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Cacoethes 31-08-2022 08:45 AM

I'm ok thanks
Got work and a house inspection today.
But she'll probably do the house inspection while I'm at work

How are you?

Zurg 31-08-2022 09:44 AM

Woah???!!? House inspection??? So, someone legit comes snooping around your House??? How rude!!! ;-)

I'm okay. Tired as always. Bit nauseus. I probably need more cola!!! That fixes everything!!!

I hope work Will be okay.

Cacoethes 31-08-2022 09:57 AM

Yeah! They do them every so often to check that i haven't destroyed the place!

I quite agree, cola does fix everything!
Hope you feel better soon!

It'll probably be fine
I mean, if the bank holiday wasn't busy, i doubt a normal Wednesday will be!

tamobhuuta 31-08-2022 10:43 AM

Morning guys. It's my younger sister's birthday today. She's out but I'm looking forward to giving her her present - a wooden duck dressed as a pirate (she's 29...)

Cacoethes 31-08-2022 10:45 AM

That sounds nice tamo!

Can anyone else not believe it's already September tomorrow?! This year seems to have flown by
Amsterdam in 3 weeks :-D

Zurg 31-08-2022 10:45 AM

Is that only your place or do they check your neighbours too?? What an interesting idea, really. If you tried pulling that off in Denmark, there'd be legit riots in the Streets, i Think.

Zurg 31-08-2022 10:46 AM

Tamo, please help a confused elderly person here; how many siblings do you have??? I'm lost already!!!

Cacoethes 31-08-2022 10:51 AM

Only some landlords/letting agents do it.
My old house did too but my neighbour doesn't have them.
I'm not really bothered. She's usually here for literally 2 minutes. And if there's something that needs doing (last time it was the outside paint needed freshening up, or when the bathroom needed painting) she'll sort it. It's not like she goes through all my stuff!

tamobhuuta 31-08-2022 10:54 AM

OK so there's big sister R, she's 34 and lives with her husband the next town over from us.
Then there's me. From me down we live with our parents. I'm 31.
Younger sister N is 29.
Baby brother M is 24.

So there's 4 of us in total.

Zurg 31-08-2022 11:19 AM

Cool!!! Thanks Tamo, i feel enlightened now :-)

Beckie, in Denmark the people or associations that rent out flats and houses only checks them over when you move out, deciding how much needs to be repaired or replaced and thus how much of your deposit you Will get back.
But moving out can be a bit expensive if you've lived there a while…. I lived in my previous flat for 9 years and quite a bit of things needed a freshen-up, so i Got a bill. But not for the same amount that some of my friends have been presented for when they moved out o_o (one of them was charged for a sum that could pay a new flat!!)

one_step_closer 31-08-2022 11:23 AM

Morning everyone.

I hope work and your house inspection go well Beckie. I'm not sure if I've felt this year go quickly or not, January 2022 does seem like it is in the very past past but the recent months have felt quick.

Is cola not a prescription medicine yet? :laugh: I hope you feel better soon, Kat.

That sounds like such a cool present, Tamo. I hope your sister likes it. Does it feel busy having you and 3 siblings? Are you close?

tamobhuuta 31-08-2022 11:46 AM

It was definitely busy growing up and even now we spend quite a lot of time together. We are all close, R even calls most evenings and visits most weekends.

one_step_closer 31-08-2022 11:50 AM

It must be nice to have a close family. When will you get to give your sister her present? Are you having a family celebration?

not_so_insig 31-08-2022 12:59 PM

Afternoon all. Dont forget that Royal Mail are on strike today in case you're wondering about post.

Pi.R^2 31-08-2022 02:20 PM


Tamo, I was not emotionally ready for how old your little brother is - I met him once when he was in his early teens I think o_O

Zurg, it's probably rude for me to assume that everyone on The Continent does the same, but do you take your kitchen units etc with you when you move house? They do in Germany and I find it the absolute weirdest thing ever.

not_so_insig 31-08-2022 02:36 PM

I am a council tenant and pre covid they did an inspection once a year. They haven't done it since covid started and they only did it twice. Prior to that and recently (4 out of the 6 flats in my block have moved out) they just inspect it after you move out.

one_step_closer 31-08-2022 04:44 PM

I think I've only had a house inspection before I moved out of my last place and soon after I moved into my new place.

Pi.R^2 31-08-2022 05:08 PM

I think the first place I rented in London we had one inspection where I got in trouble for basically recreating Pets At Home in my bedroom and then after that me and Jodie had the biggest bunch of cowboys as letting agents who did not do inspections and if they had done, that would have been the least of our worries!

Cacoethes 31-08-2022 06:59 PM

Hey everyone!

nonperson 31-08-2022 09:00 PM

Evening all.

Cacoethes 31-08-2022 09:12 PM


I am rather tired!

nonperson 31-08-2022 09:23 PM

Yo. Bed time for you then.

Cacoethes 31-08-2022 09:39 PM

I am also rather cold so it will be nice to snuggle up in my duvet!
I also want to get an oodie to hopefully save on heating bills this year.
Crazy how only a few weeks ago it was unbearably hot!

