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MammaMia 12-04-2010 03:44 PM

*cuddles everyone*

Hayley, hope the shower helps, good to see you around :)
Mark, I've had that done, it hurts like hell doesn't it?
Nicole, hope your appointment goes well & that your friend will be ok.
April, keep going sweetie

*cuddles everyone again*

Have had a shower, feeling alright today after all :D Going to try make some phone calls that I've been putting off for months & months :| I *have* to do them, I just have to...but it's not easy :S

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 03:59 PM

Awh Hayley... *cuddles* I'm not up to reading the thread, I don't think, as even some of the titles of threads in the ED section can trigger me... but my thoughts & prayers are with you and your brother and family. How else are you doing?? And have you gotten to level 20 yet on WoW? :)

*cuddles Mark* What's wrong with your ear(s)? Sorry if that's a dense question, just never heard of that procedure before. I bet it was loud and uncomfortable though!! I'm glad the appt went alright. Hehe, I love my WoW... played a bit this morning. What I like about it (versus other games that I've heard of/seen) is that there are other things than just quests that you do. Like you can fish, or leatherwork, or gather herbs (you can only have two professions at once, like herbalism and alchemy, or skinning and leatherworking, or mining and blacksmithing), or cook (you can fish, cook, and do first aid as well as your two main professions)... it's crazy, lol. But I love it. :) There's a new expansion coming out in November and I'm hoping to have at least 3 level 80s (max level) before that time... I currently have a 80 death knight, 72 paladin, and 61 priest that I am planning on bringing up as fast as I can. :) Sorry for all of the WoW talk, it's a good distraction!! :o

*huggle Hels* Glad you're feeling alright!! That's awesome. :D I hope the good mood continues throughout the day... *more cuddles*

*cuddles Nicole* Why are you triggered, hon? what triggered you? *holds you gently*

I am so tired... am having a s/f decaf latte right now (at least, I HOPE it's decaf...)... it's really good, hehe. I'm trying to watch more what I eat now so I don't get too triggered doing this food assessment, and also so I can lose weight and wear a string bikini for my husband at some point in time. :P Without being all bulgy and nasty. :-/

*hides* :(

MammaMia 12-04-2010 04:19 PM

Why does making phone calls have to be so hard :(

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 04:20 PM

I don't know, Hels... I have to make some phone calls myself and really don't want to either... although one pertains to my internship. :-S Am scared silly about that.


Just updated my r/v thread... it's a kinda long entry though.


MammaMia 12-04-2010 04:24 PM


Mine are important ones too. Made this one on the wrong day, silly billy me. Got to phone about my phone contracts, try get doctors appointment, sort out my counselling & jobseekers stuff. Plus a possible phone call. ARGH ARGH ARGH!!

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 04:30 PM

Awh... I'm sure that we'll both get them done though!! And damn it, I just remembered that there are 2 bills at home (in my name) that I have to pay... but I don't remember where I put them!! :'( I'm so stupid... and the apartment is so cluttered at the mo from the kitchen being fixed, so it's going to be a chore to find them. DAMN IT!!!!!

*hides* :crying:

PoisonedApple 12-04-2010 04:39 PM

*huggles everyone*
Sorry for no individual replies... 6 pages since I last looked.
How is everyone?

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 04:45 PM

I'm doing pretty shitty. :'(

How are you, Crimson??

And I spy a Mark!! :D

PoisonedApple 12-04-2010 04:53 PM

Not bad so far but I've only been awake an hour and a half.

CrazyHayley 12-04-2010 04:58 PM

well shower revived me slightly....I'm clean and dressed ready for development circle later. Serious amounts of caffiene I think will be needed. But I am NOT letting my PMDD win, I AM going. *stamps foot to emphasise point*

I've had a headache all day, at first I thought it was just due to my M.E, but now I think about it, its a different type of headache....the one we all know so well....the holding back the tears. But I don't feel justified for the reason I want to cry, I want to cry about my brother and his situation. But surely thats just selfish and by crying putting the attention onto me?! Oh and April, don't worry about the thread, I knew that there would be a few people who it'd be too much for, if not all of us in here as we all struggle so much.

