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tamobhuuta 20-05-2024 01:25 PM

Afternoon! I'm ok, the sun is shining, I've been to Mass and my godmother is visiting at 2 :)

Enjoy your wild swimming insig!

How are you osc?

not_so_insig 20-05-2024 03:12 PM

I swim in a lake Lindsay. I spent ages today in the water.

Thanks tamobhuuta.

I had a surprise when i came home: my Truffle Shuffle order came when I was out. I only ordered it Saturday. I have 3 new tshirts. A Keeping Up Appearances one, a Moomin one and a Garfield one.

one_step_closer 20-05-2024 04:25 PM

Hope you're enjoying your day, Tamo.

Do you feel good after your swim, Dawn? A surprise delivery is nice.

I'm struggling a lot.

not_so_insig 20-05-2024 05:35 PM

Yes I feel great after my swim.

tamobhuuta 21-05-2024 09:09 AM

Morning everyone.

not_so_insig 21-05-2024 10:29 AM

Morning tamobhuuta how are you?

tamobhuuta 21-05-2024 11:14 AM

Tired. I wanted to curl up on the pew and go to sleep in Mass! How are you?

not_so_insig 21-05-2024 11:34 AM

I am boiling hot and didn't get much sleep because I was too hot last night. So I am going to try a cold shower and sitting outside when I have the enthusiasm. Apart from seeing my cpn I have no plans this afternoon. Will probably read more of my book.

one_step_closer 21-05-2024 12:38 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Did you not sleep well last night, Tamo? Are you able to rest today?

I hope you have a nice relaxed day, Dawn and your appointment with your CPN goes well.

tamobhuuta 21-05-2024 01:39 PM

I didn't get to sleep until after 11 due to worrying. I might nap this afternoon.

How are you osc? Up to much?

I hope the shower and your cpn are helpful insig.

not_so_insig 21-05-2024 02:33 PM

Thanks Lindsay and tamobhuuta. She came 2 hours early. I had my shower and tried sitting outside but it was too hot. Had my lunch now and am watching Killer in my village.

tamobhuuta 21-05-2024 03:16 PM

That's not early, that's just wrong! Your programme sounds scarey.

I washed my hair :)

one_step_closer 21-05-2024 04:16 PM

Sorry you were awake worrying last night, Tamo. I hope tonight is a better night. Well done for washing your hair. I washed mine too.

What kind of a CPN comes 2 hours early?! They're usually late! Did she phone you first?

I'm still really struggling.

tamobhuuta 21-05-2024 04:31 PM

Well done for hair washing! Sorry you're struggling.

not_so_insig 21-05-2024 04:37 PM

No she didn't phone me first. Good job I was in.

one_step_closer 21-05-2024 05:24 PM

That really does seem unusual to me.

not_so_insig 21-05-2024 06:30 PM

I suppose it's better than being late.

Ahimsa 21-05-2024 08:03 PM

That is also true, but 2 hours early!!!

How is everyone?

not_so_insig 21-05-2024 09:16 PM

I am ok thanks Beth. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight as it is less hot than before.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 07:57 AM

Morning all.

Ahimsa 22-05-2024 09:42 AM

Morning Tamo, how're you?

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 11:08 AM

Morning all

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 11:15 AM

I'm ok. Bit nervous about seeing my psychologist because I've decided to tell her something, I've got to make sure she doesn't misunderstand. How are you insig and Ahimsa?

one_step_closer 22-05-2024 12:12 PM

Afternoon everyone, how are you all?

I hope it goes well with your psychologist, Tamo. Good luck.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 12:42 PM

Thanks osc. How are you?

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 12:48 PM

I am ok thanks tamobhuuta.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 12:53 PM

Up to much?

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 12:56 PM

Not really. Other than washing my hair plus putting the recycling box out I have no plans.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 12:58 PM

Is washing your hair much of an undertaking? I have long thick hair so it's a big job!

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 01:07 PM

I have short hair so it's not too bad. But i get leg pain if I stand too long in the shower/stand too long in general so that is a problem.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 01:08 PM

That's not good :(

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 01:23 PM

It's no fun.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 01:53 PM

Managed to be early when I thought I would be late!

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 02:46 PM

That's good tamobhuuta

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 03:51 PM

Therapy went OK :)

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 03:58 PM

That's good tamobhuuta

one_step_closer 22-05-2024 05:54 PM

Did you manage to say what you needed to, Tamo?

What's everyone doing this evening?

It's absolutely pouring here now.

tamobhuuta 22-05-2024 06:14 PM

I did say what I needed, she didn't freak!

not_so_insig 22-05-2024 06:54 PM

I am washing my hair and watching the final of masterchef Lindsay. Plus some tidying up. I have done my dishes and cleaned the toilet. Might do the dusting too.

It's raining here Lindsay.

Ahimsa 22-05-2024 08:07 PM

Joining in the hair chat, does it take long Insig?

Washing and drying mine is usually about an hour!

tamobhuuta 23-05-2024 05:12 AM

I'm up with back pain :(

tamobhuuta 23-05-2024 10:53 AM

Morning people!

not_so_insig 23-05-2024 11:13 AM

Morning all. Hope you're better re back pain now.

I won't be around much today as have hearing voices group later. Then I will be cleaning my flat (I know so rock and roll) which takes up most of the evening once I get back.

Also Beth my hair takes 25 minutes. 15 minutes in the shower plus 10 minutes to dry it. It used to take 45 minutes when I had it long.

tamobhuuta 23-05-2024 11:16 AM

The back pain is better now, some paracetamol did the job. I hope your group is helpful.

not_so_insig 23-05-2024 11:40 AM

That's good that your back is better.

tamobhuuta 23-05-2024 01:12 PM

It was agony! Mum reckons I need a different mat for my exercises.

one_step_closer 23-05-2024 01:22 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Sorry you had back pain, Tamo. I'm glad the paracetamol helped. Do you not have a proper yoga mat?

Hope your day goes well, Dawn.

tamobhuuta 23-05-2024 01:38 PM

I think I have a normal mat, though it is quite old. How are you?

one_step_closer 23-05-2024 02:13 PM

Maybe time to upgrade then, you don't want to keep hurting your back.

I'm just trying to get through the day. Anxious about my appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow.

tamobhuuta 23-05-2024 02:14 PM

I hate the run up to appointments. Can you distract?

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