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not_so_insig 28-10-2020 04:59 PM

I have developed stomach pains :-(

But the good news is that my amazon order has arrived so now I am the proud owner of gin.

Cacoethes 28-10-2020 05:09 PM

Takeaway night tonight!

not_so_insig 28-10-2020 05:28 PM

What you having Beckie?

Cacoethes 28-10-2020 05:43 PM

I think probably chicken burger with halloumi and cheesy chips.
It's between that and the Turkish restaurant but I think chicken burger is going to win

tamobhuuta 28-10-2020 06:42 PM

I heart halloumi.

one_step_closer 28-10-2020 06:44 PM

I had noodles and teriyaki sauce. I was craving a Chopstix if that is familiar to anyone else?

tamobhuuta 28-10-2020 06:47 PM

What's teriyaki sauce?

Cacoethes 28-10-2020 07:09 PM

Halloumi is amazing

Sounds yummy lindsay!
I think I've heard of chopstix

yoyogirl 28-10-2020 07:26 PM

I had scampi and chips from the freezer

tamobhuuta 28-10-2020 07:28 PM

Scampi is fish, right?

not_so_insig 28-10-2020 08:04 PM

Scampi is seafood yes tamobhuuta.

I had chicken with mashed potatoes and mashed carrot. Followed by rice pudding.

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 11:07 AM

Morning guys

one_step_closer 29-10-2020 11:15 AM

Morning Beckie. Do you have another busy day ahead?

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 11:20 AM

Hey lindsay

Nope it's a pretty chilled day for me today.
Got a carer coming to take me shopping at some point.
I was going to go swimming today but I had some stomach problems yesterday and you're meant to wait 48 hours after anything like that which is a shame.

Are you up to much today?

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 11:54 AM

Hello all. I have discovered that my cousin's wife was in the daily fail in August last year. Mind you she was in practically every British paper on the planet including tons of local ones at the same time.

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 12:17 PM

Bobby Ball has died :-( I liked him in Not Going Out

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 12:31 PM

I don't know who that is

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 03:50 PM

I take it that you don't watch Not Going Out Beckie?

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 03:56 PM

I watched a couple of episodes years ago but I didn't really enjoy it

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 03:57 PM

Ah fair enough.

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 04:10 PM

What are you up to today Dawn?
Or have been up to?

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 05:44 PM

Nothing much. Doing some cleaning on and off.

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 05:47 PM

That's good

Just been to asda with the carer.
It's such a treat to be driven there!

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 06:23 PM

Hope you stocked up on coke zero now that you didn't have to carry it home!

nonperson 29-10-2020 06:24 PM

Did you buy lots of tasty stuff? =)

I can't be arsed to go out to the shop tonight so need to figure out how to make a stir fry without sauce...

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 06:26 PM

Keeping Up Appearances is on Drama tonight. I have set my box to record.

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 06:29 PM

I did stock up on coke zero!
And tasty food!

That's a tricky one np

That's good

nonperson 29-10-2020 06:32 PM

Yeah definitely tricky =P

Cacoethes 29-10-2020 06:37 PM

I guess you'll just have to have it dry!

not_so_insig 29-10-2020 08:22 PM

Do you not have any soy sauce nonperson?

nonperson 29-10-2020 10:50 PM

Not any that's in date, no.

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 10:40 AM

Morning guys

one_step_closer 30-10-2020 10:56 AM

Morning everyone.

How are you Beckie?

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 10:58 AM

Hi people, how are you?

one_step_closer 30-10-2020 11:05 AM

Hi Tamo.

I have to take my cats to the vet for their check up and booster injections. It's such a hassle because the vet is not near me so I have to get a taxi if there is even one available when I call. I feel anxious.

How are you doing Tamo?

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 11:05 AM

Morning lindsay and tamo

I'm ok thanks. Just tired

How are you both?

Ninja post lindsay!
That's annoying you have to go to the vets. Is there not one closer to you?

one_step_closer 30-10-2020 11:08 AM

There is one here but I couldn't get in touch with them (email) so I might have to try the dreaded phone call. I'll need to think about it.

one_step_closer 30-10-2020 11:09 AM

What are you doing today Beckie?

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 11:14 AM

That's a pain with the vet osc.

Today might be difficult for me but it'll work out i hope.

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 11:16 AM

Ah that's difficult. Phone calls are anxiety provoking. Might be worth it though if you don't have to call a taxi every time

I'm not doing much. Just waiting for carer at the moment

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 12:46 PM

My mum said my dressing gown was smelly, how dare she! But she's right :(

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 12:58 PM

Stick it in the wash?

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 01:03 PM

I think I'll have to. I've got other washing too.

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 01:19 PM

That could be your task for the day! :)
I have washing too but I'll do it tomorrow

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 02:30 PM

There's a queue for the washing machine!

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 02:35 PM

Oh no!

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 03:39 PM

How is your day going?

Cacoethes 30-10-2020 03:48 PM

Not bad thanks
Been to asda and pharmacy. Now chilling with border patrol on the TV!
I'm going swimming tomorrow :)

How about you?

tamobhuuta 30-10-2020 03:52 PM

Distracting with TV, currently Friends.

one_step_closer 30-10-2020 03:55 PM

It'll be good for you to get back swimming Beckie.

Are you watching whatever comes on TV Tamo or are you watching lots of episodes of Friends?

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