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CrazyHayley 22-04-2010 11:29 AM

Ah don't feel silly, a few weeks ago Helen most kindly put up a link to inofrmation. If I was clever I'd do it too.

So skip ahead if you already know....
M.E stands for MyalgicEncephalomylitis and it is an auto-immune disease which causes your body to fight itself. There are a multitude of neurological, cognitive and physical symptoms that this causes, much more than the overwhelming fatigue that it is often commonly known for. I could go on and on but I think that'll do for now.

I spy Kahlia! *huggles*

Anyhoo, its time for me to get my arse in the shower (well all of me!) and get ready for the day.

Catch you all a bit later. *blows more kisses round the ward*

Ooh I'm feeling less anxious and more excited by the minute - how good is that?! *tries to share positivity with everyone*

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 11:35 AM

the first words in my head where well that much really suck
sorry if i say something blunt and offencive i dont mean to ok

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 11:39 AM

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anyone need a flower

jonikd 22-04-2010 11:50 AM

Nice work Hayley, awesome that you're out and about and sounding so positive, love it!

*cuddles Helen & Kahlia* missed you gals since I left the ward last night

*hugs smart April and hopes some intelligence comes to JK through osmosis*

Laura, you're gorgeous hun, that colour real suits you and you should hold your head high and revel in your loveliness OK? No more 'U' words for you.

*hugs Mark and Oliver* sounds like you two are struggling huh, no great advice for you but I'm thinking about you both

Crimson! hi honey, well done with your work party, its a big deal having a nice time with a bunch of people around. You should be real proud of yourself *hugs*

*waves to Julie* nice to see you visiting here sweet

*wonders where Nicole is* must go see if I can find her

*cuddles Kahlia again* cos I see you and I can x

I have made it through a real crap day in one piece *cheers, and is very surprised* so off to bed now before anything changes.

Will check up on you all in the morning

loves and goodnight

Doikers 22-04-2010 12:24 PM


*cuddles Oliver* Sorry it's not more. But I have read your post and wanted to let you know.
Also this^^

and Laura , you are very beautiful :)

*Group hugs*
I'm off to my parents today so I'll be less often on here for a few days , it's my brother in laws birthday , still can't quite grasp my little sis has a new surname ,(New marrige) it must be super weird for her lol . I was supposed to get married first , I'm older , ugh pet peeve , but I AM super happy for My sister and bro in law though . just a touch jealous :( I hate to admit that .

frenchhorn 22-04-2010 01:30 PM

*hugs Mark* thanks, hope you have agood timeat your parents.

*hugs JK* hope you have a good sleep.

*hugs Julie* I havn't sadi hi yet, so hi I'm Oliver. *waves*

*I spy April*

*curls up in a corner crying and in pain*

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 01:31 PM

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oh hi oliver can i help u in anyway


Scarletdreamer 22-04-2010 01:37 PM

*cuddles all* Sorry I've been absent, yesterday was freaking long. :(

I forget who asked it (Hayley?) but yeah, I did consider that some of the other people who didn't eat a lot also have EDs, but one of them admitted to not eating breakfast on early morning class days (and he says that if he has breakfast it has to be hearty, no simple Clif bar or bagel for him!!) and the other said that she was sick on two of the days she did her food analysis. I just wish that we didn't HAVE to talk about kcal etc... it's still very triggering for me and since I'm eating a healthy amount now, and pigging out more on junk food on campus than I used to (will be so glad to be away from the snack machines!!)... I feel so awful because I AM eating too much. I won't post the number of kcal on here, obviously as that's against rules, but it was below the average number that you're "supposed" to eat and I'm supposed to be losing almost Xlbs a month... which isn't happening, damn it all. But anyway, /rant, sorry about that guys. :'(

Laura, hon, you're gorgeous!!! I wish I looked like you... :) Such a pretty smile, even if it is fake, and I love your hairstyle. It suits you as does the color of your top (as someone else said). *cuddles* How are YOU doing? and NO "fine" ... because I know that's not the truth!! (usually, anyway *mroe cuddles* You can be honest with us, we don't mind it one bit) ♥

Mark, I can (kinda) understand the whole "older should be married first" thing... my sister (who is 25) probably understands it better as she is the older one of us two and hasn't ever even had a boyfriend. I didn't have a boyfriend before I met my husband, and then we got married... :) But she's probably a little jealous - or at least, feels weird about me having a different last name. But anyway, I'm sorry that you feel that way. :( It's gotta be really tough. *cuddles*

Hels, how are you doing, love? ♥ *cuddles*

JK, how are you? Guess it's almost bedtime for you over there... or definitely bedtime, hmmm. Please take care of yourself!! *cuddles*

Crimson, well done on the whole staff appreciation party thingummy (:P). I'm proud of you, I really am, because I know how tough it is to go out there and "just be" without freaking out... plus the whole food thing!! How are you doing today??

