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not_so_insig 14-11-2021 06:09 PM

I saw Chamber of Secrets twice at the cinema.

nonperson 14-11-2021 06:28 PM

I didn't read the first few books as they came out but I watched all the films as they were released. =) They were good in the cinema, especially when 3D came along!

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 06:33 PM

Oooh I'd love to see them in 3D.
Or even better, 4D!!!

nonperson 14-11-2021 06:59 PM

With the smells of the potion lessons and ghosts tickling your ears as they creep up behind?

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 07:02 PM

YES! This needs to happen!

nonperson 14-11-2021 07:04 PM

And and... acromantulas running around your ankles....

Or the sweet sweet smell of Honeydukes.

I'd only be able to enjoy 3.5D though *sob* =(

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 07:15 PM

It would be sooo awesome!!!

Why? :(

nonperson 14-11-2021 08:37 PM

Because I have no sense of smell!

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 08:42 PM

Oh yes of course!
That's a shame :(
3.5D could be fun too though!

I went to see the last pirates of the Caribbean movie in 4D. So.much.rocking!

nonperson 14-11-2021 08:49 PM

I've still got all the other senses for the moment so it's ok. =)

Is 4D cinema really a thing? What was rocking? o.O

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 08:52 PM

That's good!

Yes it is!
The chair rocks!
You get mists of water (if appropriate to the film)the chair moves and other stuff I can't remember. I think you do get slight scents.

4DX is a state-of-the-art film technology developed by CJ 4DPLEX which delivers an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience. 4DX incorporates on-screen visuals with synchronized motion seats and environmental effects such as water, wind, fog, scent, snow and more, to enhance the action on screen.

nonperson 14-11-2021 09:03 PM

Oh man, I feel like an idiot now. I did absolutely know about this and have been to the Muppet Vision 3D ride thing in Disney World so many times that I'm surprised I forgot (and yes, 3D not 4D but it had moving seats and wind and tickly things behind your calves to simulate rats!) Obviously that was very comedic but I imagine it's really cool with a film!

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 09:08 PM


I totally want to do that muppet ride.
Love the muppets. Muppets Christmas carol is my fave (and probably the only acceptable) Christmas film!

Yes it is very cool!
I'm not really allowed on them because epilepsy but #yolo

nonperson 14-11-2021 09:11 PM

It's a pretty cool ride. =P

Take a risk or live with the fomo, I guess?

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 09:19 PM

I need to continue to live my life

nonperson 14-11-2021 09:25 PM

Aye. Sensible risk taking is ok occasionally! (Should I be saying that? :ermm:)

Why is it Sunday eeeeeevening?! *tantrums*

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 09:28 PM

Haha! :p
You are correct!

I knoooow! I have work tomorrow too :(
Not until 6 though

nonperson 14-11-2021 09:29 PM

I'll be finished by then. I dunno what's better, waiting all day to start work or starting at 7:30am?!

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 09:37 PM

They both have their pros and cons i suppose!

nonperson 14-11-2021 09:45 PM

Yup, neither is ideal.

I know when I was starting work at 3pm briefly it seemed like I was hanging around all day...

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 09:48 PM


Yeah it does give me the entire day of pre work anxiety!
I think 12-6 is the best shift.
I have a 3-close this week which is unusual!

nonperson 14-11-2021 10:08 PM

Yeah I have no time for pre-work anxiety..!

I suppose they try to share it out when doing the rota?

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 11:10 PM

Yeah. Everyone has to do at least one evening a week

nonperson 14-11-2021 11:15 PM

I'm glad I don't have the uncertainty of shift work. =/

Cacoethes 14-11-2021 11:41 PM

Is it can pain!

The Worst Witch 14-11-2021 11:45 PM

I can't sleep so I thought I'd come and annoy you two :D

not_so_insig 14-11-2021 11:58 PM


nonperson 15-11-2021 12:00 AM

Still around, Alison?!

Beckie's likely asleep by now. She always leaves me alone in here! *sob*

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 12:01 AM

Yes, I'm still around :)

How are you np and Dawn?

nonperson 15-11-2021 12:03 AM

Yay. =D

I'm tired but stupidly avoiding sleep to delay tomorrow starting.

