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FabulousMike 22-06-2017 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4115782)
Good Lord mike.
You're back for 5 minutes and you're already in annoying mode!!
Just like you are on Facebook tbh :p

And you love it, don't deny it! I brighten up your day.

Originally Posted by Shy_Bambi (Post 4115783)
Haha! that's awesome, I wonder how many people really do wear pajamas instead of clothes xD

FabulousMike that's really random!

I try my best, thank you!

Originally Posted by Shy_Bambi (Post 4115784)
Wow does everyone here know everyone else on Facebook? xD

Well...I don't know everyone here on Facebook.

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 12:23 PM

Oh wow that's pretty cool! I only have 4 people on Facebook xD

FabulousMike 22-06-2017 12:25 PM

Hell, it's one more than three!

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 12:37 PM

I dont even know how many i have!

I am bored. I can't wait until my driving lesson!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 12:44 PM

FabulousMike very true!

I'm watching Bargin hunt at the moment. They rarely make any profit. Seriously, I could make so much money on this show!

When is your driving lesson Beckie?

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 12:57 PM

I havent watched bargain hunt in ages. I used to have to watch it all the time at hospital!

It's at 2pm.
Not long to go!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 12:59 PM

I take it it wasn't your first choice in programme in hospital xD
Oooh yes! Not long!!

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:04 PM

Not exactly! Lol!
And Jeremy kyle seemed to be on the tv a lot as well!!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:06 PM

Oh not Jeremy kyle!! Not a fan of him!! I would have put movies on my phone and watched them instead!

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:13 PM

I did but it drained the battery so quickly so it alwas forever on charge!
So i had no choice! :p

In one long stay hospital i was in, the ward only had 5 people and the living room and kitchen were in the same room. And the bedrooms were locked off during the day so i was forced to watch all the twilight films!!
There was absolutely no escape!!

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:15 PM

Hey guys. Twilight *shudders*

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:16 PM


How are you luna?

Its so grey here, it looks like its threatening to rain!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:17 PM

Haha!!! Twilight, the glitter vampires xD I've never seen them thankfully. I feel for you!
Having the bedrooms off limits sounds tough though, what if you needed time out to chill or something?! Crazy!

Hello Luna!!

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:22 PM

It was really annoying having the bedrooms locked up all day!
You just had to sit in the lounge with no very comfy chairs! Dont know how i coped with that for a year!!
Horrible place!!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:24 PM

A year?! Wow yeah I wouldn't be able to cope with that!!

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:24 PM

How comes they locked the bedrooms? I would have been lost without retreating to my room.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:28 PM

I think it was to encourage us to go to groups and be social and shiz.
Even when i was really physically ill, still had to come down. Was horrible!
Not as bad as the seclusion room though!
One blanket, no clothes, not allowed to the toilet but given a sick bowl type thing instead. Door with 6 locks on it and no windows at all.
Hard to believe thats still allowed these days!!
At least those days are well and truly over!!

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:30 PM

That sounds horrific. Surely that can't be allowed. Especially denying someone the right to go to the toilet. Sounds like abuse!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:31 PM

Wait what?! That's like a torture room or something!!!!

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:33 PM

It probably was abuse tbh. I can only hope it's changed now. But i doubt it! :/
Longest i was in was for 3 days but i know of people who got longer! You lost all sense of days and time. It was really disorienting!

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:36 PM

That's disgusting. I hope someone has made a complaint or something. It makes me so angry how much abuse staff can get away with in the name of 'treatment'. It's wrong and needs to stop.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:39 PM

Yeah, some horrible things went down in that place.
I could easily list many more!!

I doubt anyone has complained. It was a medium secure forensic unit so who's going to believe crazy criminals?!
And funnily enough, when the CQC came round, i heard a nurse say 'Yes we don't use the seclusion room anymore'
Anyway. I will shut up about that now!!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:39 PM

I agree with Luna 1000%, that is disgusting. I'm really sorry you had to go through that. Horrible. I would have complained.

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:43 PM

There used to be this one member of staff that would overdose me on benzos at night or inject me for no reason because he 'wasn't in the mood to deal with me'. When I needed stitches, he got a dressing and threw it at me and told me to deal with it.
Luckily there was a patient who saw it all and she wrote it all down and made a huge complaint about the ward.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:44 PM

Thanks. Its all behind me now.
I wasn't really in the right state of mind to complain.
I did complain once when a nurse told me i was going to hell but manager just said she was joking :eyeroll:

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:48 PM

Oh my goodness this is all so horrible!!! I'm glad I don't tell the doctors everything about me now in case something bad happens to me too. This is terrible!! D:

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:51 PM

It's not all bad. I've met lovely, caring members of staff and met some interesting people on the wards. The ward I used to work on, I was so impressed by how much the staff cared and interacted with the patients. It's a bit of a lottery really.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 01:51 PM

Id still tell doctors stuff though!
Ive been in many, many hospitals and this is the only one that has been like this!
The other places dont have seclusion rooms or anything like that and the staff are a lot nicer!

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 01:56 PM

But if you get put in a hospital like that, are you able to leave if you want to? Go home? Or do they trap you?

[Luna] 22-06-2017 01:58 PM

They can't section you without a good reason. You'd have to be deemed a danger to yourself or others and be refusing treatment. It's a very last resort.
You can go voluntarily which generally means you'll get out quicker.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 02:00 PM

This one was a private, forensic secure unit. You dont get send there unless you've commited some sort of crime like arson or gbh or something. And 99% of patients came from prison.
So i think its vveerrryy unlikely that yoi would get sent somewhree like that!!