Hayley, hope you enjoy(ed) your shopping trip!! :) Lol, sparkly as you get older... well, to me, that works just fine. :D I'm looking at getting my ear pierced again at the same place where I got my nose done... I want cartilage, right ear, because I did have a stud there but it fell out after years of use and I couldn't find the parts of the stud to put it back in. :( And anyway, I want a ring instead of a stud there, if the piercing guy can do that. :) That's a birthday present to myself, hehe. But anyway, sorry, ramble... :-/

Oliver, read what you said and I think you're doing a very good job at coping with coming out and going to a music college where it sounds like everything is extremely difficult!! A lot of changes in your life, I daresay, but as I said, I think you're handling them very well, from what I can tell from on here at least. *cuddles* How're you doing today?? (and I spy you!! :D)

Julie, how are you doing? *hugs* and thanks for the flower - lovely pic. :D

I'm so tired... the class at my prof's house was awesome, it really was. We meditated outside - each of the 27 or so of us - on an individualized quote from a certain poet or author, and then wrote about it or what it made us feel like or what it brought up within us, etc. Mine was an excerpt from a poem by Mary Oliver, and it had a very special meaning for me, so I wrote about that. Then we made prayer flags to string up in her woods (:D) which was a lot of fun... and then while they dried we talked about what we wrote about. And we ate a lot, and then went home. :)

Am so tired and my period started today (sorry if that's TMI)... so cramps and chest pain and all that lovely stuff... :( At least I'm not pregnant, heh, because that's the last thing in the world (or almost!!) that I'd want. No offense to those who want kids, it's just not for Jarrod or me.

*cuddles all then retreats to a lonely dark hole* :(

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 01:45 PM

*thinks* to sleep or not to sleep

frenchhorn 22-04-2010 01:45 PM

Hi Julie, thanks for the offer but there isn't anything you can do. how are you today?

*hugs April* I'm glad you had a good night last night, sorry your feeling ill and tired.

I've got to go, in the lunchtime concert, with such cheesy music a carmen fantasy for violin and orchestra and then bolero.
Just wish I wasn't feeling so damn crap and wasnt in so much pain, stupid f***ing thing, sorry it just makes me so angry.

*hides for a bit before he has to go to concert*

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 01:47 PM

i'm nacked and my muscels will hurt tommorrow

Doikers 22-04-2010 01:48 PM

Flowers ! Can I have one to b righten up my flat plz Julie :)
I spot an Oliver! How are you this afternoon?

I have my Pychchiatrists appointment at 3.30pm this afternoon so is it ok to ask for positive thoughts to be sent my way? I really dislike meeting my P.Doc , it's so intrusive and I am constantly aware that he has the power to hospitalise me, ugh , I don't know whether to tell him I am feeling so numb and apathetic but I am NOT telling him I cut on a new part of my body .

frenchhorn 22-04-2010 01:50 PM

*will be sending positive thoughts Mark's way at 3.30*
*hugs* hope it goes ok for you

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 01:50 PM

yip the flowers r for everyone

xxjuliexx 22-04-2010 02:05 PM

*hides under a blanket*

MammaMia 22-04-2010 02:47 PM

*gives everyone hugs*

Sorry, trying to look after myself at the moment, which means not really meant to be offering support *whistles* But I like helping. Arrgh!!! I do love you all & have been reading posts etc.

Laura, you're so beautiful <3
Julie, I love your flowers :D
Hayley, glad you're having a good day darling :)


SoMuchMore 22-04-2010 03:21 PM

I just read all the posts, but unfortunately do not have time for individual responses as i have to run out to class. I'll def respond later.
*cuddles Hayley, Kahlia, Mark, JK, Julie, April, Crimson, Oliver, Helen, and anyone else i missed*

Oh, and thanks for ur reassurance that maybe i'm not as ugly as i feel at the moment.. Really, it means a lot right now.
Anyway, I'm trying to be okay because I know some how I have to work my way back upwards... but its hard this time.

*takes a flower* :-)

nicole94 22-04-2010 05:29 PM

hey guys, sorry i havent been on in a while, been really busy. *cuddles all*

i am REALLY annoyed :( my friend is having a sleepover friday, and my mum wont let me go :( its so unfair, i've been trying so hard to go to school, and i REALLYT couldnt face it yesterday, i had such a bad day, and because i didnt go, im not allowed to go to the sleepover! its so unfair, because i missed school for 13 weeks, and i was still allowed to stay at my friends houses, and i decided i was gonna go back this week and do my best-which i did, i did my best, and i couldnt do it, and i feel like shes punishing me for trying, i might aswell just say stuff my GCSEs if im gonna get punished for trying and failing! :'(
sorry-rant over

PoisonedApple 22-04-2010 05:57 PM

*huggles everyone*
read all the new posts... no time for replies right now though... Sorry.
*runs down stairs to cover front desk*

frenchhorn 22-04-2010 06:07 PM

my brain is giving up on me, its plunging into a deep and dark depression and I'm terrified, can't cope, don't know what to do.

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