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Cacoethes 24-02-2021 09:12 PM

I didn't even know it was a BBC programme!
I watch it on Dave

nonperson 24-02-2021 09:17 PM

Does that mean you can't watch it now?

Kanjanjunga 24-02-2021 09:18 PM

Hello ,

I am new here .I need a forum to vent .
I am from India
I am 35

My life sucks because my work sucks .

This is a low paying job and i need to find a better job soon .

I need more money to live

Cacoethes 24-02-2021 09:23 PM

Nah it's on Dave so it's all good!

Hello kanjanjunga!
You could try making a thread in one of the support boards. People will be more able to help you there :)

nonperson 24-02-2021 09:30 PM

Ah wasn't sure if watching a BBC show on another channel was acceptable or not!

Hi Kanjanjunga! Sorry things are difficult.

We mostly talk about food and TV in this thread. =)

Cacoethes 24-02-2021 09:38 PM

It is acceptable!
It's mainly being on the actual channels that I find bad!

nonperson 24-02-2021 09:40 PM

I think I only watch the news on there and that's it. Oh and Strictly when it's on.

Cacoethes 24-02-2021 09:46 PM

I'm not a strictly fan. Or a news fan for that matter!

nonperson 24-02-2021 10:12 PM

I've only started watching the news in the past year. And Strictly is good but if it wasn't on I probably wouldn't miss it from my life!

Cacoethes 24-02-2021 10:22 PM

I get all my news from Facebook! (I do make sure it's real news though!)

I'm off to bed now. Good night and sleep well! :)

nonperson 24-02-2021 10:24 PM

Night night!

Kanjanjunga 25-02-2021 05:48 AM

@Cacoethes , @nonperson

Sorry for disrupting the flow of this thread .
I was posting this at 2 in the night , which is why i accidentally posted in this thread .

I have started separate threads


Cacoethes 25-02-2021 05:50 AM

No worries!
I hope you get the support you are looking for :)

one_step_closer 25-02-2021 10:13 AM

Morning everyone. What were you doing up so early/late Beckie? I hope you're ok.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 10:30 AM

Morning lindsay
Just woke up at 1:30am and couldn't go back to sleep
I went back to bed for a bit at 7am. Up again at 9am.
Think it's safe to say my zopiclone has run out!

How are you?

one_step_closer 25-02-2021 11:45 AM

Does no one see when you're running low on something so it can be requested? I'm glad you got some sleep at least. How are you feeling?

I'm stuck in my usual despair.

The parcels didn't come yesterday and they said they'd try again today to deliver by 1pm. I hope they do come within the time because I need to go to the chemist and Tesco.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 11:49 AM

They do but zopiclone isn't on my repeat list. So I'd have to ring either my gp or my psych. Which I don't want to do (was going to call gp this morning but forgot)

Sorry to hear that lindsay :(

How annoying! Fingers crossed they come soon

not_so_insig 25-02-2021 03:16 PM

Afternoon all. I have been for a walk around the park at the bottom of the road and met my ex next door neighbour. Hope your parcels came Lindsay.

one_step_closer 25-02-2021 04:52 PM

My parcels came about 15 minutes ago. Annoying but at least I got them. The parcels themselves were disappointing. I went out for a while before they arrived because I was getting wound up staying in the. house.

What are you going to do about the Zopiclone Beckie?

Did you enjoy your walk Dawn?

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 05:00 PM

At least you got them and managed to get out for a bit

I don't really want it again because it's addictive and it messes up your sleep if you take it for too long and then stop.
So I'd rather have promethazine.

not_so_insig 25-02-2021 05:38 PM

Yes I enjoyed my walk.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 05:52 PM

That's good Dawn

not_so_insig 25-02-2021 06:24 PM

Thanks Beckie.

I had soup for tea again. It was a portion left over from yesterday.

one_step_closer 25-02-2021 06:31 PM

Willl you be able to speak to someone about it soon Beckie?

