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tamobhuuta 25-10-2022 01:01 PM

Online shopping sounds complicated.

I am ok, my godmother is visiting about 2.

not_so_insig 25-10-2022 01:07 PM

Online shopping is the devil. It's so easy to overspend.

Hope your visit is ok tamobhuuta.

Zurg 25-10-2022 01:33 PM

Yay for visits, Tamo and Dawn :)

I didn't spoil the entire zoo, Lindsay. Just bun-bun. I decided to retire his cage and switch it over with a litter tray. Saves me some space and a lot of wood pellets that i use as the bottom material. Wood pellets are a bit expensive but the major problem with aquiring them is that they are bloody heavy to get home. I can't use my e-bike because the bag of pellets is too big. So i need to walk and use my trolley. Otherwise i ask my mum to drive me :)
My livingroom feels a lot bigger now without a huge bunny cage. Should make cleaning up easier to do. Took forever to scoop up all the poo from the old cage.

Now it is coffee break time!!!

Cacoethes 25-10-2022 01:45 PM


Got my nails done!

And also my landlord has said i can get guinea pigs!!!

tamobhuuta 25-10-2022 01:45 PM


not_so_insig 25-10-2022 02:00 PM

Yay Beckie!

Cacoethes 25-10-2022 02:19 PM

I'm so excited!
When i get paid I'm gonna go to pets at home!
Luckily it's only a 25 min walk away!

not_so_insig 25-10-2022 03:17 PM

Just to buy stuff or the actual piggies?

Cacoethes 25-10-2022 03:47 PM

I'll probably order the bigger stuff online first, wait until i have all the stuff and then go and buy piggies asap!

not_so_insig 25-10-2022 03:48 PM

Sounds sensible.

Cacoethes 25-10-2022 03:59 PM

Yep! Don't wanna be bringing them home with no house to live in or toys to play with! Plus food and stuff!!

one_step_closer 25-10-2022 04:52 PM

Do you have any name ideas, Beckie, or just see what they look like first? So exciting!

Did you enjoy your visit, Tamo?

So bun-bun now can just hoppity hop everywhere, Kat?

nonperson 25-10-2022 05:21 PM

Has bun-bun changed sex or am I misremembering? O.o

Guinea pigs are adorable. I love the trembly purr thing they do and when they have zoomies. =)

Cacoethes 25-10-2022 05:48 PM

I'm gonna see what they look like!
I have been thinking about names though!
Want something fun though! Not just like sugar and spice or whatever!

Yesss np! I love the little sqeaky noise too!

Zurg 25-10-2022 05:57 PM

Yeah NP, upon handing over bunny for neutering they discovered that she was, in fact, a boy XD
Hopefully this was the last time i had to do a gender/name adjustment. He is called Findus now, as he initially was after he was born ;)

He has been a free bunny from day one, Lindsay. He only ever used his cage for pooping and peeing.

Guinea pigs are the cutest <3 i suggest the names Pinky and Brain :D

one_step_closer 25-10-2022 06:11 PM

I hope Mr bun bun takes to the litter tray then.

Guinea pigs are fluff bombs.

Zurg 25-10-2022 06:19 PM

Oh Lindsay…. I Think his version of accepting the litter tray more practically means destroying it until it feels like something he would appreciate.
I spent about ten minutes seriously considering if i should run to the grocery store for a bottle of snaps so i could sedate him into happy drunkenness..
I love wee Findus but some days he makes it a bit hard….!!!!!

My old Guinea pigs knew the time. They squeeked like mad if i was late with their morning and afternoon snacks :D

Cacoethes 25-10-2022 06:19 PM

Findus is a cool name!

Pinky and the brain are excellent suggestions!
Used to love that show!

Yes they are!

That's so clever!

one_step_closer 25-10-2022 06:25 PM

Findus reminds me of a frozen food company. :laugh: Sorry!

Pets can be frustrating but always loved.

nonperson 25-10-2022 06:35 PM


Gee Brain, what d'you wanna do tonight? =P


Cacoethes 25-10-2022 06:50 PM

Same thing we do every night......

tamobhuuta 25-10-2022 06:58 PM

I did enjoy my visit thanks osc :)

nonperson 25-10-2022 06:59 PM

Try to take over the world!

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 08:24 AM


not_so_insig 26-10-2022 10:39 AM

Morning all. I have had a productive day so far. Answered the phone to my cpn and made a phone call. Also my Christmas tshirt came and it fits! Plus a new bra came too. Had to answer the door twice though.

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 10:41 AM

I don't really have that much to do today!
Gonna be boring! Bored already!
Pilates at 11:30, cpn at 1pm and glow beatz at 7:45!
So I'm gonna have a big chunk in the afternoon with nothing to do! Might go to asda. Or for a coffee! Or both!!
Oh and I'm doing washing!
Ordered some new exercise leggings from gymshark :-D

tamobhuuta 26-10-2022 10:52 AM

Sounds busy to me Cacoethes!

What makes your t shirt Christmasy insig?

