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tamobhuuta 21-08-2022 10:15 AM

Congratulations np!

Naughty Alberte.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 10:33 AM

Hey guys!

I'm ok. Had a good pilates class.

Have you got much to do today np?
Hopefully you can rest!

And the animal abuse continues zurg! ;p

nonperson 21-08-2022 10:35 AM

It's not my birthday, tamo. =P

It was meant as a comment that I am old and not as resilient as I was back then.

How're you today? Was it your sister's party yesterday?

nonperson 21-08-2022 10:37 AM

Oops. No nothing to do today. Going blackberry picking this afternoon so I will definitely be resting until then. Might have a nap at some point.

Are you working today?

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 10:49 AM

Sounds good np!
Loads of kids have been blackberry picking on the footpath next to the railway (my route to town)

Back at work tomorrow after 6 days off!
Doesn't seem like a long time but it feels like I've been off forever!

tamobhuuta 21-08-2022 11:28 AM

Oops np! I am old too. I had a good time with my sister but I didn't stay long, I got tired. I hope you have fun blackberrying.

I hope you enjoy your last day off Cacoethes.

I am ok.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 11:34 AM

Glad you had a good time tamo


one_step_closer 21-08-2022 02:19 PM

Hi everyone.

Nice to see you, Lillie.

Hope you're ok, NP!

Too much to catch up with here.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 02:26 PM

Hey lindsay!
Yes its been quite busy in here today!

How are you?

one_step_closer 21-08-2022 02:31 PM

I'm not sure. Got up later than ever because I stayed up late for a delivery of a doughnut box. Still have some doughnuts left so that's a win! *shares* I better not get into a habit with this.

How's your day going?

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 02:48 PM

Ooohhh doughnuts!
I could totally go for some doughnuts right now

It's ok thanks. Just booked a free consultation for personal training sessions. 8am which means I'll have to set off at 7:15am (it's near work) but it should be good!
It's not until the 8th September though.

Zurg 21-08-2022 04:17 PM

Lindsay, you do know that whatever you eat during the weekend doesn't actually count in the calorie book, right??? ;-)
That's my theory and i'm sticking to it!!!!

Oooh, blackberries??? Mmmmm. Yummy!! And i know what you mean about being out at night!!! Even when i was indeed in my 20'ies i never even felt like i was in my 20'ies. I've always been old/had the body of an old person XD

Glad it was a nice birthday, Tamo!!!!

I'm hungry.
There's a hole in my couch…..!!!
I am unsure what these two pieces of information are doing here.
In my defense; i'm old and easily confused….

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 04:18 PM

I've always been old too zurg!

one_step_closer 21-08-2022 05:01 PM

I'm in the always been old gang too.

Did bunny get to your couch, Kat or have you been snacking on it?

I prefer raspberries to blackberries.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 05:14 PM

I do too lindsay

I have just had a shower and put my washing away.
Been such a boring day!

one_step_closer 21-08-2022 05:16 PM

If every day was exciting and busy you'd be overwhelmed. Life is generally boring I think. Except when you go on your trips! Well done for doing the boring things you had to do today.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 05:21 PM

That's true!
I did enjoy pilates this morning but that was at 9am and feels SO LONG AGO! Almost like it wasn't even today!

Zurg 21-08-2022 06:20 PM

Lindsay, sadly i must confess i don't enjoy munching on furniture. Even though the fibres would be good for me….

I know the feeling Beckie!! It feels like i Got out of bed 4 days ago and not this morning.

Boring is the theme of my life in general. But i prefer it that Way. I am too old and too easily stimulated to live an exciting life. I need coffee to wake me from my nightly comatose state…!!! Hibernation ftw!!!

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 06:30 PM

I have read about a woman with pica and she has eaten several sofas in her lifetime. Can't be very nice for her digestive system though!

I wish i could hibernate sometimes. But my body has decided that i get up early now :plain:

nonperson 21-08-2022 07:33 PM

Can't imagine eating a sofa...

I prefer raspberries to blackberries as well.

Blackberrying was good fun. A really chilled out afternoon and then I went back to my friend's for a bit which was nice.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 07:36 PM

I googled it. She has eaten 7 sofas in 21 years.

Sounds like a perfect sunday np!

I have arranged a first meet up with A Normal Person.
Advice on how to act normal for a bit? I have until the 30th to prepare.
I can only act normal in very small doses!

nonperson 21-08-2022 07:45 PM

I think you're asking the wrong group of people XD

Just absolutely be yourself. Set a time limit or ready an excuse to leave, like you have somewhere else to go?

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 07:55 PM

Ah. Yes. XD

I'm hoping she ends up being not COMPLETELY normal. I guess not many people are these days anyway!

nonperson 21-08-2022 08:09 PM

No, that is true. Normal isn't a thing at all. People's quirks are what make them unique and interesting.

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 08:12 PM

I wholeheartedly agree!
I do hope we get on. Would be nice to have someone to spontaneously meet up with in town rather than having to plan things months in advance!
She seems lovely anyway.

nonperson 21-08-2022 08:48 PM

Then I'm sure it will be absolutely fine =)

Cacoethes 21-08-2022 08:53 PM

Thanks :)

Bed time for me now!
I shall see you tomorrow
Night night

nonperson 21-08-2022 08:56 PM

Sleep well!

