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Cacoethes 13-04-2019 08:02 PM

That does not sound fun!!

chinahorse 13-04-2019 08:04 PM

That sucks Jinxie.

Cacoethes 13-04-2019 08:07 PM

I just had chicken with that garlic stuff
Soooo good!

chinahorse 13-04-2019 08:08 PM

What did you have with it?

Cacoethes 13-04-2019 08:20 PM

Chips and veg

chinahorse 13-04-2019 08:28 PM

Sounds tasty.

Cacoethes 13-04-2019 08:29 PM

It was

Have you had dinner yet?

chinahorse 13-04-2019 08:30 PM

I'm not hungry.

Cacoethes 13-04-2019 08:33 PM

Ah ok

Buttons. 13-04-2019 09:59 PM

That sounds really tough Jinxie *hugs exta gently* if you need support you know I'm only a PM away.

In other news I am about to make a thread entitled name my ninja, as I went for a prize for all grabby machine while I was out (yes I am a child) and that's the prize I got, so get name creative!

Cacoethes 13-04-2019 10:13 PM

I've just put my suggestion :-D

Buttons. 14-04-2019 02:08 AM

& I hate you.

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 03:55 AM

Well you asked for suggestions!! :tongue2:

Buttons. 14-04-2019 05:22 AM


chinahorse 14-04-2019 07:30 AM


The cat wakes me up makes sure I'm awake for 10 minutes and then goes back to sleep on my chest so I can't even go to the loo now I'm fully awake!

tamobhuuta 14-04-2019 10:40 AM

Cats are such boggits!

Must. Get. Out. Of. Bed.

chinahorse 14-04-2019 11:23 AM

He's a tinker he really is.

How're ypu? Managed to get out of bed?

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 11:27 AM

Haha! Naughty Bertie!

nonperson 14-04-2019 11:38 AM

I was woken up by my cat puking up his breakfast. =/

not_so_insig 14-04-2019 11:39 AM

I was woken up by the voices :angry:

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 11:43 AM

I was woken up by crisis team phoning

nonperson 14-04-2019 11:43 AM

At least you didn't have to nearly stand in / clear up voices... and they don't stain your carpet. *shrug*

chinahorse 14-04-2019 11:54 AM

Seems we were all woken up this morning!

Anyone up to much today? Or just planning a lazy Sunday?

nonperson 14-04-2019 12:03 PM

Nope, just chores. =/


Cacoethes 14-04-2019 12:08 PM

Yeah I wouldn't want to clear up vomit

I am listening to Kerrang and cleaning!!
Feeling randomly very motivated!
And crisis coming between 12-2
Tried to shake them off but no luck!

one_step_closer 14-04-2019 12:15 PM

Be on your best behaviour Beckie!

Cats puking up food is very eww.

chinahorse 14-04-2019 12:54 PM

I'm waiting for crisis too but they are coming in the 'afternoon'.

Boo to chores. Why can't they do them self?

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 01:01 PM

I behaved myself!
Kind of :p

In the afternoon is a very large time range!
Hate it when they do that
Hope it goes ok Lillie

nonperson 14-04-2019 01:01 PM

I need to learn magic so the washing up can do itself... and charm the hosepipe and cloths to clean the car for me.

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:02 PM

I hope they come soon I'm hungry for the first time in ages and want to go get noms.

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:04 PM

Washing up magic would be epic. When you've learnt it teach me np! And when I learn how to get the windows to wash themselves I'll share the secret.

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 01:12 PM

Magic would be epic!

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:16 PM

Even if I'd use it for mundane things like housework 99% of the time. :-P

nonperson 14-04-2019 01:23 PM

Magic for mundane things would be the most satisfying though!

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 01:23 PM

Same tbh :p
And teleporting myself places instead of walking!!

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:30 PM

Lol,we should just get a car beckie!

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:31 PM

Omg guys I'm actually a tiny bit restless to do something!! This is so good considering how low I've been!!

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 01:33 PM

I would love a car!
Need to pass my test first!
All so expensive though

Ooo put it to good use Lillie!
Have you got anything to do?

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:37 PM

Same problems here regarding a car. But I have a decent job I suppose I'm just not great with money :/

Nothing much to do. Do need to go food shopping and change my bed and clean the bathroom. Might ignore that all and just paint my nails :-P

nonperson 14-04-2019 01:38 PM

Cars involve more chores though! Teleportation would be better.

Yay for restlessness, Lillie. =) Hopefully htt turn up soon and then you can get out somewhere?

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 01:39 PM

Im pretty **** with money too tbh!
And being on benefits is quite hard
Another reason I want a job!!

Haha! Cleaning and food shopping sound more useful :p

nonperson 14-04-2019 01:39 PM

Or painting nails is a good option also. =)

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:46 PM

Decided to paint my nails. And will clean after they're dry. I mean I already washed up and cleaned the kitchen this morning.

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 01:48 PM

Good plan!
Well done for washing up and cleaning!

I have finished my cleaning and lit a scented candle
Might get some flowers for my living room tomorrow!

chinahorse 14-04-2019 01:53 PM

Well done on your cleaning too beckie!

I hope the living room behaved well enough to deserve flowers. Hehe

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 02:02 PM

Thank you!

Haha! It has :p

tamobhuuta 14-04-2019 02:36 PM

I did get up! Feeling groggy. I tried to go to church yesterday but felt too ill so came home early.

Cacoethes 14-04-2019 02:42 PM

Well done for getting up!!
Are you feeling any better?

I reeaaally want dominoes tonight :/

chinahorse 14-04-2019 02:46 PM

Dominoes is ace!

Sorry you felt ill tamo, feeling any better today?

Htt have been and agree that I'm much better and don't need to see them till Wednesday!

tamobhuuta 14-04-2019 02:48 PM

A bit better. I'm awake anyway. How's your day?

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