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tamobhuuta 02-12-2023 06:56 PM

It is! Last night I listened to a daytime Heart show instead.

Cacoethes 02-12-2023 06:59 PM

That sounds marginally better!

one_step_closer 02-12-2023 07:31 PM

I never listen to the radio, I just listen to playlists I have made on my phone. More controllable.

Different, Dawn!

Ahimsa 02-12-2023 07:32 PM

Hi all,

Sounds like you've all been busy, hopefully you're not Christmas music'ed out, considering its only the 2nd!

Cacoethes 02-12-2023 07:33 PM

Me too lindsay

I've already lost whamaggedon

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 05:42 AM

Morning everyone

nonperson 03-12-2023 09:09 AM

Morning all. How's everyone this morning?

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 09:25 AM

I have missed you!
How are you?

I'm frickin freezing but otherwise ok XD
I have my oodie, hot water bottle and my heated shark

nonperson 03-12-2023 09:28 AM

I miss all you guys too. Been silently trying to keep up to date with everyone's goings on.

I'm ok... Had a bit of a wobbly time yesterday, hoping for the funk to lift today... =/

It is freezing!

Have you watched Doctor Who??

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 09:42 AM

I'm glad you have broken your silence!
You are a valued member of this thread!

Fingers crossed for a better day

I have!
Have to pay for episodes now i don't have a tv licence. So worth it!

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 10:04 AM

Morning all!

It's so cold and I'm super sleepy and tired.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 10:07 AM

Morning beth!

It is bloody freezing!
And the paths are icy because its been raining D:

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 10:09 AM

Rain?!! It's been snowing here overnight, the roads are awful

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 10:13 AM

Yeah just rain so far!
Meant to rain literally all next week

I bet! Be careful driving!

nonperson 03-12-2023 10:14 AM

Oooh snow.

It's damp here so must've rained at some point here too. Not frozen as far as I can see though.

I'd probably pay for Doctor Who too, Beckie. I've only seen the first one so far but hopefully will watch the second tomorrow.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 10:16 AM

Can't see that the paths are frozen here, but they definitely are!

Let me know what you think of it when you watch it!

The episode was less than ?3. Well worth it!

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 10:17 AM

Yeah, there's about 3 inches?

They don't grit my road or the work road so my drive in wasn't great!

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 10:21 AM

Oh noo!
Hopefully it will be a bit clearer by your drive home!

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 10:24 AM

I hope so!!

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 10:26 AM

Meant to rain more in a bit.
I need to go to the shops today

nonperson 03-12-2023 10:36 AM

I -may- pop into town briefly at some point but otherwise don't plan to go anywhere!

Hope the snow melts a bit later. Beth. =/ Snow's all good until you have to travel anywhere in it.

?3 is cheap!

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 10:45 AM

Ooh what're you getting from town?

nonperson 03-12-2023 10:48 AM

Possibly a burrito because I ruined burrito night yesterday.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 10:57 AM

It is cheap np!

Oooh i love a burrito!

nonperson 03-12-2023 11:07 AM

I've never had one =o I might go for nachos instead.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 11:14 AM

Burritos are a god tier food
But so are nachos!
We have them at work. You can add bbq or plain pulled chicken on them and it's sooo good!

one_step_closer 03-12-2023 11:18 AM

So much weather talk, lol! It's cold here too. Don't think there's been any snow. My fingers are getting cold.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 11:22 AM

Surprised you haven't had any snow lindsay!
Scotland is always colder than here!
My fingers are also cold!

How are you today?

one_step_closer 03-12-2023 11:24 AM

Doesn't snow need it to be a bit warmer?

I have fingerless gloves somewhere I think but I can't be bothered hunting them down!

I'm just dreading the day really. Have done lots of housework and washed my hair so far.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 11:27 AM

Ah yes! I forgot it can be too cold to snow!

I have some. But it seems silly to wear gloves inside! I think it may be necessary though

Well done for doing the things!
I know what you mean. Wish i could just sleep through it!

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 11:36 AM

I've not had a burrito for years!!!!

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 11:39 AM

I can't remember the last time i had one!
I had the absolute BEST burrito from a van on london southbank.
It was late at night and me and lana went on a merry go round!
Then i believe lana got in trouble with jenna for being late back XD
I still think of that burrito
Also had some amazing arancini balls another time in the same are
And then a Yorkshire pudding wrap.
London has the best food, but i only come across it by accident XD

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 11:48 AM

Ooh arancini balls, they're a good move!

I'm hoping the little Tesco opposite work has some good things on reduced later!

nonperson 03-12-2023 11:57 AM

The southbank burrito is famous even to me! It is certainly mentioned a lot!

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 12:01 PM

Arancini balls are sooo good!

Fingers crossed!

It is the stuff of legend np!

nonperson 03-12-2023 01:04 PM

M&S do nice mozzarella and tomato arancini balls. Not the mushroom ones though.

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 01:40 PM

Oooh they sound nice!

I have been to asda.
It was incredibly busy and awful. And it's p*ssing it down!

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 01:45 PM

I hate mushrooms, but love tomato and also mozzarella- thank you NP

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 01:45 PM

Ooh arancini balls, they're a good move!

I'm hoping the little Tesco opposite work has some good things on reduced later!

nonperson 03-12-2023 01:59 PM

I might hit up M&S tomorrow =D

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 02:01 PM

Good idea!
Do love m&s

nonperson 03-12-2023 02:15 PM

Me too.

Too much, sometimes!

nonperson 03-12-2023 02:17 PM

Also Mrs Doubtfire has just started on Film4!

Which might not be happy news for you Beckie if you don't have TV any more =(

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 02:19 PM

I wish i could afford to shop there all the time!

I do not have tv anymore!
But i watched it recently. It's on disney+
Or one of the streaming services!

nonperson 03-12-2023 02:26 PM

Oh that's good it's on other streaming places! Can't be without Mrs Doubtfire.

It was a run-by fruiting!

long road 03-12-2023 02:37 PM

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been around much. Been spending a lot of time asleep trying to recover from concussion. And the rest of time feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Ooh arancini balls love them. There is a good place in box park in Croydon that sells them.

Love to all <3

not_so_insig 03-12-2023 02:56 PM

A new m&s has opened in my city and it doesn't have a loo or a cafe. Plus the buses run at inconvenient times to the retail park where it's at whereas where it was before you could at least walk to it. Costa is opposite so I see a lot of people just using the loo there.

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 03:34 PM

Ahh that's a bit rubbish when the buses aren't great!
Where I live they're 1 an hour, if they turn up which they rarely do.

Ahimsa 03-12-2023 03:38 PM

Only 3 hours left of work though which is good ��

Cacoethes 03-12-2023 04:10 PM

I will never be without mrs doubtfire!
So many excellent quotes!

Nice to see you jen!

One an hour buses here too.
If they turn up....

Hopefully it goes speedily beth!

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