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1ofmany 29-07-2008 12:33 AM

Ive got to go i have to try harder to sleep otherwise i will just lose it at work. I hate haveing the chaos in my mind i never know whats going on. I am usualy calculated (In RL). so lost.

Casper_Fading 29-07-2008 12:36 AM

*hides* i don't wan tot be at work today. why do i have to go to a stupid meeting about bunge drinking and how we can intervene? Stupid. >.>

blondiebear 29-07-2008 12:42 AM

Later on I get to figure out what temp to press denim made with rayon along with the cotton. Rayon? In denim? That explains why it is shimmery.

I really need to exercise later. I do it late afternoon ish when it is cooler. But last time i went out with my toy soccer ball, husband snitched it away, not fun.

But as weird as it may seem, i do want to keep working at it. See if I can get more comfortable and nimble in my footing again. I slipped on a trail yesterday. I'm also going to have to give up and use my walking stick all of the time I guess. It wasn't even a trail, just a little path down to the river.

blue_cloud 29-07-2008 12:52 AM

its best to be safe though hunni

Casper_Fading 29-07-2008 01:06 AM

i need a freaking stick to walk up the stairs at my house >.< stupid stairs.

blondiebear 29-07-2008 01:06 AM

Yep, start at the rayon temp and work my way up.

blondiebear 29-07-2008 01:07 AM

i fell down mine once. ever since them i've been almost afraid of them

Casper_Fading 29-07-2008 01:10 AM

I've falled up and down these stairs so many times it's not funny >.< I just... i slip and ka splat...

blondiebear 29-07-2008 01:14 AM

are they dangerous then?
I slipped on ours cause the paint had come off, it was just bare wood. Ours are outside, lead to the front door of our condo/flat. I spent the five weeks after I fell going up and down them on my hands, rear, and good foot.

Detour. Derail 29-07-2008 01:16 AM

I fainted down my stairs...a few weeks ago...

blondiebear 29-07-2008 01:20 AM

ouch. injuries?

Detour. Derail 29-07-2008 01:23 AM

funnily enough...not a scratch...fell down the stairs...onto a tiled floor and hit an electricity cupboard (which is at the foot of the stairs)

not a scratch, scrape, cut or bruise...

~*forever_broken*~ 29-07-2008 01:28 AM

*sleepiely crashes in on the group cuddle*
I fell asleep starring at my wall... Guess when your mind is elsewhere that's what happens :yawn:

Casper_Fading 29-07-2008 01:38 AM

can i go home now? i feel queasy... i think i jolted myself silly when i fell >.,

~*forever_broken*~ 29-07-2008 01:50 AM

Well Jess, I'd let you go home but I'm not sure your work would understand if you told them your ****ed up American friend said it was ok lol

Casper_Fading 29-07-2008 01:54 AM

you're not ****ed up ally babes! *cuddles* i actually have time saved up so i could go home BUTY i have a meeting >.< so i can't. stupid.

~*forever_broken*~ 29-07-2008 02:16 AM

*snuggles her lovely uncle*
Yes, the floor is good... As I was laying in bed the wall was most convinent for me.

Jeff, please don't drink, it won't help, believe me... I've already been sick today :pinch:. It's not worth it.

And please stay safe *cuddles*

blondiebear 29-07-2008 03:49 AM

Jeff please don't do it. It isn't worth it.

I wish I knew what to do to help you. I'm a bit restless, so I guess I'll walk around the ward for a bit, making sure everyone is safe as can be.

Codependent moron that I am.

Casper_Fading 29-07-2008 03:52 AM

pft. if you're codependent then so am i. it's not a BAD thing! *cuddles*

*returns to bathroom* not feeling very good in the tummy region!

Mango 29-07-2008 04:15 AM

Mind if a newbie checks herself in here?
Very urgy lately after the therapist I was seeing (and had become quite attached to honestly) flipped out about my abuse history and deemed me "too bad" and too damaged for her to work with. Logically I know she sucked and how she acted wasn't very professional but it still is hurting. (Started seeing someone new who seems a lot more 'with it' as far as dealing with abuse stuff)

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