[Luna] 22-06-2017 02:01 PM

Yes, you'd be sent to an Acute ward which is a lot more laid back. I've never been on a ward with a seclusion room.

[Luna] 22-06-2017 02:03 PM

NOT saying you'd be admitted to hospital.

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 02:06 PM

Okay....that's kinda put my mind at rest. I still can't believe how inhumane these places were to you both!
Oh Beckie, isn't it time for your lesson?

[Luna] 22-06-2017 02:12 PM

So what are you doing for the rest of the day Rebecca?

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 02:15 PM

I'm just waiting for my mum to get ready. We was going to asda, but I've been sent an appointment to get assessed to see how 'bad' my epilepsy is, and it's somewhere we've never been before so we're going to take a trip there so we don't get lost on the day. Getting tired of all these tests they're doing on me to check my epilepsy, almost like they don't believe me.

How about you?

not_so_insig 22-06-2017 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4115785)
Probably a lot. Pajamas are comfy!

Yeah he is a bit random!

Im not sure.rebecca. i guess ive got a lot of people from here on Facebook! They probably make up most of my friends list tbh!!

You don't have me on facebook!

[Luna] 22-06-2017 02:37 PM

I'm sure it's not that they don't believe you. It's probably they want to make a detailed assessment of your condition to know how to best treat it. I hope it goes well finding the place.

I'm meeting a friend for coffee later then we're off to see our mutual friend's new play.

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 03:06 PM

Don't worry, I'm not on her Facebook friends either dawn!
That sounds good Luna! I'm out at the moment and here it is quite cool here so it should be nice to go out!

Buttons. 22-06-2017 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by [Luna] (Post 4115806)
How comes they locked the bedrooms? I would have been lost without retreating to my room.

I've been on a fair few wards that lock you out of bedrooms during the day. Some in theory to force you to interact and socialise, one or two blatantly said it was because they had too few staff to keep track of us all if we were all in different places e.g some in living room some in bedrooms so they locked off the bedrooms to make it easier to know who was where and what was happening because we'd all be in the same place.


Originally Posted by [Luna] (Post 4115829)
I've never been on a ward with a seclusion room.

Really? I must have been bloody unlucky :P

Seriously though Rebecca, I've been on more good wards than **** wards,local one isn't terrible, some really good staff there, except that they seem to play Jeremy Kyle on a none stop loop :P And it helps if you enjoy scrabble for passing the time (which luckily I do) :P. They only use hospital as a last resort I've been honest with MH people about some pretty serious stuff and managed not to be admitted so please don't let that worry prevent you from being honest.

Ha ha you can add me on FB Rebecca if you want, just PM me for my full name.

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 04:11 PM

Oh that sounds okay I guess. I'm still worried about that seclusion room, sounds awful. Like, what is the point of it really, surely it would make people worse not calm them down!!

Okay, I'll PM you Katy, thank you xD

not_so_insig 22-06-2017 04:21 PM

I have never been to a ward where there has been a seclusion room either. The ward here has a **** reputation for people committing suicide whilst ip but I was ok. Actually our trust has a rubbish reputation for its mh wards but I have found them ok. None of the locking people out of bedrooms here just the boredom factor. If you ever end up IP I can recommend taking plenty to do. I have bought a portable dvd player in case I end up IP again.

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 04:34 PM

Oh a portable dvd player is a good idea. But won't they get angry if you need to recharge all the time or if you need to ask for batteries?

[Luna] 22-06-2017 04:37 PM

Feel free to message me too Rebecca!

Try not to worry. I would recommend being honest because it's the only way they can help you effectively. They will want to treat in the community as much as possible so try not to worry about hospital too much.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 04:47 PM

Dawn and Rebecca, you should add me on FB!!
Im not very interesting though :p

My current mh team was voted the best in the country so im lucky!

Driving lesson was really good!
He said he's never had a student go so far in just 6 hours!
So I'm very pleased about that!
I had to drive down a rather narrow road outside a school at pick up time so that was a little stressful but no one got hurt so its all good :p

Buttons. 22-06-2017 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by Cacoethes (Post 4115855)
Im not very interesting though :p



My current mh team was voted the best in the country so im lucky!
Well if I ever have to move areas I know where to go :P


Driving lesson was really good!
He said he's never had a student go so far in just 6 hours!
So I'm very pleased about that!
I had to drive down a rather narrow road outside a school at pick up time so that was a little stressful but no one got hurt so its all good :p
That's ace, well done you!!!! Maybe you should write down comments like that, all your slimming world achievements, passed exams etc in a positivity notebook or something for when you have your self doubts.

I've just been trying on new stuff I got in a sale (I am a sale ninja :P) Got two good quality cardigans each reduced from 30 to 4.50 (win!!) and a bright yellow T-shirt with Happy on it and a smiley face for 6 instead of 12. Did get a pair of jeans as well but they're a tad too small so going to return them some time soon and ask to replace for larger pair.

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 05:04 PM

That's a good idea!!

Sounds like a good haul!!
Gotta love a bargain!

Buttons. 22-06-2017 05:07 PM

yup :D

Shy_Bambi 22-06-2017 05:10 PM

That's awesome Beckie, congrats!! You'll ace your driving exam no problem!
I dunno where my mh are ranked, but I guess they're okay. Though my social worker has gone on holiday for 2 months and left me with no one so they're not amazing!

Wow, reduced to 4.50 from 30?! That's epic! You really are a sale ninja, I've never seen a saving like that before!

Cacoethes 22-06-2017 05:11 PM

Thanks Rebecca!

Its awful that shes left you with no one for 2 months!
Did you find out if there's a duty worker?

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