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[Luna] 21-02-2017 07:25 AM

Good morning guys, how are you all? xx

chinahorse 21-02-2017 08:59 AM

Morning love. I'm anxious. How're you?

not_so_insig 21-02-2017 12:15 PM

Morning all.

I am slowly getting used to the foul tasting toothpaste I had last week. I am finding it not as bad though I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Two birthday cards came through the letter box this morning and my auntie emailed me an amazon gift voucher. Not sure what I am going to buy yet though. I had my eye on a cat book for my SI free reward but I am waiting until my birthday before I order it in case I end up with 2 copies. So I might use it for that.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 12:28 PM

Morning all! Hows everyone?

Why are you anxious Lillie? Thought I read something about hospital? Sorry I can't focus too well rn. Hope you're alright.

Not_so_insig(sorry I've seen you around but dunno your name! I'm Lucy), that sounds lovely, it's nice to receive cards! Also a cat book sounds fab, it would be a great reward :) and oh, is the foul tasting toothpaste corsodyl? All of the ones made specifically for gum health have this unusual salty taste(I actually don't mind it, but it takes forever getting used to it.)

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 01:23 PM

Afternoon guys :)

I hope today goes ok Lillie. I'll be thinking of you x

What's everyone up.to today?

MunchBox 21-02-2017 02:46 PM

Hi Beckie.

I slept through my alarm, so didn't go to my lecture. Le woe.
How are you?

not_so_insig 21-02-2017 03:10 PM

Thanks Lucy, my name is Dawn btw.

Yes the foul tasting toothpaste is Corsadyl.

I have been for coffee with my friend. She gave me a card and present. We had to buy a carrier bag because none of us had one! Town and bus was relatively child free considering that it's half term.

chinahorse 21-02-2017 03:27 PM

That all sounds lovely dawn. :)

Hi Lucy and beckie :)

I had my wound assessed at hospital. No operation till saturday now.

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 03:55 PM

Sorry they couldn't do it today Lillie. It must be good to be home though.

Oh no Mary! Was it an important one?

Is it still half term Dawn? I thought it was only a week.

I've just been to asda and also picked up my meds. Nice pharmacy guy is back after being ill for ages so it was nice to catch up with him!

Sketchy 21-02-2017 04:08 PM

Sorry Lillie. It must be upsetting having to wait. I hope you're ok.

[Luna] 21-02-2017 04:40 PM

Hey all.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 04:41 PM

Hey Luna. How are you?

[Luna] 21-02-2017 04:42 PM

Not great, trying to distract. Hw are you?

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 04:43 PM

Sorry you're not feeling great Luna. Distracting is a good idea.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 04:45 PM

I hope you manage to distract yourself. Sorry you are not feeling great.

I'm ok. Still fuzzy headed and feeling a bit unreal, but I'm out the flat and in the coffee shop.

not_so_insig 21-02-2017 04:57 PM

It's half term in Wales Beckie. It's only a week long but England had theirs last week.

MunchBox 21-02-2017 05:01 PM

Don't think it was that important. Still feel hella guilty tho.
What's everyone up to this afternoon.

chinahorse 21-02-2017 05:01 PM

Well done for getting out lorraine that's really positive :)

Hope you manage to find a good distraction Luna.

It's always nice when you see an old face beckie though lol at your nickname for him.

I have the issue of only having 2 nighties and my dressing gown being at the cassel and it's way too chilly for just a top.

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 05:32 PM

Glad you got out Lorraine. Hope you enjoy your coffee!

I do know his real name but ill probably always call him nice pharmacy guy! :p

Have you got a warm jumper to put on or anything Lillie?

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:13 PM

Thanks guys. I'm back home after getting what I needed from the shop.

It's miserable weather up here. Rain and wind.

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 06:16 PM

It's quite windy here too. We had some light rain earlier.
It's not freezing though which is good cos I can get away with not putting the heating on!

Indigo. 21-02-2017 06:17 PM

Sorry you couldn't have your operation sooner lillie, that must be rather upsetting and frustrating. Can you cover yourself in a huge blanket? That could help keep you warm?

Nice to meet you Dawn! Sounds like you've had a nice day. Maybe there aren't a lot of kids around because of the awful weather?(dunno if it's like that where you are but I'm pretty sure all of south Wales is blah and rainy!)

Distracting sounds like a good idea Luna. Can you watch something fun or colour in a colouring book maybe?

Beckie, nice pharmacy guy put a smile on my face haha!

Hope everyone else is alright. I'm just in bed, had a nap, and now I'm waiting for my partner to make food.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:21 PM

It is starting to get warmer thankfully.

