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RunningSilent 14-03-2012 01:21 AM

hugs to everybody

one_step_closer 14-03-2012 10:32 AM

Morning everyone, hope you're all well.

Doikers 14-03-2012 11:42 AM

*Morning Hugs Y'all*

Sorry I'm not up to reading all of last nights posts but i'ts nice that the thread is moving well again :)

ljmeep 14-03-2012 05:44 PM

it's another gorgeous day here and it's a good thing too because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and was a total crank. the weather's putting me in a better mood though... :)

*plops down near a window to gaze off into no where*

Laura2.0 14-03-2012 09:07 PM

*hugs all* sorry I'm not doing individuals.

I'm still not coping with my sister being at home. So I asked M. if I could visit her for 4 days... I won't be on here until Tuesday, because I haven't got any time for the computer on Monday.

ljmeep 14-03-2012 09:17 PM

I hope the time away will help you get to a better place. You'll be in my thoughts... hang in there. *hug*

risenfromperdition 14-03-2012 09:18 PM

<3 hi guys <3

ljmeep 14-03-2012 09:54 PM

hello :)

Doikers 14-03-2012 10:45 PM

*hugs Y'all*

Twisted_Illusions 15-03-2012 09:05 PM

Hi.... is it ok if I come and hide away from the world for a little while in with you guys? Feeling really alone right now...

Hope everyone is ok.

Em x

Doikers 15-03-2012 10:18 PM

*Night Time Hugs*

ljmeep 16-03-2012 12:26 AM

Em x, this is the perfect place to come and hide away for a while... :)

Had an exhausting day at the zoo wit my hubby and 3 kiddos... best day i've had in a really long time... Just a heads up... now that spring break is ending i may only be checking in once or twice a week... i'll try to keep up as much as I can... :)

RunningSilent 16-03-2012 01:03 AM

hides in a room and holds her elbows.

Doikers 16-03-2012 11:05 AM

*Hugs Kelly* Did You Have fun?

*Hugs Rosie* You Okay hun?

Twisted_Illusions 16-03-2012 01:46 PM

Thank you ljmeep. Did you have a good time at the zoo? I'm gonna take my niece to the zoo when the weather brightens up, she loves it nearly as much as I do.

I hope everyone's ok =)

ljmeep 16-03-2012 08:56 PM

you all can call me Kelly.. lol. I had a great time at the zoo, but my legs are hurting today from it. We looked it up (my best friend and I) ... we walked over 3 miles yesterday. On the plus side, though we got some great pictures and the kids all slept in this morning. YAY!

Doikers 16-03-2012 10:05 PM

Hugs Kelly

Night you all

Twisted_Illusions 16-03-2012 10:48 PM

Glad you had a lovely time at the zoo Kelly.

The zoo here is very hilly so you always feel as if you've run a marathon the next day. But its worth it.

ljmeep 17-03-2012 02:41 AM

I know that feeling... it's not that it's hilly here it's just that I'm out of practice walking daily. I need to get back into that though... it's a good stress reliever and I need to get healthy again...

risenfromperdition 17-03-2012 02:54 AM

liveblogging supernatural is fun ^.^
and i see things i would have missed/thought i misheard

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