Zurg 26-10-2022 10:58 AM

Morning all.

Shitty morning for me. Feel sad and tired. Findus managed to get close to one of my plants and munch on it. Pretty bad because it's quite poisonous. So now i am worried and blaming myself for not paying proper attention :(

My kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes and i am in the middle of a minor mountain of laundry and i really just want to go back to bed….

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 11:08 AM

It's only 3 things! Well, maybe 5 if i do coffee and asda! But they don't even take long!

Ahhh that sucks zurg!
It's not your fault, buns gonna bun!
Just keep an eye on him

If i lived remotely near you i would totally come and do your housework!

Zurg 26-10-2022 12:42 PM

I managed to do the dishes and finish the laundry.
Just had a bit to eat and going to have a cup of coffee before heading out to do some grocery shopping and picking up a parcel.
Findus is fortunately still bunnying around so he survived munching on my peace lilly.

I wanna go for coffee too :)

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 12:50 PM

Well done!

I have my cpn coming soon!

not_so_insig 26-10-2022 02:45 PM

If you're really worried Zurg you could make a vet appointment.

not_so_insig 26-10-2022 02:47 PM

Oh and my tshirt says ho ho ho on it. It has the Turtles on it with Christmas hats on tamobhuuta.

Zurg 26-10-2022 03:48 PM

I Think i caught him early enough to prevent anything nasty, Dawn. I googled the plant and read it wasn't fatal for him but it might upset his stomach a bit. There's only one vet in my city that is bunny savy, fortunately it is the same i always use because they are bird savy too. But it can be difficult to get an urgent appointment there. He seems fine though and he keeps begging for food and treats so i Think he's okay ;)
Also, a t shirt with Ninja turtles wearing Christmas hats is about as epic as it gets!!! :D

I hope your cpn was nice to you Beckie. And maybe even entertaining and amusing :D

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 03:58 PM

Yeah my cpn was fine. We had a laugh!
She's so chill compared to my other cpns who used to FREAK about any tiny little thing XD

one_step_closer 26-10-2022 04:05 PM

Hi everyone.

Busy as usual, Beckie! Do you like this CPN? Does she have a laugh but also get things sorted if you need anything?

Well done for what you've managed, Kat.

That was a very productive start, Dawn!

Have you had any visits today, Tamo?

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 04:08 PM

Cpn not as chill as i thought, just got a text saying i have a psych appointment on the 11th XD
She is nice though !

Been up to much today lindsay?

one_step_closer 26-10-2022 04:13 PM

I'm glad she's nice. An earlier psych appointment isn't too bad though. At least she and the team are supporting you.

I had planned to go to Tesco but felt like it was too late due to when I got out of bed and the weather was scary so don't think I would have made it anyway. Will try again tomorrow. Done a washing, put the bins out, and filled the bird feeders.

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 04:22 PM

I haven't decided if I'm gonna go yet or not XD
I guess I'll have to thanks to this ****ing CTO!!!
Unless i 'forget'...people forget stuff all the time!
I haven't put it in my calendar so it doesn't exist! Lol

That's fair enough!
Ohh yes bin day!

not_so_insig 26-10-2022 04:22 PM

Hopefully bunny will be ok then Zurg.

not_so_insig 26-10-2022 04:26 PM

Ah yes ryl bin day! I have just put mine out. Did the glass recycling box today as I only put it out once an month due to the fact that I dont have much glass. Whereas plastic etc goes out every week. I had a lot of cardboard this week so much so I couldn't fit it all in my paper bag.

one_step_closer 26-10-2022 05:00 PM

The cardboard/paper bin and garden/food bin are being collected here. My favourite bin to get emptied is the cardboard/paper bin because of boxes from deliveries etc. Is it strange to have a favourite bin or am I being a proper adult?

Beckie, you WILL go to the appointment!

not_so_insig 26-10-2022 05:09 PM

Do you have to pay for your garden bin to be collected by the council Lindsay? In all 3 counties of North East Wales you have to. I dont have a garden so don't have to pay for it. But my parents and my brother do.

one_step_closer 26-10-2022 05:18 PM

No, we don't pay. Are the garden bins there quite big?

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 05:23 PM

Meh :tongue2:

We don't get charged for our garden bins!

I have a dilemma! I want to start doing a krav maga class but the only one here is at the same time as Tuesday glow beatz! I need to split myself in 2!

not_so_insig 26-10-2022 06:04 PM

No they're standard wheelie bins. In my county they get collected once a fortnight except for December to March when they're collected monthly.

Cacoethes 26-10-2022 06:41 PM

Special Halloween glow beatz tonight!
I've drawn a skull and crossbones on my cheek with eyeliner and i have a glow in the dark 'knife through the head' headband!
So low effort XD
the skull and crossbones will probably be sweated off very quickly XD

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 07:11 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 27-10-2022 09:45 AM

Morning Beckie :)

How are you??

Cacoethes 27-10-2022 10:01 AM

I'm ok thanks!

How are you?

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