What is your partner cooking Lucy?

Indigo. 21-02-2017 06:25 PM

I think burgers and maybe jacket potato! We're going to be moving so we're trying to go through the stuff in the freezer before we do! He's going to try and make the burgers in the oven which sounds healthier than other cooking options!

How are you doing Sketchy?

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:31 PM

I love jacket potatoes. Hope you enjoy it.

I'm ok thanks. My name is Lorraine.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 06:34 PM

Me too! Thanks :) I like your username btw Lorraine, it's quite artsy.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:36 PM

I'm an arty person, so that's why I chose it.

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 06:38 PM

Jacket potatoes are always good! So easy to cook and you can put basically anything on them!

I've just made some super noodles. I'll probably have something proper when I get back from slimming world if im still hungry.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:41 PM

I love super noodles. So easy and yummy.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 06:41 PM

I'm pretty artsy too, when I have the motivation/inspiration.

I never had them before I moved here and I agree they're amazing! I also really like noodles, I have some beef ramen in the cupboard that I will have at some point.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:44 PM

It's nice to meet a fellow artsy person. I took my sketchbook out today but I wasn't inspired enough.

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 06:51 PM

I love noodles too!
I've never had the ramen noodles though, they sound good!

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:56 PM

I want some noodles now.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 06:56 PM

Likewise! I tried to draw earlier but similarly I wasn't inspired enough. i recently have a huge(A4) sketchbook and I've been struggling to bring it with me all the time. So I bought this really cute small one which was only like 1.5 , to carry around. I like going to coffee shops and trying to find my inspiration there!

Edit: Ramen is pretty good, depends which one you have. I haven't had this beef one before so I'm excited to try it. Hopefully this week I will. Yum! Not to mention noodles are so cheap!

Sketchy 21-02-2017 06:59 PM

I like drawing in coffee shops too. I keep a sketchbook in my bag for it. It's filled with random thoughts and things.

[Luna] 21-02-2017 07:00 PM

I've just been drawing. I'm not a great artist but sketching can be really soothing!

Sketchy 21-02-2017 07:01 PM

I'm glad you find it soothing. Is it helping you?

[Luna] 21-02-2017 07:03 PM

Yeah it does. I lose most of my drawings as I tend to just scribble on bit of paper rather than a sketchbook.

Sketchy 21-02-2017 07:05 PM

You could always bind your drawings together or keep them in a folder. What have you been drawing?

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 07:05 PM

The cheapness of noodles is definitely a plus!

I like.to draw too. I have an A3 sketchbook which I used to use a lot. I haven't drawn in ages though. I like to draw fantasy landscapes rather than real things.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 07:06 PM

I find it soothing too Luna, I'm glad it helps you! I used to draw on random pieces of paper as well until I got frustrated that I could never find my drawings!

Sketchy 21-02-2017 07:08 PM

Fantasy landscapes sound interesting Beckie. Maybe you could start drawing again.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 07:11 PM

Wow fantasy landscapes sound super cool Beckie, reminds me of this game I play called Skyrim(idk if anyone here is familiar with it), the graphics are amazing and the landscapes are lovely.

I usually draw people or birds, though last year I got into urban drawing and I really like it! I also did inktober last year and experimented a lot.

What does everybody else like to draw?

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 07:12 PM

I'd like to start drawing again. Since going on all the meds though ive found that I don't have much of a creative streak anymore.

I am more than familiar with skyrim! It's my favourite game. I've spent hours and hours on it!
The landscapes are wonderful.

[Luna] 21-02-2017 07:14 PM

I think I remember seeing one of your drawings Beckie, it was cool!

I've been drawing the scary things i see recently which, in a way, makes them a little less scary.

I like drawing flowers and I paint abstract paintings. Depends how I'm feeling.

Cacoethes 21-02-2017 07:17 PM

Thanks Luna :)

I'm glad it helps to draw them. That's a great coping mechanism

Sketchy 21-02-2017 07:17 PM

I also like painting abstracts. At the moment I like to draw insects, fish, landscapes, abstracts, and other random things.

Indigo. 21-02-2017 07:21 PM

I've never been good at abstracts. I like to draw self portraits and incorporate different symbols especially when I'm not feeling great. It helps me express what in feeling. I'd love to see everyone's drawings , that is, if you want to share :)

[Luna] 21-02-2017 07:22 PM

That's sounds really cool Lucy, I'd love to see some?

chinahorse 21-02-2017 07:27 PM

I just had a nice nap and woke up to a swollen foot :( ah well least the heating is on now.

I'm too lazy to read! I love a freezer surprise meal Lucy lol.

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