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tamobhuuta 16-06-2021 10:09 AM

Do you enjoy getting out and about?

Cacoethes 16-06-2021 10:13 AM

Yes I do!
But it is a tad hot for me at the moment!

tamobhuuta 16-06-2021 10:15 AM

It's very hot! My job for the day is to have a shower, do my legs and everything.

Cacoethes 16-06-2021 10:17 AM

Sounds like a good plan!

shadow-light 16-06-2021 10:26 AM

i need to attempt to actually leave my street today... thinking the longer I leave it between oing further afeild the harder it wil get so going to attempt to go beyond my "safe zone" once a week

currently procrastinating :laugh:

Cacoethes 16-06-2021 10:30 AM

Good luck Hazel!
You can do it!

tamobhuuta 16-06-2021 10:54 AM

I hope you enjoy stretching yourself shadow :)

not_so_insig 16-06-2021 12:39 PM

Hello all. I have an coronavirus jab this afternoon. I really should get ready for it. Plus I have had a postcard from Finland. I am waiting for a parcel to arrive in this country the postcard from Finland was quicker lol.

tamobhuuta 16-06-2021 01:31 PM

I was really ill the night after my first jab so good luck!

Cacoethes 16-06-2021 01:46 PM

It is way too hot out there!
Do not go out!!

tamobhuuta 16-06-2021 03:27 PM

I just had an ice cream to cool down.

Cacoethes 16-06-2021 03:37 PM

That's a good idea!

not_so_insig 16-06-2021 04:51 PM

It is certainly very hot. I have had my second jab so had to go out. Feel a bit woozy whenever I get up but the cause may not just the jab so am sitting in front of the fan. Listening to my music.

Cacoethes 16-06-2021 05:25 PM

Hope you feel better soon Dawn.
That sounds like a good plan

not_so_insig 16-06-2021 05:45 PM

I think that I will have a easy rest of the day and have plenty of rest.

tamobhuuta 16-06-2021 08:31 PM

How's resting going insig?

not_so_insig 16-06-2021 09:09 PM

I have had something to eat and drink plus a nap so my wooziness has almost gone. Managed to do some cleaning.

nonperson 16-06-2021 09:23 PM

Glad you feel better, Dawn.

In weather news - it's raaaaaaaaaining =D

nonperson 17-06-2021 09:41 AM

Morning all. How's everyone?

It's still raining!

one_step_closer 17-06-2021 09:54 AM

Morning NP. It's nice and sunny here. Are you due to have rain all day?

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 10:12 AM

Morning guys!

Raining here too!

nonperson 17-06-2021 10:23 AM

Hey Lindsay and Beckie.

Well I thought it was only meant to rain over night and be dry for most of today but it's still drizzling which is annoying because I need to continue weeding the garden.

Anyone got plans for today?

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 10:44 AM

Oh that's annoying!
It's raining quite heavily here!

No plans. After yesterday's illness type thing I'm just going to take it easy today

shadow-light 17-06-2021 10:59 AM

its rained overnight here, its getting warm now though

I need to dye my hair, I bleached it last night and left it on too long so now I look rediculous :laugh: got a choice between, pink, purple, and violet but can't decide which to use

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 11:11 AM

All the colours Hazel!!!

shadow-light 17-06-2021 11:13 AM

:laugh: I usually do ALL the colours, but not sure multicolour will suit my current hair style

tamobhuuta 17-06-2021 11:13 AM

Tough choice shadow!,

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 11:28 AM

Ah ok! That is a tough choice!
I'd go purple. Because that's my favourite colour :tongue2:

not_so_insig 17-06-2021 11:33 AM

Hello all. Apart from a slightly dead arm and pins and needles I am ok jab wise. My parcel finally arrived and am currently testing it. No rain here though it's very cold compared to the recent weather we have been having lately. Also had a postcard from Germany.

nonperson 17-06-2021 01:11 PM

I'm voting for purple too!

That's good you only have minimal side effects, Dawn.

It's stopped raining so I should go in the garden but I want to watch the tennis. Hm.

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 01:19 PM

That's good Dawn

I was going to say tough choice np but it's really not :tongue2:

nonperson 17-06-2021 01:25 PM

Hazel's hair colour? Or gardening vs sitting on bum watching tennis? =P

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 01:28 PM

Gardening vs sitting watching tennis :tongue2:

I feel like I should be doing something but I was unwell yesterday and still not feeling 100% so maybe it's best to rest today

nonperson 17-06-2021 01:40 PM

Ah, yes. >.> I might do a few smaller gardening things instead like topping up the potatoes and staking tomato plants. And do some inside tidying. Already flipped the mattress and washed bedding and hoovered upstairs.

Definitely best to rest today! But do try to eat something small even if you don't want to. That will help.

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 01:50 PM

Sounds good!
And well done on the productiveness so far!

I just had some soup (that autocorrected to souls...)
Yes I've just had some souls! :tongue2:
And I feel ok so hopefully I'm over the random sickness!

nonperson 17-06-2021 01:54 PM

Thanks. Still need to shower and go into work a bit later on so probably won't do much else today.

What kind of tasty souls did you eat? =P

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 01:59 PM

Fair enough!

I ate lentil souls. As well as all the homophobes I see on Facebook comments. They don't deserve to have souls!

shadow-light 17-06-2021 02:07 PM

lentil souls :laugh:

nonperson 17-06-2021 02:07 PM

Say what? o.O

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 02:12 PM


one_step_closer 17-06-2021 02:17 PM

You're a sort of dementor Beckie.

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 02:25 PM

Yes I am!
Except I like to spread happiness rather than take it away! Mostly...

nonperson 17-06-2021 02:30 PM

Haha. By eating evil souls it makes other people happy.

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 02:32 PM

Exactly! So I will continue to eat evil souls!

nonperson 17-06-2021 02:47 PM

Maybe mix them in with some lentil souls so they taste a bit better.

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 02:59 PM

Good idea!
Evil souls taste a tad bitter!

not_so_insig 17-06-2021 03:56 PM

I am taking it easy today too. Whenever I bend over I feel bad.

nonperson 17-06-2021 04:45 PM

Lol Beckie. XD

Isn't the answer to not bend over then? ;-)

Cacoethes 17-06-2021 04:48 PM


That's a shame dawn.

I'm still feeling slightly unwell myself. But hopefully I won't be sick again!
I am also simultaneously craving McDonald's

one_step_closer 17-06-2021 05:29 PM

I was disappointed in my double cheeseburger that I was so excited to get when sitting in was reintroduced. What do you get from McDonalds?

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