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risenfromperdition 19-12-2010 03:49 AM

<3 :) *yawn*

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 03:57 AM

Hey heather, how are you? -hugs heather-

risenfromperdition 19-12-2010 04:05 AM

Im ok, sleepy though

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 04:07 AM

Awe. I'm not sure what time it is there, but could you sleep? If not, do you have coffee you can drink? Anything with caffeine in it?

risenfromperdition 19-12-2010 04:09 AM

Its 10pm but ehh

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 04:13 AM

Maybe you should try to go to sleep then? Even if it's early, you're sleepy. Could be good to get a little extra sleep? Maybe if you can't get to sleep right now, search out some good music and listen to it, maybe watch a good movie?

risenfromperdition 19-12-2010 04:22 AM

Might watch a movie :)

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 04:28 AM

Mmmmk -makes heather some popcorn and hands it to her along with pillows and fuzzy blankies to snuggle with during the movie- snacks and snuggling with something fuzzy always make movies better -nods-

risenfromperdition 19-12-2010 04:35 AM

*takes cuz evrything in ward is cal free :p* yay fuzzy blankie though :)

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 04:37 AM

Yup everything is cal free your right tis a magical ward -nods-

I know, right? I love fuzzies! <3 xx

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 04:59 AM

Hmmm...is it weird to feel like you need to be creative, but you can't think of what you want to do to be creative, and searching for things stresses you out and causes you to become triggered? :s Does this even make sense? lol it does in my head but ya..

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 05:40 AM

-spots felicia and waves- how you be?

Kahlia1981 19-12-2010 10:06 AM

Hello all

*hugs all who can accept & waves at others*

Sorry for the absences again but have been ... not so well. Housemate is also not so well so been taking him to docs to make sure he gets med changes and stuff. *shrugs* Joys of the mentally ill with no psych docs. Trying to do a lit review that's due in about 3 weeks but struglling a bit - probably cos of little sleep. Is very hot here which isn't helping. Bit over the heat. Also big storms in the early hours of the morning waking us up. Meh. *sigh*

PsychoKitty2010 19-12-2010 10:11 AM

-waves to kahlia- hi I'm Kitty, and I'm psycho. I like to think of myself as the reject of the litter. -smiles

sorry to hear you haven't been doing well. :( hope things get better for ya..

Doikers 19-12-2010 11:12 AM

*Hugs Helen*

*Hugs Nicole*

*Hugs Lia*

*Hugs Heather*

*Hugs Ian*

*Hugs Kitty*

*Hugs Felicia*

*Hugs Kahlia* I'm sorry you're not sleeping well :(

Sorry I didn't do individuals , too many pages to address you all but I am thinking of you all and sorry if I missed anyone:S

Doikers 19-12-2010 11:38 AM

I've not yet drunk my 2nd cup of coffee this morning and I just want to go back to bed , I have to go out and pay my bills in a bit , maybe the fresh air will perk me up *Sips on Coffee*

Doikers 19-12-2010 12:59 PM

Well..... I paid my bills , did some grocery shopping , went into blockbusters but resisted the urge to buy any DVD's ( I have loads I haven't watched) It's slippy out in places but at least I got out . I HATE not paying my bills on time despite the fact that I'm over 100 in credit for my Gas I think .The Dixie Chicks came on my MP3 player whilst I was walking they're cheerful :) then depressing . So I get perked up and then relate and then repeat .

How are you all this lunchtime?

MammaMia 19-12-2010 02:18 PM

*hugs wardies*

Doikers 19-12-2010 02:20 PM

*Hugs Helen* How are you today Helen?

MammaMia 19-12-2010 02:40 PM

*hugs Mark* I'm okay, having a bad day with my anaemia though :(

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