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Cacoethes 01-12-2017 03:10 PM

Im ok thanks.
Quite tired!

How are you?

Sketchy 01-12-2017 03:12 PM

Tired too. Just back in my flat after staying with sister and being at Asda. Asda were selling cups in the shape of unicorns. I obviously had to get one. Using it just now.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 03:16 PM

Ooooo unicorn cup sounds cute!

I'll be going to asda later when chels gets here.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 03:18 PM

Oh that’s right, you guys are having Christmas. Hope you both have fun.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 03:28 PM

Thanks :)

You got anything planned for the weekend?

Sketchy 01-12-2017 03:32 PM

I’m going to try go for a walk tomorrow and get some hair dye. Apart from that I don’t know what I’m doing.

Is Chels staying for the weekend? Do you both have plans?

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 03:46 PM

That sounds good
What colour are you going to dye your hair?

Yep she's staying for the weekend.
We're going to Norwich tomorrow for the Christmas market and tunnel of lights.
Then have our christmas dinner on sunday I think!

Sketchy 01-12-2017 03:48 PM

I’m going to dye it pink again. My roots are needing done.

That sounds like a great weekend you have planned. The Christmas market and lights will be fun.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 03:55 PM

Pink is cool!

Yeah it should be fun!
I also need to purchase a hat at some point.
Im not normally a hat person but its so cold and my ears get far too cold :p

Sketchy 01-12-2017 04:00 PM

A hat is a good idea at this time of year. I’ll need to dig out my hats. My sister has knitted me some nice wool hats.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 04:08 PM

Aww that sounds lovely!
Is she creative too then?

Sketchy 01-12-2017 04:14 PM

She is yes, but she is more of a crafty person. She sews, knits and crochets.

As usual I’m going to moan about the cold. I’ve put my heating on but I can’t heat up. Might make another cuppa to heat me up.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 04:23 PM

Cuppa is a good idea.
A lot of places are getting snow now

Sketchy 01-12-2017 04:26 PM

I’m surprised we haven’t had snow. It’s cold enough for it and dry.

I’m feeling hungry too, so I’m having a cuppa soup. Hopefully that will heat me up.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 04:51 PM

I thought you would be the first to get snow being in Scotland!

Cuppa soup should work!

Sketchy 01-12-2017 04:53 PM

I know, it’s surprising. We did have frost. It’s been frozen the past few days.

Cuppa soup is working nicely. It’s a nice spicy one.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 04:54 PM

We've had none of that so far
Even though its definitely cold enough for it!

Glad its working!

Sketchy 01-12-2017 04:56 PM

My street was a bit icey today.

I’m finally heating up. I’ll have to move soon and put the washing on.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 05:00 PM

Ive finally warmed up afer having the heating on plus hot water bottle plus blanket!

Chels should be here soon so i probably won't be about so much this weekend!

Sketchy 01-12-2017 05:05 PM

You’ll be too busy having a good weekend, which is good.

You sound nice and toasty.

Cacoethes 01-12-2017 05:08 PM

I am very toasty!
Will have to leave the warmness for asda soon though!

Sketchy 01-12-2017 05:09 PM

I hope you wrap up warm. I’ve already been to Asda. I’ll need to go to the shop again tomorrow though for fruit.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 05:37 PM

I had to fill the hot water bottles. Hopefully I’ll be toasty soon.

Eska 01-12-2017 06:07 PM

How is everyone? I’m wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa.

Cpt_Stunning 01-12-2017 06:09 PM

I'm OK thanks, there's a removal van outside the house, don't know if someone is moving out or in, so many people come & go in the house where I live.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:10 PM

Hello Eska. How are you?

I’m ok thanks. Heating myself up with hot water bottles.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:11 PM

Do you find it hard with so many people coming and going Chris?

Eska 01-12-2017 06:21 PM

I’m ok, enjoying my day off. I went for lunch with one of my housemates earlier and then napped for a while.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:23 PM

Sounds like a good day off. Glad you are enjoying it.

Cpt_Stunning 01-12-2017 06:24 PM

it got a bit unsettling at first when I moved in 2 & a half years ago, got to know people, then they moved out, other people moved in, I did miss people that I got to know well that moved out, but sort of used to it now.

Cpt_Stunning 01-12-2017 06:26 PM

It was bloody freezing waiting for the bus this morning, first one didn't turn up, so had to wait 30 minutes for the next one, jam packed, I could barely feel my feet.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:28 PM

It must have been hard to get used to.

What’s everyone up to this evening? I’m just going to have a quiet night. Not doing much.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:28 PM

I hate waiting on buses. Nightmare in this cold.

Cpt_Stunning 01-12-2017 06:52 PM

Problem is that the bus driver gets grief as to why the first bus didn't turn up, when it's not his fault.

Eska 01-12-2017 06:54 PM

I’m waiting to see whether one of my housemates wants to order pizza. Other than that not much, resting ready for work tomorrow because I think it’s going to be a busy one.

Cpt_Stunning 01-12-2017 06:55 PM

Do you work in retail?

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:55 PM

I’ve seen that happen a few times and I always feel sorry for the driver.

I’m finally heating up.

My sister got me a fancy advent calendar where each day is a pamper thing. In today’s door was a nice mini shower gel. Smells gorgeous. I wonder what I’ll get tomorrow.

Eska 01-12-2017 06:56 PM

Yes, I do.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 06:56 PM

Pizza sounds good Eska. Yum!

Cpt_Stunning 01-12-2017 07:14 PM

Got a Christmas buffet at the local Dogs & Cats homeless shelter where I volunteer, can't wait.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 07:22 PM

Sounds good.

nonperson 01-12-2017 08:36 PM

Evening all.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 08:41 PM

Evening. How are you?

nonperson 01-12-2017 08:50 PM

Bored and cold.


Sketchy 01-12-2017 08:51 PM

Tired. That’s me just finally heating up. The weather is so cold just now.

nonperson 01-12-2017 08:55 PM

I'm also tired although I stayed in bed most of the morning!

It's worse for you guys up north. I shouldn't complain.

My house is open plan-ish doenstairs so doesn't warm up easily. And the stairs are really draughty! Should close the door, that'll help...

Sketchy 01-12-2017 08:57 PM

Do you have a blanket or hot water bottle?

I live in an old flat with high ceilings, so it’s hard to heat up, but I’ve had the heating on for a few hours now and it’s getting warm.

nonperson 01-12-2017 09:00 PM

Yeah I've got a big fleecy blanket and an extra jumper on. Plus extra heat from my laptop as well, lol.

Sketchy 01-12-2017 09:02 PM

I hope you heat up soon.

zombiehunter 01-12-2017 09:03 PM

*comes in with a flamethrower*

someone needing heated up?

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