On distracting WoW talk (so skip ahead if it bores you, lol) I have indeed made it to level 20 and got my first mount! I've not played on it in about 4days though due to PMDD and family stuff. You need to get a toon in Darkspear and then come and help me, lol!!

*goes out to smoking shelter...again*

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 05:00 PM

Hehe, sleep is amazing... :) Wish I could've slept in that late... I love my sleep. Except when I have nightmares. Like last night's.

The following content has been hidden - Reason : might be tmi (female stuff) :P

I dreamt that I was going to get my hair styled for the first time, but the "hairdresser" was my dentist, Dr K, and she said that oh sorry, she doesn't know how to style hair, but she can do pap smears. So she did two pap smears on me!! (and IRL I've never had one done, much less two, one after the other!!)

My mum thought that that dream was hilarious but it was rather scary whilst I was actually dreaming it!! heh.

Anyway. Sorry, that was totally a tangent... :o

Doikers 12-04-2010 05:00 PM

Sorry April , I'm just lurking , thoughts racing around the subject of food . I don't know the food posting rules so I wont risk posting any details right now . I can be very obsessive and my obsessive side has decided to focus on food intake :S

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 05:03 PM

Hayley, grats on making it to level 20!! :D You have a gnome, right? so you got a Mechanostrider? Hehe... those are cool. Hope you're enjoying yourself. :P And since you're on a EU server (right?) I can't come and help you... otherwise I would. :( It takes me like 3 or 4 days to make it to level 20... lol... although that's intensive playing. My priest reached exalted with Darnassus and now has all of the fast mounts (she's level 61) and is a shadow priest, so her mount looks all shadowy and awesome, just like I knew it would. :D Now I'm working on Ironforge so she can get the rams... :P

*group cuddles*

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 05:05 PM

Awh Mark, I'm sorry that your obsessive thoughts are focused around food at the mo... if it "helps" any, mine are too... :( Bingeing and all. It really sucks. I posted a little about that in my r/v thread, about how I need to revise my diet and avoid bingeing and all... ****, I'm sorry if this is triggering. :( How else are you doing? any plans for the day? *big cuddles*

nicole94 12-04-2010 05:14 PM

*hugs everyone* april-i was triggerd because of my friend being in hospital, and being scared about my DBT appt. just got back from DBT. wasnt that bad.......still triggerd though :(


Doikers 12-04-2010 05:17 PM

My "plans" for today are to make it the first 2 consecutive days without S.I. in a while , it's in the balance atm . Not wonderful "plans" I know :S I'l be on here on and off for tonight . Also don't worry April you didn't trigger me :)

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 05:19 PM

Awh Nicole *gentle cuddles* I'm glad that DBT went okay, but I'm sorry that you're still triggered. Anything I can do to help??

Mark *cuddles next to* Those are FANTASTIC plans. :D I hope you manage it... and if you don't, please don't beat yourself up over it, okay? One day without SI when you've been going each day with it for a bit is fantastic. :) You're an amazing guy and you can make it. :)

*hides again*

nicole94 12-04-2010 05:23 PM

*cuddles april* i dont know. i cant think of anything but cutting. i hate it :'(

MammaMia 12-04-2010 05:25 PM

*cuddles everyone and sits with April & Nicole*

I didn't make all my phone calls. But have finally finished my complaint letter, they best read it this time :@

Scarletdreamer 12-04-2010 05:27 PM

*cuddles Nicole* Try maybe taking a warm bath, or reading a fun book/mag that you enjoy, or having a cup of tea and lurking here for awhile!! :) *more cuddles*

*cuddles Hels and sits with* Complaint letter? to whom? Sorry if that's a dense question, I feel very stupid today. >_< Anyway, I do hope that whoever "they" is, the letter gets read!!

I spy an Oliver!! *cuddles*

I'm so sick of life... :'(

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