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 08:09 AM

Morning everyone!

nonperson 01-09-2022 09:37 AM

Morning. I'm still cleaning -.-

How're you?

tamobhuuta 01-09-2022 10:03 AM

Hi :) how are you both?

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 10:43 AM

Ugh, cleaning!

I'm ok. I was the only one that turned up to pilates so i had an unexpected private session!
Got to head off to the dentist soon though :'(

How are you guys?

tamobhuuta 01-09-2022 10:51 AM

I hate the dentist.
I have no plans except wearing in my new shoes.

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 10:56 AM

So do i
I haven't been in years and my teeth are a state
And my lovely dentist has left and i don't know what the new one is going to be like

tamobhuuta 01-09-2022 11:01 AM

My mum has a rule with her dentist that they are only allowed to look at or x-ray her teeth without further instruction!

nonperson 01-09-2022 11:10 AM

What's the point of going then if they can't advise anything?

I also hate the dentist and haven't been in years. =/

Hope it goes ok, Beckie.

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 11:20 AM

That's strange tamo!
Why even go in that case?

I doubt it is going to go well!
I imagine I'm going to need quite a bit done :ermm:

not_so_insig 01-09-2022 01:41 PM

Afternoon all. I have had a cpn appointment today. Contemplating what to watch on britbox.

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 02:03 PM

My dentist appointment didn't go too well.
I need a tooth out. I nearly cried
I'm so self conscious as it is!
It's the second from the back tooth on the top. So idk if it will be visible at all. Apparently with the extent of the infection, there is no other option. Been given antibiotics also. I said I'd have to think about it. But I'm going to have to do it. Not too worried about the extraction itself, just about how it will look.

nonperson 01-09-2022 02:29 PM

I'm sure it won't be as visible as you think. That does suck though, having a tooth out is rubbish. =(

I'm pretty sure they'll want to take one of mine out when/if I eventually go.

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 03:14 PM

Probably not.
Annoyed though because I've just taken the antibiotic prescription to the pharmacy and the dentist has forgotten to stamp it!
The dentist is an hour away by bus. Ugh

nonperson 01-09-2022 03:22 PM

Well that's ridiculous. Can they phone and sort it instead?

one_step_closer 01-09-2022 03:23 PM

I have a tooth out in that area I think, Beckie, They made a bridge type thing that looks like teeth and they put it over the teeth at each side and over the hole so it's not obvious. Maybe they'll do that for you. It really isn't a noticeable place to have a tooth missing though it's just annoying because you can feel the hole.

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 04:07 PM

Pharmacist said to ring them and get them to post a new prescription out.
So I'll try that
If not, if i go and see Jasmine on Saturday i have to change buses in that town and have about 30 mins between buses so I'll be able to pop in hopefully.

Thanks lindsay
Feel a bit better about that now!

one_step_closer 01-09-2022 04:46 PM

Are you in pain? I hope you get everything sorted out. Posting a new prescription might take a while, couldn't they have faxed it or something?

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 05:10 PM

No it doesn't hurt at all! Otherwise i probably would have just booked to have it out.

I'm not sure. I was on hold to the dentist surgery for 30 mins but had to leave for taekwando. They are 10x worse than the doctors for answering phones!

one_step_closer 01-09-2022 05:13 PM

I absolutely hate being on hold. I want to hang up but then think they might answer soon and I'll have wasted all that time if I hang up. I'm glad you're not in pain at least.

Cacoethes 01-09-2022 06:35 PM

Yep that's what i think!
It is annoying

Just back from taekwando
We are having our first grading next week! Eeek!
It's 4 weeks earlier than recommended. She thinks we're ready

Cacoethes 02-09-2022 07:41 AM

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 02-09-2022 10:12 AM

Hello, how are you?

Cacoethes 02-09-2022 10:20 AM

I'm ok thanks. Tired.
Went to asda this morning. Work later

How are you?

tamobhuuta 02-09-2022 10:36 AM

I hope work is fun.

I'm going to Confession and I really need to put clothes away, they've been building up since June!

Cacoethes 02-09-2022 10:39 AM

I'm not sure if 'prank wars' will still be going on or not
That was quite funny!

Good luck with that!

one_step_closer 02-09-2022 12:45 PM

Afternoon everyone.

I hope your feel more awake as time passes, Beckie. Pranking each other is not what bosses should be doing lol! Does sound like fun though. I hope your shift goes well. Did you get everything you needed from Asda?

I was going to go to Tesco but don't really need much so just got some things from the local shop. Still need to get more stuff which I'll definitely need to go to Tesco for. I was thinking about getting a delivery but I don't need enough stuff and I'm trying to save money. Still heard nothing about how much I owe the ESA people so it must be a lot.

Clothes building up from June, Tamo! Is there a lot to sort through? Will it be better for you to do it all at once or little bits then have a break then go back to it?

I've pulled a muscle in my back. So painful.

not_so_insig 02-09-2022 03:35 PM

Ouch Lindsay! Hope you're better now.

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