What kind of soup Dawn?

I had red pepper stuffed with rice, onion, sweetcorn and cheese on top with a whole lot of soy sauce.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 06:41 PM

I speak to my psych in a couple of weeks so I could ask him then.

Sounds delicious lindsay!

nonperson 25-02-2021 06:51 PM

Evening all.

I always wonder what things to stuff into vegetables like peppers or aubergines. Your ingredients sounded nice, Lindsay.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 07:03 PM

Hey np!
How be you?

nonperson 25-02-2021 07:21 PM

Hey. Kinda sad... wishing there wasn't badness in the world or that people I knew were hurting... and trying to decide what to have for dinner and bleugh. =(

How're you?

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 07:26 PM

I think we all wish that sometimes.
Everything ok? Well, obviously not but you know what I mean.


nonperson 25-02-2021 07:32 PM

Yeah... I just feel unable to help with a friend's situation.

Sorry you're meh =(

Will Taskmaster help?

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 07:44 PM

That sucks :(
I hope it all turns out OK

I'm watching taskmaster now and it's not picking me up like normal

nonperson 25-02-2021 08:15 PM

It will be ok eventually, it's going to take months though.

Ah that's a shame. Do you have any favourite episodes you could put on? Or maybe something new?

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 08:20 PM

That's a shame :(

I don't really feel like watching anything. My mind is elsewhere unfortunately

nonperson 25-02-2021 08:35 PM

I've put Red Dwarf on but might just go to bed soon!

Yeah I get that. You should do something to keep your mind occupied though.

not_so_insig 25-02-2021 08:44 PM

Sorry you're not so great Beckie.

I had my red pepper and red onion soup.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 08:49 PM

I'm just waiting for the carers to come so I can go to bed
I'm tired after not sleeping a lot last night

Thanks Dawn

That sounds tasty

nonperson 25-02-2021 09:09 PM

I had soup too. Tomato and basil.

Cacoethes 25-02-2021 09:11 PM

I too had soup
Chicken noodle

one_step_closer 26-02-2021 10:14 AM

Morning everyone, how are you all? I hope today has some good in store for you.

Cacoethes 26-02-2021 11:29 AM

Morning lindsay
I'm ok thanks
Just got to go to the post office and asda today.
How are you?

tamobhuuta 26-02-2021 11:39 AM

Hi osc and Cacoethes. I am ok, just having coffee.

tamobhuuta 26-02-2021 11:41 AM

And I need to sort out my benefits.

one_step_closer 26-02-2021 12:19 PM

I hope you're getting some nice things from Asda, Beckie.

What are you needing to sort out with your benefits Tamo?

I'm waiting in again for another parcel, it should be here by 1.02pm and if it's not I'm not going to wait in any longer. It's coming by Royal Mail. Other couriers are better because at least they try to leave parcels somewhere else rather than not delivering them if you're not in.

tamobhuuta 26-02-2021 12:27 PM

My ESA has decreased and the letter doesn't say why.

What is your parcel?

not_so_insig 26-02-2021 12:30 PM

I am waiting for a parcel too but it's coming via amazon. I bet it comes dead late. Fortunately I am not going anywhere today.

not_so_insig 26-02-2021 12:34 PM

Have you had any benefit review lately tamobhuuta?

Cacoethes 26-02-2021 12:41 PM

Just the usual stuff lindsay
I'm back on my diet so no more easter eggs until takeaway night!

Did royal mail send you an email? If so, there should be an option to select a safe place for them to put it.

That's weird tamo

Mine have been coming really late recently dawn!
I hope it comes early!

tamobhuuta 26-02-2021 12:43 PM

It's ok, my benefits are the same! That's a relief.

Cacoethes 26-02-2021 12:56 PM

That's good!

tamobhuuta 26-02-2021 02:42 PM

Any one up to much this afternoon? I'm all sad because Doctors isn't on.

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