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Aubergine 26-05-2018 02:30 PM

Oh that is scary grown up stuff! I applied for my credit card online. Can do it through my bank's app. Never do I go in the bank these days! I'm glad they're nice. :)

Aubergine 26-05-2018 02:32 PM

Well done Person! That does make me happy! Hehe, nice extras! What blu rays?

nonperson 26-05-2018 02:34 PM

Star Wars: The Last Jedi =D

And also The Force Awakens because I realised I don't actually have that.

Aubergine 26-05-2018 02:36 PM

Cool! What kind of helmet did you get? I have two!

nonperson 26-05-2018 02:40 PM

Well it's Giro one with MIPS and a bit expensive....! But my head is precious so probably worth the money.

Aubergine 26-05-2018 02:43 PM

Yes your head is precious! Glad you've invested in one. :)

Considering cycling to town at there're a couple of bits I could do with getting. That would involve getting dressed though hah.

nonperson 26-05-2018 02:45 PM

I was about to say you don't have to get dressed because people seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to go out in pyjamas nowadays... but then you'd probably get worse comments than the one the other day. =/

Aubergine 26-05-2018 02:57 PM

Haha! Yes, I'd rather not get any more comments. I think I may never cycle again if I did! I'm just doing my hair and then I'm off!

nonperson 26-05-2018 03:06 PM

I'm having a snack/lunch and then also going out... to the garden. I washed my face, that's the only prep I'm doing... =P

Aubergine 26-05-2018 03:10 PM

Haha! Good prep. :D Enjoy the garden. Speak later. <3

Buttons. 26-05-2018 03:44 PM

Love you all x.

nonperson 26-05-2018 03:50 PM


Still haven't got off my backside... Distracted by trying to choose which Geek Gear box(es) to get.

nonperson 26-05-2018 04:11 PM

And now waiting to online chat with Apple Support... yay...

Aubergine 26-05-2018 04:54 PM

You chat to them yet? I am on a bench by the sea. :)

nonperson 26-05-2018 05:11 PM

I did. They told me it's Amazon's problem so I emailed them.

Wish I was by the sea. =(

Aubergine 26-05-2018 05:33 PM

Well done for emailing amazon. I'm sure I've webchatted amazon before...

I am now IN the sea. Paddling is one of my favourite things ever. I'm up to my knees! :D

nonperson 26-05-2018 05:37 PM

Yeah, couldn't be bothered with another webchat so thought I'd email instead. In no particular rush for an answer.

Oh! Nooo, I'm SO jealous... =(

Aubergine 26-05-2018 05:42 PM

See it's not all about living in beautiful parks. :P

chinahorse 26-05-2018 05:45 PM

Haha I agree aubergine :-P wish I had an actual beach though you can see the sea from my house so I can't moan.

I am now the owner of a credit card. Well when it comes in the post I will be. The lady was lovely and she squeezed me in so I didn't have to wait ages.

You made it out to the garden yet np?

nonperson 26-05-2018 05:48 PM

There's a big lake here but it's not the same as the sea with a horizon and waves. I was going to cycle around it but I'm apparently not allowed until I have a helmet. =P

Ooh, well done for getting a credit card. I've used mine a lot today. =/

And nope, haven't moved. =(

chinahorse 26-05-2018 05:54 PM

I've spent money I shouldn't have today as well NP :/but I got pretty new bedding! The rest was spent on a friends birthday gift and cleaning stuff.

It's so muggy! Had to break out my fan. Might have a nap too.

Aubergine 26-05-2018 05:57 PM

Love the sea. I would struggle to live not by the sea. Sea views are lovely, Lillie! Well done on the credit card. :) glad they were nice!

Haha person! You'll have a helmet sooooon. :)

I don't have a towel! Thankfully I'm only a three minute cycle away from home!

nonperson 26-05-2018 05:59 PM

Cycle really fast to dry off. =)

Aubergine 26-05-2018 06:02 PM

I will! :D

I'm sorry you haven't gone out yet, Person. Perhaps just stand on the doorstep to start with?

nonperson 26-05-2018 06:04 PM

Need to put some outside appropriate clothes on first. =/

Aubergine 26-05-2018 06:07 PM

You can do it. Rooting for you.

one_step_closer 26-05-2018 06:11 PM

Evening all.

Aubergine 26-05-2018 06:16 PM

Hey Lindsay! How're you?

one_step_closer 26-05-2018 06:20 PM

Hi Aubergine. I'm trying to be ok as is mostly usual.

How is your evening going?

nonperson 26-05-2018 06:42 PM

I now have proper clothes on but I'm back here again.

*head slap* Why is this so hard...? =(

Hi Lindsay.

one_step_closer 26-05-2018 06:45 PM

Putting on proper clothes is a step forward though. What's the next reasonable step?

nonperson 26-05-2018 06:51 PM

Music, shoes... and then out.

chinahorse 26-05-2018 07:42 PM

Hey all.

You manage to get out NP?

not_so_insig 26-05-2018 07:58 PM

I have heard from Lorraine. She's ok and hopes to be online soon.

zombiehunter 26-05-2018 08:08 PM

whats going on with sketchbook?? I ****ing miss her :-(

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:21 PM

Finally got out and mowed the lawn...

My garden is depressing, I did so much work on it last year and it feels like it was all a massive waste of time. There are pretty things flowering that I planted but it's all hidden by the weeds...


one_step_closer 26-05-2018 08:27 PM

I also miss Lorraine. If she's ok and out living her life instead of being on here then that's ok though.

Well done NP. Weeds can be very annoying, will you be able to tackle them bit by bit?

zombiehunter 26-05-2018 08:29 PM

use a flamethrower, problem solved :-D

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:29 PM

Me too. I miss hearing about lovely Molly.

Yeah, but my gardening motivation is so patchy that this year I've mostly only been mowing the lawn.... and the bits I have weeded have just been covered right back up again!

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:29 PM

The weeds I have would survive that, unfortunately. And I'm not joking either.

one_step_closer 26-05-2018 08:32 PM

I'll let you borrow my neighbour who sorts out my garden for me. Although it's not great at the minute because he's busy with stuff in his own garden.

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:35 PM

Thanks! =P

I was seriously thinking of paying one of the students to sort out my garden for me.... but then I'd feel guilty if I didn't help... and ashamed because I should be capable of doing it myself.

one_step_closer 26-05-2018 08:38 PM

You could pretend that you're doing it for their benefit to give them experience! It's not your fault that you lack in motivation and feel low at times.

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:39 PM

I know one of them would definitely do it for the money alone.

chinahorse 26-05-2018 08:43 PM

I'd do it if you can afford it np. Once it's done you'd be more able to keep on top of it and maybe you'd feel less down about it?

chinahorse 26-05-2018 08:45 PM

I have the heating on and the windows oprn and fan on lol. Trying to dry some washing because I want to use my pretty new duvet cover tonight.

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:46 PM

I'll get it done myself eventually. Our gardens get inspected once a year so I have to get it looking presentable by then.

nonperson 26-05-2018 08:46 PM

Are you cold??

It says it's 21.5 degrees in my house!

chinahorse 26-05-2018 08:47 PM

I've never heard of that being a thing NP!! Sounds a bit ott.

chinahorse 26-05-2018 08:48 PM

Nope just need to dry the sheets I want to use tonight.

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