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Cacoethes 23-06-2022 10:45 AM

Only 19 here
It's not cold. Just cloudy!

not_so_insig 23-06-2022 03:32 PM

It's definitely hot here today. It's currently 27 degrees.

one_step_closer 23-06-2022 03:32 PM

My weather report is cloudy and mild.

How is everyone's day going?

Cacoethes 23-06-2022 03:40 PM

Only 23 here
And very cloudy!

I'm ok. Just very bored.
How are you guys?

one_step_closer 23-06-2022 03:45 PM

Boredom is not good. Have you tried reading any of the books I sent?

I didn't get up till 12.55pm which is way too late and I hate myself and am worried. Got all my housework done though.

Cacoethes 23-06-2022 03:52 PM

I haven't! I will start one now!
For some reason my brain didn't think reading was an option
Silly brain

Well done for getting your housework done
I'm sorry you got up late though

one_step_closer 23-06-2022 05:12 PM

I hope you can concentrate and enjoy at least one of the books but liking all of them would of course be better. You don't really read much do you? Maybe your brain was thinking about the things you usually do.

I wish I could sort myself out with the getting out of bed thing. I'm trying to tell myself it was because the night before I was up all night with hay fever so maybe I needed this sleep. Still not really acceptable in my view though.

Did anyone notice having more light on the longest day?

Cacoethes 23-06-2022 05:19 PM

Thanks :)
I haven't tried to read in ages
My concentration isn't fantastic!
It's sad because i was ALWAYS reading when i was a kid!

If you were up all night i would think that's a good reason for sleeping in!

I didn't notice.
I'm not the most observant of people tbh lol

one_step_closer 23-06-2022 05:30 PM

Reading is a good escape.

I don't know if I noticed any more light either. I stick to my bed time schedule and it might have been a longer light while I was in bed.

How has your sleep been recently?

Cacoethes 23-06-2022 05:35 PM

It is

My sleep has been hit and miss
Still getting up really early for some reason
Think that's just what i do now!
Constantly exhausted though!

Zurg 23-06-2022 07:00 PM

I'm sorry about your cat, Tamo <3 I hope you Got to have the call with your godmother today.

Dawn, that dinner sounds delicious!!! And boo, to 27 degrees!!!!

Lindsay, i Think it's okay when things slip a bit every now and then. I know it's difficult to not be overly critical when it's yourself but i Think that maybe you're being a bit harsh on yourself???

Busy as a bee, Beckie!! I hope you enjoy the gig tomorrow :)

I feel like ****. Went to Rammstein concert yesterday. 40.000 people attended. I have never been more sober and yet i have never felt so drunk after a gig. I didn't consume anything while there so absolutely no one could have drugged me.
I am seriously getting too old for this ****!!! I love the concerts when the music starts blasting and people go crazy. Everything else, i hate!!! Anxiety made me smoke more than half a packet of cigarettes. It's gonna take me weeks to recover from this. I am a wreck right now.
But hey, i was roasted by fire, made half Way deaf from evil german heavy metal and swooned over the entire band. Still worth it!!!

Cacoethes 23-06-2022 07:08 PM

Thank you! :)

40,000 people is insane!
The Olympic Park (where the concert is tomorrow) is 60,000 capacity which is a bit scary!
Sounds like you enjoyed the actual concert though which is good!
I agree that all the other stuff that goes with it is anxiety provoking! I am very anxious about those things tomorrow!

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 07:21 AM

Morning everyone!

not_so_insig 24-06-2022 10:39 AM

Morning all.

Has anyone had a pm from a user asking for money? I have and reported it to Jenna.

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 10:45 AM

Hey Dawn

Yeah i had a weird message.
Didn't read the whole thing as it was very obviously spam right from the start so i didn't bother!

not_so_insig 24-06-2022 10:54 AM

Yeah it was an attempt at getting money from people. Dont send peeps!

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 10:59 AM

There's so much spam around these days i think it's rare for people to fall for it now.
My nanny is 81 and she gets the phone calls and hangs right up on them.
But i guess some vulnerable people will still be taken in by it.
These scammers are disgusting

not_so_insig 24-06-2022 11:05 AM

Yes I know someone who doesn't know how to use the Internet. She doesn't know what Google is or have an email address. When she gets transferred onto universal credit then she will have to use the Internet and I worry that she will fall for the scammers.

I have a call blocking phone which means anyone who isn't in my contacts has to announce themselves so I know who's calling. It stops the majority of scammers and I can block their number.

Also my dad had a scam text on Saturday. Fortunately I was able to tell him it was a scam one but not everyone in their 70s would know.

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 11:33 AM

Unfortunately you need the Internet to do most things these days.
My nanny attempted to have Internet and a laptop. She did a computer course at her library but she just can't get to grips with it!

My phone comes up with 'suspected spam' if they call so i manage to avoid them. I don't get many anyway

nonperson 24-06-2022 01:08 PM

I just read that scam PM too. For a while I thought it was FROM Jenna so was going to reply with "Wtf, have you been hacked?" but then I eventually cottoned on. *eye roll*

I'm having one of those days anyway where I'd be an easy target for scammers...!

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 01:14 PM

Hey np!

I miss the days of the fun spam we would get here.
Multi coloured dog poo bags, ugg boots at discount prices....

one_step_closer 24-06-2022 01:50 PM

I think I got that PM too, I forwarded it to Jenna.

