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tamobhuuta 01-04-2019 05:47 PM

Where are you off to Cacoethes?

nonperson 01-04-2019 05:54 PM

I think I'm excited for you, Beckie!

Have you been given any hints for what to pack?

not_so_insig 01-04-2019 06:03 PM

How do you know what currency to take? Or do you have to exchange at the airport and suffer horrible rates?

Cacoethes 01-04-2019 06:13 PM

I'm not sure yet tamo!
Will find out when I'm at the airport

The current weather forecast for where I'm going is 20 and sunny!

I have to change currency at the airport.
I'm 99% sure it will be euros but don't want to risk it
Last time it wasn't so you never know

one_step_closer 01-04-2019 06:15 PM

So exciting Beckie!

How long are you away for? I hope you have a great time.

Cacoethes 01-04-2019 06:23 PM

It is exciting!
I'm only away until the 4th
Thanks :)

nonperson 01-04-2019 06:29 PM

I reckon... Portugal! =)

Cacoethes 01-04-2019 06:39 PM

We shall see!

nonperson 01-04-2019 06:42 PM

Orrrrr… Greece?

I'll stop guessing now.

Cacoethes 01-04-2019 06:50 PM

Who knows!
Not looking forward to the 3am start though!

nonperson 01-04-2019 06:57 PM

No... that is rather horrible. Will you sleep at all tonight?

Cacoethes 01-04-2019 06:59 PM

I plan on taking my meds really early tonight so hopefully it wont be too horrible!
I'll probably be too excited to sleep tbh

Stellata 01-04-2019 07:01 PM

OOO mystery holiday, Beckie?

It was hot and cold today. Very hot in my therapy room. It was melting in there! It always is as it gets full sun.
Went to Sainsbury's this morning and was freezing on the way there and boiling on the way back.
Hormones don't help. I'm in perimenopause, peoples!

Cacoethes 01-04-2019 07:05 PM


The weather can be very strange!

nonperson 01-04-2019 07:09 PM

Argh, apparently perimenopause can start in your 30s!!

Stellata 01-04-2019 07:15 PM

It can indeed.

np, it can, but I'm 49 and it's only been the past few years, so I wouldn't sweat it [ha!] yet!

nonperson 01-04-2019 07:17 PM

Nice pun. =P

I'm not that far off 40. *sob*

Stellata 01-04-2019 07:19 PM

I like puns!

Hmm. Uh oh. It might be ok. Some people don't even really get it. But my hormones etc are very ?stirred up, always have been.

nonperson 01-04-2019 07:25 PM

Ah that sucks. =/

Stellata 01-04-2019 07:28 PM

It does indeed.

nonperson 01-04-2019 07:31 PM

I've just noticed how light it is outside still.

Stellata 01-04-2019 07:47 PM

It is.

nonperson 01-04-2019 07:59 PM

Not so much now...

Stellata 01-04-2019 08:07 PM

No its not!

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 02:51 AM

Morning guys
It's 2:50am but oddly not tired despite barely sleepjng

chinahorse 02-04-2019 03:05 AM

Why in earth are you awake?!

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 03:13 AM

Got to get the train to the airport soon!

Why are you awake?!

chinahorse 02-04-2019 03:14 AM

Ooooooooo! !!!!!

Am in a and e. Much less exciting.

chinahorse 02-04-2019 03:15 AM

There's a woman with foot prints tattooed on her foot. Foot ception?

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 03:19 AM

Ah sorry to hear that lillie

That seems like an odd tattoo!
I hate feet

chinahorse 02-04-2019 03:21 AM

Feet are odd.

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 03:34 AM

They are!!

chinahorse 02-04-2019 04:04 AM

Do you know where you're going yet?

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 04:12 AM

Nope! Wont find out until 7am

chinahorse 02-04-2019 04:18 AM

The suspense. Who are you going with?

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 04:38 AM

I know!
I am going all alone!

chinahorse 02-04-2019 04:53 AM

What?! How does that work? How can you book a trip and not know where you're off to?

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 05:39 AM

I have a scratch card with a code that I can enter at 7am and find out where I'm off to!
The only clue I have is the weather forecast.
Its fun!

nonperson 02-04-2019 06:21 AM

Can't you scratch it off before 7am?

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 06:35 AM

I can but the code won't work until 7

At airport with a massive coffee and blueberry muffin
Tiredness is starting to catch up with me!

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 07:03 AM

I am going to Barcelona!

nonperson 02-04-2019 07:24 AM

Ooooh nice!

Got Queen in my head now, haha.

Eska 02-04-2019 08:01 AM

Barcelona is awesome! Such a fun place to be, and loads to see.

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 08:02 AM

I am so excited!

What are you guys up to today?

Stellata 02-04-2019 08:26 AM


I've got a Recovery College course.

Cacoethes 02-04-2019 08:28 AM

Sounds good Katie!

Stellata 02-04-2019 08:31 AM

I hope so... I didn't want to get out of bed and my hair's still wet etc.

Eska 02-04-2019 08:39 AM

I'm just in work, nothing exciting.

not_so_insig 02-04-2019 11:22 AM

Enjoy Barcelona Beckie!

nonperson 02-04-2019 11:32 AM

I am also in work and doing nothing exciting.

It's miserable drizzle here today. The exact opposite of weather in Barcelona.

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