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tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 08:24 AM

Tired, I was sleeping on a reclining chair. How are you?

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 08:48 AM

Doesn't sound too comfortable!

I'm ok. Bit groggy.
Went to bed quite late

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 09:00 AM

If we had stayed in the original waiting room we were going to make a little bed out of the chairs.

Were you up doing anything fun?

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 09:03 AM

Waiting rooms suck

Not at all. Ended up having to call 111 option 2.
It was a whole thing
But it's fine. Just need to get some caffeine in me!

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 09:09 AM

Oh dear :( do you feel any better now then? Were they helpful?

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 09:15 AM

Yeah, luckily I've known the person i spoke to for many years. She used to come and see me regularly when she worked for my old cmht. So she knows me. It helped.

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 09:23 AM

I'm glad to hear it :) what are you up to today?

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 09:36 AM

Not a lot.
Might pop to asda.

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 09:42 AM

Fun times!

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 09:54 AM

Yep! My life is very exciting!

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 10:00 AM

I think most lives are...

I'm chilly, despite 4 blankets.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 10:02 AM

It has been getting a lot colder recently

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 10:26 AM

Autumn's coming. But a nice cup of tea has warmed me up, except my toes.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 10:53 AM

Cups of tea are good!
Time to break out the fluffy socks!

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 10:58 AM

Indeed :) sometimes I think I should invest in proper slippers.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 01:12 PM

I hate slippers. Never got on with them!

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 01:25 PM

I have a unicorn pair but they are quite dangerous to walk round in, they're very big.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 01:42 PM

I think most of them are quite dangerous to walk in. They can be slippy!
I should probably get slippers for when i go to hospital though. Those floors are always filthy!

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 01:45 PM

The floors here aren't very clean but the floors on my local ward always look pretty good.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 02:03 PM

They mop the floors daily in the local wards but it doesn't seem to help!

one_step_closer 18-09-2022 02:46 PM

Hey everyone.

Hospital floors are never clean when you see the mess they make of your socks if you're wandering around. The regular cleaner at my local psych ward is a really good guy though except he talks to me and I don't want to talk!

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 02:47 PM

Yeah one of the cleaners at hospital is very chatty also! But very thorough!
And also J, another cleaner. She always remembers me and updates me about her kids and shows me pictures lol

one_step_closer 18-09-2022 02:52 PM

It is nice that there are friendly staff around, sometimes the domestic staff get to know you more than the nurses.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 02:57 PM

Yes they do!

One of the staff from my usual ward keeps coming up on fb suggested friends

one_step_closer 18-09-2022 04:48 PM

Have you Fb nosed on them before? That would be the explanation!

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 04:53 PM

I never look up staff on fb.

It is a very dark grey outside.

one_step_closer 18-09-2022 04:55 PM

Think it's going to rain?

It's dull and cold here.

not_so_insig 18-09-2022 04:55 PM

Hello everyone. I am struggling with my mh atm so that's why I have been quiet. But I have washed and dried my hair so I am a,semi functional adult.

one_step_closer 18-09-2022 05:01 PM

Hi Dawn, I'm sorry you're struggling. Do whatever safe things you need to do to get through this. There's no need to post if it's difficult, but if it's helpful keep going. Well done with everything you're doing.

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 05:02 PM

Lots of hugs insig. Well done on being clean :)

not_so_insig 18-09-2022 05:09 PM

Thanks Lindsay. It's all related to recent events so I am hoping that once everything dies down i will be ok. Been mostly r/v about my mh.

Thanks tamobhuuta.

Pi.R^2 18-09-2022 05:16 PM


not_so_insig 18-09-2022 05:20 PM

Hello Jenna how are you?

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 05:21 PM

I think we've had a few drops of rain lindsay.
Just taken the recycling out and the bins are a bit wet!

I made a ready meal and dropped the entire thing on the floor....tomato sauce everywhere!! Including on me!

Helloooo jenna!
How are you?

Pi.R^2 18-09-2022 05:30 PM

Oh no Beckie!! I hope you have another ready meal you can have??

I'm OK thanks. Have a bigass cold which I don't have time for but trying to crack on with work regardless.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 05:33 PM

Yes i do!
I'm just freaked out because it's not what i prepared myself to have :eyeroll:

Oh no! Colds are miserable.
Lemsip and fluids and rest and all that jazz!

Pi.R^2 18-09-2022 05:50 PM

I can understand the freak out! It will be OK though and I hope you manage to eat the alternate meal without too much distress.

Just had a rather luxurious hot chocolate which tackled at least some of the self-pity :P

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 05:53 PM

Mmm hot chocolate.

Disaster Cacoethes!

Did you guys know there's a Christmas Movie Channel???

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 06:14 PM


Oooh hot chocolate!
I very nearly got some today. I regret not getting it!

I did not know that tamo!
Is it like the really cheesy rom com movies?

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 06:17 PM

Yeah. Channel 5 show 2 or 3 every day in December but I didn't know about this!

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 06:34 PM

I'm not a fan of most Christmas movies.
Only really like the grinch (both live action and the more recent animated one) and muppets Christmas carol!

Pi.R^2 18-09-2022 06:48 PM

A whole channel tamo?? I agree with your Christmas film choices Beckie =D
Also you will just have to get hot chocolate next time :)

not_so_insig 18-09-2022 06:52 PM

I hate the cheesy rom com Christmas movies.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 07:08 PM

I will have to get hot chocolate next time!
Or i could order some off amazon.
Used to get the galaxy sachets which were nice. Used to get them in hospital because they were forever running out of hot chocolate!

Pi.R^2 18-09-2022 07:08 PM

I think I must be hungry- just two mentions of 'cheesy' and I've stopped thinking about films and just want some cheese :P

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 07:23 PM

Cheese is so good tho
I had sweet potato lasagne for dinner, which involved some cheese!
Been really getting into the vegetarian and plant based stuff lately. I think i actually prefer it to meat!

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 08:45 PM

I was going to have a cheese and onion sandwich but for some reason there was mayonnaise in it :( I thought I could just pick out the onion.

Cacoethes 18-09-2022 08:50 PM

Ah that's a shame

Pi.R^2 18-09-2022 09:32 PM

ooh, where's the sweet potato lasagne from? (was it vegan?)

That is an outrage tamo! I'm raging on your behalf.

tamobhuuta 18-09-2022 09:47 PM

Ikr Pi!

I'm tired and want to go to bed but have to wait to see the doctor :(

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