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chinahorse 21-11-2019 12:02 PM

Yeah it is np and I've accepted.

Hope the extra sleep has helped tamo.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 12:25 PM

It would make more sense to give us slots for ECT.

Wow well done Lillie!

nonperson 21-11-2019 12:28 PM

Are you looking forward to it?

chinahorse 21-11-2019 12:29 PM

Thanks :-)

No I'm bloody terrified.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 12:37 PM

I'm sure you'll do great Lillie

nonperson 21-11-2019 12:37 PM

You'll be ok. What will you be doing?

chinahorse 21-11-2019 12:49 PM

Normal shop stuff. Stocking, using the till, putting away deliveries, cashing up etc.

nonperson 21-11-2019 12:55 PM

That sounds alright. We've got faith in you =)

When do you start?

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 01:01 PM

You can do it Lillie!

chinahorse 21-11-2019 01:17 PM

I mean I shpuld be able to do it in theory. I did used to manage a shop. Start next Tuesday.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 01:25 PM

Are you looking forward to it?

chinahorse 21-11-2019 01:37 PM


tamobhuuta 21-11-2019 01:53 PM

Sorry you're not looking forward to it, I'm sure you will be great, even if you take some time to get used to it.

One of my favourite episodes of Friends is on.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 01:59 PM

Oh no Lillie :(
Sorry to hear that

That's good tamo!

I'm finally back from ECT

tamobhuuta 21-11-2019 02:03 PM

Any plans for the rest of the day?

I'm looking forward to seeing friends for a drink this evening.

chinahorse 21-11-2019 03:13 PM

That's good tamo.

Rest now beckie?

Got to ome back to bristol in a couple of weeks. Less big dressings now though which is good. And I got a refund for some of my travel costs so I can put money in my electric which is good.

tamobhuuta 21-11-2019 03:27 PM

It's good you've got money for the electric china, and smaller dressings means the injury is healing?

not_so_insig 21-11-2019 03:54 PM

Hello all. I have been for coffee with my friend. I am not having a good day so far. Someone on the bus decided to eat their McDonald's and split their drink. Which turned the bus floor slippery and sticky at the same time. Other things are pissing me off. It's cold and I have to go outside to have my flu jab.

But the good news is that I got another postcard today. It's from Germany.

chinahorse 21-11-2019 03:55 PM

The donor site is nearly healed. One burn is breaking down badly and the graft site has a stubborn bit that won't heal. But semi progress.

not_so_insig 21-11-2019 03:58 PM

That sounds good Lillie.

one_step_closer 21-11-2019 04:54 PM

Well done with the job Lillie, I hope it's good for you.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 05:18 PM

I've been asleep all afternoon

not_so_insig 21-11-2019 05:36 PM

I have been for my flu jab. Went through the park at the bottom of the road. Heard the clock striking 4.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 07:26 PM

Still tired despite sleeping most of the afternoon!

chinahorse 21-11-2019 07:30 PM

Food then bed again beckie?

zombiehunter 21-11-2019 07:59 PM

beef teryaki and noodles for ****ing dinner tonight :-D

not_so_insig 21-11-2019 08:41 PM

Nice ****ing dinner zombie. I had the rest of my sausage casserole. Followed by yoghurt.

Cacoethes 21-11-2019 10:16 PM

Food was at around 5pm Lillie
Of course now it's bedtime I cannot stop moving!

Sounds yummy zombie!

nonperson 22-11-2019 09:45 AM

Bloody hell. Logged in just now thinking I'd missed a load of activity on here but turns out it's just a very dramatic spammer...

chinahorse 22-11-2019 09:49 AM

I prefer the spammed that are trying to sell us discount ugg boots.

chinahorse 22-11-2019 10:21 AM

I've had an amazing phone call! I've been given 150 as compensation for a complaint the bank manager insisted that I make!!

chinahorse 22-11-2019 10:27 AM

I can afford the cats insurance and booster now and pay back a little of what I owe.
And buy a few christmas presents.

Cacoethes 22-11-2019 10:31 AM

That's great news Lillie!

nonperson 22-11-2019 10:42 AM

Wow! Must have been one hell of a complaint =)

chinahorse 22-11-2019 10:42 AM

It's honestly such a relief like I can't explain how much I wad worried about not being able to sort berties stuff out.

chinahorse 22-11-2019 10:43 AM

And it wad basically for mental distress caused by damage to character as a result of their failures. I disnt expect compensation just the bank to get told off or something.

tamobhuuta 22-11-2019 10:45 AM

Great news china!

I had a great evening yesterday, had a few drinks with friends.

chinahorse 22-11-2019 10:53 AM

Ah that's fab tamo :-)

chinahorse 22-11-2019 10:55 AM

I keep sneezing and cracking my back out. :S

tamobhuuta 22-11-2019 11:19 AM

That's nasty, I hope you feel better soon.

Cacoethes 22-11-2019 11:22 AM

Ouch Lillie!

That sounds nice tamo

chinahorse 22-11-2019 11:37 AM

It's not pleasent no.

What's everyone up to today?

one_step_closer 22-11-2019 11:43 AM

Triggering spam :( And it makes me worried if other people are getting triggered.

Good for you Lillie! Not so good with the sneezing and back pain though.

I'm glad you enjoyed your evening Tamo. :)

How are you NP and Beckie?

I was out getting cat litter and will take a book back to the library later and hoover too.

Cacoethes 22-11-2019 11:47 AM

I noticed that too lindsay
I'm not triggered by it personally but can see how it might be triggering for others

I'm ok
Just put some washing on and hoping to get out to the shop today

one_step_closer 22-11-2019 11:49 AM

The stuff they posted the other day was more triggering, this stuff isn't too bad.

I'm glad you're ok Beckie and I hope you manage to get to the shop. Do you need anything nice?

tamobhuuta 22-11-2019 12:08 PM

I'm trying to decide whether to go for a walk...

chinahorse 22-11-2019 12:10 PM

What's ypur thoughts tamo? Mine are too cold to go out!!

I'm doing washing too beckie. Hope you manage to get to the shop.

I haven't read it properly.

tamobhuuta 22-11-2019 12:13 PM

Pros of a walk: get some fresh air and exercise

Cons: it's cold and wet and I'm too tired to get dressed.

not_so_insig 22-11-2019 12:30 PM

I have recieved another postcard this morning. It's from Japan.

My head is still hurting :-(

Cacoethes 22-11-2019 12:30 PM

Thanks guys
I mainly need Coke Zero!

It is rather cold today but walking would warm you up!

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