Fun spam was very fun. How on earth did we not fall for it? :laugh:

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 01:53 PM

I know lindsay!! XD

one_step_closer 24-06-2022 01:58 PM

Have you left for hella mega yet? How long does it last? Are you staying there for a bit?

My same friend who went to all the MCR gigs is going to hella mega too. I don't know how she finds the time, she's a psychologist. Maybe she's a private one.

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 02:10 PM

I'm waiting for the train to kings cross now!
Gates open 4pm, estimated finish 10:30pm
So a long time! So glad i got seated ticket. I would NOT be able to stand for that long!

Maybe! Unless she saves up all her holiday time for concerts?

not_so_insig 24-06-2022 02:39 PM

I have discovered today that my brother is going to hella too but at Huddersfield not London. He has been a Green Day fan since like forever and played Weezer at the weekend that's just been.

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 02:49 PM

Yeah same. I remember when my step dad bought me American Idiot by green day on cd. Played the **** out of it!

one_step_closer 24-06-2022 04:50 PM

Green Day are my favourite band who are playing. I hope you enjoy yourself.

nonperson 24-06-2022 06:04 PM

I've seen Green Day live a couple of times. ****ing awesome! So so so good live.

I'm so jealous =(

nonperson 24-06-2022 06:04 PM

Apparently Green Day also makes everyone start using the F word =P

Zurg 24-06-2022 06:17 PM

I am a firm believer in the feeling that swearing is good for the soul!!!

nonperson 24-06-2022 06:27 PM

I don't know about that. Depends on the situation I guess.

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 07:05 PM

Just popped out for a drink!
Like no signal in the arena!
I am having an awesome time!
Just seen weezer. Epic!
I'm also drunk lol
No more alcohol. Just coke!

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 07:05 PM

Coca cola. Not drugs lol

nonperson 24-06-2022 08:02 PM

Yes I think everyone probably assumed you meant the drink. =P

No more booze otherwise you won't enjoy the rest of the bands!

not_so_insig 24-06-2022 08:03 PM

Stay safe Beckie!

Pi.R^2 24-06-2022 08:36 PM

I neglected my modly duties by attending my workplace and then taking a nap. Then Lio purposefully tried to distract me when she knew I was en route to deal with this.

But I have now banned the spammer. Thanks for the PMs, special shout-out to Lindsay for including a link to the profile because I was indeed to lazy to go and search the user :P


Originally Posted by nonperson (Post 4326806)
I just read that scam PM too. For a while I thought it was FROM Jenna so was going to reply with "Wtf, have you been hacked?" but then I eventually cottoned on. *eye roll*

Lol! Also I realise I never replied to you after sending that frankly rule-breaking PM that I sent you- many apologies!

nonperson 24-06-2022 09:30 PM

No rush and no apologies needed, especially as I don't know which PM you mean!

Cacoethes 24-06-2022 11:51 PM

Omg i had the BEST time!!!
I literally am unable to even!
Also, not drunk anymore because i sober up stupidly fast in fresh air. Annoying really. Like what was even the point of alcohol? Lol!
But yeah! Absolutely incredible! Buzzing!
Also managing to survive the underground! On the met line now. Somehow managed to be in the right place at the right time to get seats on both jubilee line and met line! :-D

Cacoethes 25-06-2022 07:25 AM

Morning everyone!

nonperson 25-06-2022 08:31 AM

Morning. Glad you had a good time, Beckie. How could you not with that trio of bands. Who was your favourite? Which t-shirt did you decide on?

Cacoethes 25-06-2022 08:42 AM

I couldn't possibly pick a favourite!
They were all amazing!
I was wearing a motorhead t shirt but bought a shirt there (offical one that says hella mega tour and the name of the bands and a unicorn breathing fire and all the tour dates on the back!) And i changed into that when i was there! Also wearing it today!
Going to Dopamine Land today!

What are you up to this weekend?

nonperson 25-06-2022 08:48 AM

Awesome. =D How many days until you take it off again, haha.

No plans. Might be going to help my friend fix her bike. She mentioned something about dinner too but I haven't read the full message yet. Still trying to wake up.

I'm off work for 9 days now!

Cacoethes 25-06-2022 08:51 AM

It's on forever XD
Or until i spill something on it :p

Sounds good!

Nice! You deserve a break! You work so hard!

nonperson 25-06-2022 08:59 AM

Too hard =/

Other than a few odd days and bank holidays the last full week I had off was the first week in January =|

I am expecting phone calls though...

Which reminds me I need to call the opticians today, ugh.

Cacoethes 25-06-2022 09:08 AM

Wow that's a long time!.

The opticians is never fun!

tamobhuuta 25-06-2022 11:50 AM

Morning all.

Cacoethes 25-06-2022 11:58 AM

Hey tamo
Nearly afternoon!
How are you?

one_step_closer 25-06-2022 01:49 PM

Hi everyone, I'm glad you had a great time, Beckie. Enjoy Dopamine land whatever that turns out to be. You'll need to tell us all about it.

I'm glad you're getting some time off work NP. Try and do some nice things for you.

Hi Tamo, what are you getting up to today?

not_so_insig 25-06-2022 04:12 PM

Hello all. It has been raining here this afternoon. Now sunny.

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