thought fresh air might help if nothing else! 😂

Only 3 hours of work to go!

tamobhuuta 22-03-2023 08:22 PM

My dress came, I like it :)

Cacoethes 22-03-2023 08:24 PM

Glad you like your dress!
It's always risky ordering clothes online

Ahimsa 22-03-2023 11:53 PM

What is this talk of recycling boxes?! I'm very confused!

not_so_insig 23-03-2023 09:50 AM

Morning all. Ahimsa most of us have our bin days on a Thursday on this thread so we often talk about bin night on a Wednesday. Hence the discussion about recycling yesterday.

Cacoethes 23-03-2023 10:07 AM

I used to have recycling boxes in my old house.
For paper and glass etc.
Now I just have a separate wheelie bin that everything goes in. You can't put glass in there though.

You're up early Dawn!

Ahimsa 23-03-2023 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4344321)
I used to have recycling boxes in my old house.
For paper and glass etc.
Now I just have a separate wheelie bin that everything goes in. You can't put glass in there though.

You're up early Dawn!

That's what I have, a wheelie bin but no glass!

Cacoethes 23-03-2023 11:33 AM

It's annoying but there are glass bins at asda and aldi and I'm pretty much always there! Only a 10 min walk.

tamobhuuta 23-03-2023 11:41 AM

Good morning everybody.

Zurg 23-03-2023 11:42 AM

Hi all :)

Is anyone up to anything exciting or just nice today???

not_so_insig 23-03-2023 11:44 AM

For the past two days I have been waking up early. I was told to take some meds every day for a week so I think that they're keeping me awake.

My truffle shuffle order arrived today!

tamobhuuta 23-03-2023 11:44 AM

I've had my hair wash :) that's me done for the day! How are you?

tamobhuuta 23-03-2023 11:45 AM

What's truffle shuffle insig?

not_so_insig 23-03-2023 11:49 AM

Truffle shuffle is this website full of 80s and 90s retro stuff. Mostly clothing but they do other stuff including hand bags and back packs. I got 2 tshirts and a pair of socks today.

Cacoethes 23-03-2023 11:51 AM

I am definitely not up to anything exciting!
I'll be able to shower and change when my underwear arrives from amazon. I don't have a time for it, just says before 10pm which is irritating.

Ah ok dawn. May be the meds.

Well done for the hair wash tamo!

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