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Detour. Derail 15-04-2008 07:32 PM

*looks up from her corner and spots Ally*
*waves and gives hugs*

Sorry you feel anxious :(...you're not a mess though hun *cuddles*

Detour. Derail 15-04-2008 09:07 PM

Noooo :crying:
I like the way they didnt even TELL me they were going ahead with it...but they told my little brother.
The following content has been hidden - Reason : ED Trigger

*makes herself sick*

Detour. Derail 15-04-2008 11:46 PM

Anyone here?
*hits head on the wall*

Pomegranate 16-04-2008 12:07 AM

*hugs Alexx and everyone who needs it*

Rowie, the point is that it can get better. You have gone through so much of it in pain that it would be a shame to give up now when you are being given the option to get better. Ignore the stupid BPD and instead of fighting to hurt yourself, fight to be happy.

How are you doing now Ally? *hugs* I think you should take your counsellor up on his offer of writing a letter re the cat. Hope you are feeling a little less anxious x

*welcomes darkark and everyone else know is new* *offers cocoa*

Alexx, hun, things are so tough for you right now but you will start looking for unis soon and then you will be free of all the **** at home. You will be stable living in a town for at least 3 years, able to go out, socialise whenever you want without abuse or restrictions.

*looks under sides of tent for Carole, Callie, Chloe and Jeremy* You guys ok?

Spoken to Helen tonight and she is feeling much better but her internet is still down x


As for me, I have no idea how I am doing. Really, in all honesty. none. The bad SI stuff arrived yesterday and so far I have put off using it. Not for good reasons, but because I want it to be right. I need to be alone where I cannot be disturbed and can focus. Saturday when back at uni...perfect. Never used this before but always wanted to try it. Max damage. Test limits. I am slightly scared if I fail to do what I want though, I don't know how I will react, not well I don't think, thats when the thoughts of ending it will come back.

Oh, and my manager at work, who I have known for more than 3 years and has seen my through so much announced yesterday she was leaving and moving to Cyprus in september. Was having a bad day anyway and had already burst into tears. I cried 4 times and had to take a break including 1 complete melt down in front of customers. *sigh*

Sorry for the rant

*sends more hugs for everyone*

Detour. Derail 16-04-2008 12:16 AM

*hugs Emma tight*
You dont need to hun...I wish I had more for you :-(

effervescence 16-04-2008 12:18 AM

i think customers are there to be melted down at. my friend had a good one of those last year, working in a supermarket, she was having a bad day and shouting "it's not my ****ing job to pack your ****ing bags" to this rich looking lady. haha. cracked me up so much.
but, emma, PLEASE be careful. i know you bought the stuff for a reason and you want to try it but please don't go overboard. in the end you might get really hurt and none of us wants that.

i don't know how i am feeling. i want to see my counsellor again cos she has a couch and i want to just curl up on it where she can look after me and i don't have to be anything or do anything.

Pomegranate 16-04-2008 12:22 AM

*drags a couch into denial tent which looks remarkably like chloe's counsellor's one*......................... *places Chloe on it with a blanket and sets up watch to keep an eye on her*

Thanks Alexx hun, I will be fine, I always am eventually lol. Take care of yourself k?

Pomegranate 16-04-2008 12:23 AM

lol at your friend Chloe, that actually made me smile! Thanks :)

Detour. Derail 16-04-2008 12:27 AM

I should go to bed...
Forewarning....I wont be online later because I'm at a concert...
but I will be hidden in that corner over there *points*
I dont want to leave...I cant leave :(

Take care everyone.
Emma hun...keep yourself safe yeh?*hugs*
*hugs for everyone*
*leaves fresh, warm cookies and drinks.*

Pomegranate 16-04-2008 12:33 AM

Have fun at your concert hun. Might text you a bit later if not too busy at work x

effervescence 16-04-2008 12:38 AM

night night alexx. enjoy the concert :) you know the denial tent goes everywhere with you.

yeah i know emma it amuses me every time i imagine her fully spazzing at the customer....hehe. be good ok?

thanks for the couch *curls up* can i have my cat too? i miss him :(

ally how are you today?

~*forever_broken*~ 16-04-2008 12:51 AM

And I have to go to work...

Pomegranate 16-04-2008 12:58 AM


You don't suck hun :) Hope work goes ok xx

*passes Chloe the cat* just make sure it doesn't pee ok? Dont want to have to explain that to a crazy therapist person. 'Heres your couch back, sorry for nicking it....oh and have some eau d'cat piss free of charge'.

I am off to bed me thinks cos I have work tomorrow am and am babbling *****. Much love all xx

p.s Ally.......don't tell anyone bbbuuuuutttt...................................... .................................................. .................

you rock.

chocostashchick 16-04-2008 02:46 AM

*wanders around Denial Tent and is excited to see new people*

i feel really behind now on what is going on! i swear i am offline for like 2 days and it's like 200 days on RYL. hahaahaaa it's like the opposite of watching a soap opera it is faster than real life! or it's just exactly like real life because it is real life in real time and i am just slow and hiding...

*squishes everybody*
*hugs Alyssa and Chloe and Emma and Carole and Jeremy and Alexx*


chocostashchick 16-04-2008 02:47 AM

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! the kitty looks like my black and white kitty!!!!! fo real!
we really ARE twins!!!!

chocostashchick 16-04-2008 02:53 AM

okay i am protected by the magicalness of the Denial Tent so i should be honest and confess something here
i think i hate my therapist
and i dont know why but i really want to be like in a cartoon or something and smash his head in with a frying pan and beat him until he is a pile of goo on the floor
i'm serious

i purposely accepted an assignment today that was at the same time my group therapy was supposed to be at even though i didnt actually want the assignment because i wanted to not have to go to group and have an excuse

and yesterday i bought more pills and i am supposed to feel bad about that oops
okay i do feel bad because i recognise so far that this therapy thing isnt working... yet? am i supposed to say yet?
but i am still in that place where i have to make myself pretend to care

i am going to take my kitties and sit in a corner of the Denial Tent and make smores at the campfire and instead of dealing with this because i dont know how i am going to draw pictures of my therapist being beaten with a frying pan and laugh hysterically like a crazy person

Ileana 16-04-2008 03:18 AM

I'm weird. I want to stay here.

chocostashchick 16-04-2008 03:26 AM

*lifts up flap of Denial Tent for Ileana*
don't worry i think we're all weird
probably only weird people pretend to live in an imaginary Denial Tent in a Virtual Psych Ward
but if that is true i dont want to be not weird

Bella_forever 16-04-2008 03:32 AM

I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT crap happened I knew life was getting too good
my dad took me to the effing aisle with scented things and then my throat started to close and then I was puking and then my daddy got me benadryll

~*forever_broken*~ 16-04-2008 03:53 AM

lol thanks Emma*hugs*... I don't agree but it's nice to hear. You are a lovely person, you know that.

*snuggles Callie* I'm sorry you don't like your therapist, that's not cool :-( I wish I could fix it for you

*leaves hugs for everyone that wants/needs them*


I hate feeling awful :crying:

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