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 06:51 AM

Morning everyone!

Zurg 22-08-2022 08:09 AM

Morning Beckie.
How are you?? :-)

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 08:11 AM

I'm ok thanks

How are you?
Have you eaten anymore of the sofa? :tongue2:

Zurg 22-08-2022 08:21 AM

I'm tired. There was drama in our hallway last night. Lots of commotion, people speaking for ages and blue lights ensued outside which indicates police or ambulance. I wasn't scared but the curiosity kept me awake for ages, lol.
I spent 9 years Living in a really rough neighbourhood. So blue lights don't really freak me out. This is like a baby nursery compared to my old place XD

Trying to psyche myself up for a 4- year birthday party later. People Think going to a festival for a week or so is hard and draining. But it's a walk in the park compared to a child birthday party!!!

Are you working today, Beckie???

(I've always been soooo intrigued about those people who consume legit furniture or weird stuff like that. How is that even possible???)

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 08:28 AM

Oh no!
Did you find out what happened?
Because i kind of want to know too....

Yes children's parties can be very full on and draining!

Yes i am! I start at 10:30

I know. So weird!

Pi.R^2 22-08-2022 08:28 AM

Good luck with the birthday party Zurg, not idea after lack of sleep! Is this 4-year old related to you or a friend's child?

Morning Beckie!

Pi.R^2 22-08-2022 08:29 AM

out-ninja'd. Hope work goes well Beckie. I was stalking something you posted the other day and it made me so happy how much you enjoy your work :)

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 08:36 AM

Morning Jenna!

Thank you!
I really do enjoy it :)

tamobhuuta 22-08-2022 10:48 AM

I hope work is going well Cacoethes.

Hi peoples :)

And I hope the party is fun and not hectic!

one_step_closer 22-08-2022 01:38 PM

Hi everyone.

Hope you get on ok at the party, Kat.

I hope you settle back into work easily, Beckie.

Hi Jenna and Tamo, how are you both?

one_step_closer 22-08-2022 01:43 PM

I have cold arms but can't get up to put something on because I have a cat on my lap. What a problem.

tamobhuuta 22-08-2022 03:12 PM

Did you get warm arms yet osc?

I am ok but feeling all anxious for no reason so staying distracted.

not_so_insig 22-08-2022 03:13 PM

Afternoon all. I had to take prn last night as I was getting wound up. Even then I didnt sleep too good.

one_step_closer 22-08-2022 04:49 PM

Yes. Tamo I finally got up and put a zipper on. Feels really cold here today.

Keep going with your distractions if they help. We're here to chat to also. Do whatever safe things you need. I hope you feel better soon.

That's a shame, Dawn. How are you feeling today? I hope you sleep better tonight.

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 06:59 PM

Hey guys
I am finally back from work!

Pi.R^2 22-08-2022 07:00 PM

How was it Beckie?

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 07:08 PM

Not bad thanks!
I was given the option to leave early but i said A could because she was looking forward to her roast at home!
Plus i could do with the extra money tbh!
My neighbour has cleaned my house so it was lovely to come back to a lovely clean house! And she's managed to get all the rest of the glass out of the oven that i couldn't get out so win!

Pi.R^2 22-08-2022 07:18 PM

Oh that's nice of you, and yay for extra money!
Great news that your neighbour has made your house clean and dealt with the glass debacle. I thought of you and your explody glass today when K made a big mess smashing some plates in the kitchen!

not_so_insig 22-08-2022 07:22 PM

I am ok just a bit sleepy today Lindsay. I fell asleep before.

Cacoethes 22-08-2022 07:57 PM

Oh no not smashed plates!
What a pain!
My neighbour said she hoovered the kitchen 3 times and also wiped the floor a few times to make sure there was absolutely no glass anywhere!
Im lucky to have her really
I don't think anyone else would deal with that much glass left, apparently it was really hard to get out too! (I couldn't even work out how to do it!

Zurg 22-08-2022 09:33 PM

I survived the 4 year birthday celebration!!! Amazing!!!

Jenna, i am not related to her. But her mum and i are friends and have known each other for close to 16 or 17 years. We lived at the same supported housing setting when we were young loons :P
The birthday child and her wee brother both had an exceptional amount of melt downs of drama queen-ish dimensions so i really Think it was a good day, lol XD

I came home to find my wee bun bun waiting for me on my couch. She had broken out of her cage and i Think she was a bit offended that i left her home alone for that long. One of my birds is old and he IS a drama queen, and just plain refused to even recognise my return. He just turned away his head and was ANGRY!!! I hope he forgives me tomorrow morning when i refill his dish with bird seeds….

Hurrah for clean houses, cats on laps and other amazing things!!! <3

Cacoethes 23-08-2022 07:43 AM

I'm glad the party was ok zurg!

Oh no, you have an escape artist on your hands!

Morning everyone

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