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FlyingNy 07-01-2011 12:55 AM

*Hugs Kitty Sarah and Kahlia*

Sarah, perhaps you're tired. I get like that when I'm really tired. I disoconncect from everything but it's different to disassosiation because I'm still me, I know what I'm doing and I wouldn't do anything I wouldn't normally do, but I just don't feel like I'm doing the things or speaking the words if that makes sense...?

I'm sorry you're struggling so much Kahlia. I wish there was something I could do, but I'm very glad you didn't go through with you're plan. I know how you feel about being scared too, I came so close once and it scared me. And about not wanting to upset people,it's part of the reason I keep so to myself. My friends always tell me they'd rather know though,and I guess they're right. A pysch or something would be used to this sort of thing.

Kitty, at least school will give you something to do, get you out of your home. I love school, it keeps me sane.

*Hugs Crimson* Sorry, didn't spot you there. How might you be?

SparkleKitten 07-01-2011 12:58 AM

Sounds about right Lia, but I've only been up 12h, I shouldn't be tired... Strange.

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 01:01 AM

Crimson, yes my husband and I receive food stamps. Basically it's just the DSHS system that controls it. My husband does have a caseworker, but she is there mainly because he is receiving cash benefits from the state as well. He was receiving food stamps first, though, and he didn't initially have a designated caseworker, I believe.

Lia, school stresses me out to the max. I am really socially awkward, and feel less of a human when I'm around a bunch of people. Then there's the stress of getting homework done, which is more of a problem now than it used to be, due to the dissociation issues. School is far from my friend.

-goes to retrieve her big stuffed dolphin and lays it in the middle of the day room floor and snuggles up with it-

PoisonedApple 07-01-2011 01:06 AM

I's ok Lia. Fighting to ignore the headache I've got... but that's about it.

Kitty, the reason I ask is, if it's the same as up here if you qualify for FS or TANF you should qualify for Medicaid as well... Has the caseworker given a reason if they won't qualify you? The amount in your bank shouldn't bar you from it if they already know it's to pay your bills (which I assume they do because of the other assistance you are on)...

MammaMia 07-01-2011 01:16 AM

I'm crying my eyes out lol :'(

*curls up*

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 01:21 AM

No, Crimson, it is not the same up here. According to their rules, you have to be pregnant, a senior citizen, or on social security disability in order to get medical. They are very strict on their rules. I could say something else but I won't because I don't want to offend anyone..

SparkleKitten 07-01-2011 01:38 AM

*cuddles ward* I'm off to go do my injection and sleep. Night xx

Cazki 07-01-2011 01:46 AM

Hey im back, i havent been here for a few days. *Curls up in the corner* im lonely :( and not feeling a 100%.

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 01:47 AM

Night night sarah -hugs-

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 01:48 AM

-sits with ian- Sorry you are lonely. Could you go see a friend or something to feel less lonely?

Cazki 07-01-2011 01:55 AM

Thanks Kitty :) *Hugs Kitty* I was out with a friend earlier but i only have one friend. How are you?

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 02:05 AM

You have one more friend than I do. -hugs ian- I'm fine. And bored.

misskitty112 07-01-2011 02:23 AM

*hugs ward*

MammaMia 07-01-2011 02:24 AM

Invisible, wow. Just wanted someone to care & a hug.

*hugs Felicia, Kitty and Ian*

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 02:27 AM

Helen you aren't invisible. But when you said "Crying my eyes out", you also said "lol", which confused me, and possibly confused others. -hug-

-hugs felicia- How you be?

Going to disappear for a bit. I will return.

MammaMia 07-01-2011 02:42 AM

*hugs Kitty back*

risenfromperdition 07-01-2011 02:49 AM

*leaves hugs for anyone who wants and waves at everyone else*

misskitty112 07-01-2011 03:21 AM

I feel like I'm going to burst into tears for no reason.

PsychoKitty2010 07-01-2011 03:31 AM

What's going on, Helen? Why are you crying? -offers protective teddy-

What's wrong, Felicia? -offers protective teddy- -sits next to helen and felicia-

Kahlia1981 07-01-2011 04:17 AM

is it normal to feel so terrified of the hospital an ip system that you don't want to tell anyone what is really going on or how close you came. the psych part of the hospital here has killed so many people and i don't want to be one of the casulaties - and they have tried to kill me before .. i'm terrified of going in there and it's making me not want to talk to anyone. i have so much on my plate with uni and other stuff and i don't want to go there but i'm scared that they will send me there ... i'm so confused. what can i do? i just want to break down and cry or run away. i just don't know anymore. i'm so sorry, i'm such a bad wardie. i don't deserve help. i'm just a waste of space and i'm putting all my troubles onto everyone else.

i can't even rejoice in my good stuff like getting a hd on my subject from the last study period at uni. nothing seems to touch me anymore. i keep feeling like it would be better for everyone if i wasn't here.

i'm just so sorry. i just would love to cry and curl up in a corner and never be seen again., :crying:

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