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amixlovesxcheryl 17-05-2009 05:09 PM

I have noodles because taking over the world is tiring work *hands out noodles to all who want them*

Schleier von Dunst 17-05-2009 05:13 PM

*runs off with noodles*

I love noodles!

amixlovesxcheryl 17-05-2009 05:18 PM

Me too, yummy, and theres enough for everyone, we have to keep our energy up :)

Schleier von Dunst 17-05-2009 05:25 PM

hell yeah!

sherlock holmes 17-05-2009 06:34 PM


Schleier von Dunst 17-05-2009 09:54 PM

Welcome to everyone who comes into the thread!

simi 17-05-2009 10:49 PM

up we go...

amixlovesxcheryl 18-05-2009 12:15 AM

Nooo, the thread slipped, we'll never take over the world at this rate

Frenemies 18-05-2009 06:31 AM

*Pushes thread back up*

Krispy Creme 18-05-2009 06:46 AM


Frenemies 18-05-2009 07:58 AM


ksdfjhlksajf 18-05-2009 08:42 AM

Oooh! Sorry, I haven't been keeping up in my world domination duties!

*bakes cookies*

Schleier von Dunst 18-05-2009 10:44 AM

*steals hot cookies and nibbles*

ConcreteAngel 18-05-2009 12:23 PM


Damaged... 18-05-2009 01:42 PM

oh no its dropped


Schleier von Dunst 18-05-2009 03:39 PM

OMG Daisy you scared me! hehe :-D

amixlovesxcheryl 18-05-2009 04:26 PM

Nooo we dropped again *makes cookies to tempt people*

Schleier von Dunst 18-05-2009 05:55 PM

*steals more cookies and nibbles*

ConcreteAngel 18-05-2009 05:57 PM

bwahahahaa, good.

ugh...now i need to go memorise german.

man kann keine sprechen sie deutsch

amixlovesxcheryl 18-05-2009 06:00 PM

Argh, im so bad at german

amixlovesxcheryl 18-05-2009 06:36 PM

*runs in and hugs thread*

celuthea 18-05-2009 07:46 PM

BUMP it back up!

simi 18-05-2009 08:55 PM


amixlovesxcheryl 18-05-2009 10:51 PM

Bumpy bumpy bump
*wonders where her little armys gone, hmmm, probably making more cookies and cakes*

ksdfjhlksajf 18-05-2009 11:21 PM

I'm here! I'm here!

*continues baking cookies. I like making cookies. Even thought I'm not particularly fond of eating them*

Tuesday 19-05-2009 12:24 AM

World dominiation?? I'm in :D *evil laugh*

Frenemies 19-05-2009 04:21 AM

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Buttons. 19-05-2009 05:35 AM

Bump hump.

flying[star] 19-05-2009 12:57 PM

:Sticking Out Tongue


Schleier von Dunst 19-05-2009 05:37 PM


ConcreteAngel 19-05-2009 05:41 PM


Schleier von Dunst 19-05-2009 05:46 PM

what? :-D

ConcreteAngel 19-05-2009 06:23 PM


Schleier von Dunst 19-05-2009 06:23 PM

I calmed down a bit since then, but not much.

ConcreteAngel 19-05-2009 06:40 PM

i isnt hyper

ksdfjhlksajf 19-05-2009 07:30 PM

*continues planning world domination*

ConcreteAngel 19-05-2009 08:46 PM

la la la...

Schleier von Dunst 19-05-2009 08:52 PM

*is hyper again*


ConcreteAngel 19-05-2009 08:54 PM


*wants to be hyper*

Schleier von Dunst 19-05-2009 08:56 PM

*spreads the hyperness*

ConcreteAngel 19-05-2009 09:02 PM

(: yayz

amixlovesxcheryl 19-05-2009 10:54 PM

Hyper hyper hyper wooo!

Frenemies 20-05-2009 12:57 AM

*Chains thread to top 5*

Tuesday 20-05-2009 02:36 AM

*kicks thread*

Schleier von Dunst 20-05-2009 08:23 AM

I'm HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amixlovesxcheryl 20-05-2009 09:26 AM

HYPER! Boingy boing

Schleier von Dunst 20-05-2009 10:50 AM


I have a new family of DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!!

I have 8 DUCKIES!!!!!!!!!!! now :-D

Frenemies 20-05-2009 11:05 AM

Real or rubber? *lol*

Schleier von Dunst 20-05-2009 11:05 AM

REAL!!!!!!!!!! No I'm joking. they're rubber. Because I'm a little kid at heart.

Frenemies 20-05-2009 11:10 AM

I only have one and it's a baby one, it changes colour xD

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