How come you can't sleep?

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 12:06 AM

I do that sometimes, especially on Sunday nights.

Texting my sister about pregnancy stuff. She went for her 12 week scan on Friday

nonperson 15-11-2021 12:11 AM

Sunday nights are the worst...

Ooh that's exciting. I'm assuming the scan all went ok?

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 12:16 AM

Yes, all ok :).

Sunday nights are the worst, although they've got significantly worse since they stopped doing the top 40 at 4pm on Sundays

nonperson 15-11-2021 12:26 AM

Good. =)

Oh wow, that's a blast from the past. Listening to the charts on Sundays was always a big thing. Why did they stop doing it? I thought that was a forever radio feature! =(

not_so_insig 15-11-2021 12:29 AM

I am ok. I am watching a mh documentary.

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 12:37 AM

Greg James did it on Friday nights for a while, but they didn't play all the songs until you reached the top 20. I only listened to it once, I like Greg James but not that show. I don't know if he still does it or if the show was completely scrapped - they cut it from like 4pm to 7pm to only an hour and its just crap now.

Whats your show called Dawn?

ETA: According to google, its still a thing on Friday nights amd Scott Mills does it but they still only play the top 20 songs. Its also based on downloads rather than sales which I guess makes sense, was still an institution though

nonperson 15-11-2021 12:47 AM

Ah yeah I think I remember Greg James doing it. I don't remember them ever playing every song but they always played a few from outside the top 20.

Definitely an institution! Just like Top of the Pops on a Friday evening. =)

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 12:53 AM

I loved top of the pops! Friday evenings used to be the nest time of the week for telly - you had TOTP, Friends, South Park (which my brother and I were not allowed to watch but still did) and Fraiser. I LOVED Frasier, Kelsey Grammar is a legend!

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 12:57 AM

I also loved Friday nights because my sister and brother had to go to bed at 10pm and I was allowed to stay up and watch all the shows they weren't like Frasier etc. My sister used to beg mum to let her watch friends and sometimes if I loved her that week I'd let her watch it with me in my room. Thats how I used to get her to be nice to me haha

nonperson 15-11-2021 12:59 AM

Yeah it was good fun. I can't remember what else I watched on Fridays. Didn't get into Friends until well after it was popular and never been mad keen on South Park... and I remember watching repeats of Frasier on weekdays in the summer holidays. My memory is rubbish. o.o

Ah, sibling bribery. =P

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 01:05 AM

Tbf, its crap now - it got overly graphic, gory and violent. I think we only watched it because it was the cool thing to watch, same thing with Ally McBeal which I was also not allowed to watch. My mum was quite strict but actually, I get it now that I'm older and I imagine my brother and sister would be the same with their kids. I'm surprised she let me watch Friends tbf, it has some really dodgy misogynistic views in it

not_so_insig 15-11-2021 01:10 AM

My mh documentary was called Doctor Alex: Our Young mh crisis. Was on bbc 1 so should end up on iplayer. Be warned it is triggering.

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 01:17 AM

I don't tend to get triggered by tv programs but thanks for the warning! Was it good?

nonperson 15-11-2021 01:20 AM

Oh yeah Friends totally has some very outdated views in it.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Can't delay it any longer. Need to be awake in 6 hours as it is. =/

G'night all!

The Worst Witch 15-11-2021 01:24 AM

Night NP, sweet dreams x

not_so_insig 15-11-2021 01:32 AM

It was quite good but it was very focused on young people. I feel us middle aged people are generally ignored. Like we should have grown out of it or something.

Cacoethes 15-11-2021 10:35 AM

Morning everyone
I had the worst night's sleep I think I've ever had!

tamobhuuta 15-11-2021 11:54 AM

Sorry you slept badly. I hope you're not too tired today. Do you have any plans?

Cacoethes 15-11-2021 12:05 PM

Just a bit groggy.
I did lie in until nearly 9:30 though!

Just work today. But not until 6. So nothing going on until then.

How are you? Do you have much planned for today?

tamobhuuta 15-11-2021 12:09 PM

Sleep is good! My godmother might visit but it depends on the traffic.

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