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beautiful_mistake 20-06-2010 02:38 AM

need hugs

missing boyfriend





Scarletdreamer 20-06-2010 03:08 AM

soo... i'm not sleepy yet and it's just past 9pm. i should be in bed as church is in 12 hours and i need a lot of sleep to function, especially after such an anxious day. :( i ended up not taking a bath, but a shower instead, and our water was being stupid so it wasn't a cool one either, so now i'm warmer than i was when i went in!! stupid temperatures outside... but it's cooler out now so we're cooling down the apartment (with our one window that will open >_< and the screen door). gahhh. sometimes i hate this place... no a/c. at least we're not further south!! :-/

i did the very first step for applying to mercy. i'm scared. i now have the packet to fill out... damn it, it's complicated. if i'm accepted i have to go to the doctor's and get a full physical and std testing (i don't have any, but still, it's gonna be a pain in the bum since i hate urinanalysis... lol). oh well. if it's gotta be done it's gotta be done. i also have the packet for one other place i'll be applying and i'm going to read about the other place i'm planning on applying to shortly. grrrr. :(

lia, good poem. :) sad though, as laura said... i'm sorry that your mum has caused so many hard feelings. :( i wish i could help you more. and i wish that i could help you sleep. i wish i could help me sleep... but it's later there so more important that you get your sleep. :( *softly hums a peaceful song and hands out magical faerie sleep dust* hehe... sorry, am a little silly at the moment.

*cuddles laura gently* 5 hours of an online class... wow. that's dedication!! i couldn't sit and do that... unless it had had had to be done... lol. i get so impatient and frustrated if i have to sit for one hour and do work... please tell me that you took some break(s)? :P i hope you enjoy your evening - quiet evenings are good evenings sometimes, right guys? just keep yourself distracted... (was/am having the same problem...)

*cuddles kahlia* how's your day going so far? did you get any sleep last night?

*hugs beautiful_mistake* sorry, don't know your name... i'm april. :) i'm sorry that you're missing your boyfriend, i know how hard that can be... :( here... *sets a box of hugs out on the table so you can have one whenever you need one* that should help some anyway... hehe.

*sighs and hides*

risenfromperdition 20-06-2010 05:56 AM

*leaves tea and cocoa [cal free obvs] on table*

Kahlia1981 20-06-2010 06:00 AM

Hmmmm yum. Cal free cocoa. Thanks Heather. :-) How are you?

Oh, and April, I slept well both of the last two nights, thanks for asking. :-)

risenfromperdition 20-06-2010 07:25 AM

i hadda say bye to 'my' kids tonight :( they movin to texas :(
and went out to dinner with mate had waaay too much food :/

how're youu


Kahlia1981 20-06-2010 07:44 AM

Awww, sorry to hear that Heather. :(
Yeah, I'm okay I guess. Still in one piece ... guess that counts, right?

risenfromperdition 20-06-2010 08:22 AM

it does *squish* poke me if wanna chat <3

SoMuchMore 20-06-2010 09:27 AM

*cuddles april, kahlia, and heather tight*

I keep trying to type something out but then changing my mind, I suck at talking. Can i have some extra hugs please? Sorry.

risenfromperdition 20-06-2010 09:35 AM

*hugs as much as you want* poke me on fb hun? [im getting offline but get messages on mobile] here if you wanna chat <3

wolfos3d 20-06-2010 10:40 AM

*hugs to peoples*

I told my best friend that I SI. It took me three weeks to do. Needless to say, he wasn't impressed. Ah well, it's done now at least. One more thing out of the way.

Doikers 20-06-2010 11:44 AM

I like your poem Lia , but yeah sad...

My Mum has had her op , will be visiting in shifts later .

My sister called me lazy , well " Lazy Arse" so hmm I could have done without that , did,nt want to walk to the paper shop , tired , neck aches

one_step_closer 20-06-2010 02:08 PM

*hugs Mark*

shadowedsoul 20-06-2010 06:07 PM

Argh it's times like this I hate being a girl, I'm not really
girly and I keep argueing with my mum over stuff to
wear. I'm trying to meet my mum in the middle, but
she Is pushing me to far. Also feel very freaked out
about going to this hen night, as I said I'm not girly
hate this sort of thing I always stand out like a sore thumb.
Just want to hide.

Scarletdreamer 20-06-2010 06:35 PM

*hides in a hole and cries*

beautiful_mistake 20-06-2010 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by Scarletdreamer (Post 2362354)
*hides in a hole and cries*

goes 2 the hole where Scarletdreamer is and offers a naked penguin

naked penguins all round i feel i should explain what a naked penguin is... it is a Bourbon people !!!

I'mJustMe 20-06-2010 08:18 PM

Lol, was wondering for a moment.

What's the matter April? Do you feel like sharing?

*Hugs carefully*


Doikers 20-06-2010 09:12 PM

*Hugs Beautiful Mistake*

*Hugs I'm just me*

*Crawls in after April and hugs*

risenfromperdition 20-06-2010 09:15 PM

*sits next to hole and sends hugs down* :)

Doikers 20-06-2010 09:17 PM

*Hugs all in Crawls in after April and hugs*,
My flat tomorow.
Feel bad for feeling axious/low when my Mum has severly hurt her foot/ankle and the rest of the family are running around like flys trying to cope :S

SoMuchMore 20-06-2010 09:19 PM

*hugs heather* thanks hun. How r u today?

*crawls in the hole with everyone else and hugs april*

*hugs jess* Its good that you told someone though. I'm sorry he wasn't helpful.

*hugs mark* You aren't lazy, that wasnt very nice of your sister to say. Is your mom okay after the op?

*hugs beautiful mistake* lol a naked penguin...

*hugs lia, lindsay, and jill*

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