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one_step_closer 18-03-2011 11:45 AM

Thanks for the update, Mark.

youngatheart 18-03-2011 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Doikers (Post 2734738)
Well My Befriender is someone (Becky is her name) Who sort of meets up with people with Mental Health problems and is there to chat about whatever that person wants or needs to talk about. She is Lovely and I was worried there would be a huge age difference but there isn't , she is 7 years my elder but thats not a lot when you're 30 and she is 37. She is sort of a paid friend but she actually seems to care about me and is very nice.
Rugby , Well If England beat Ireland in Ireland , Which will be tough no doubt , we will win the 6 nations Grandslam and 2 other matchs tomorrow too, the final day of the competition .

A befriender sounds great!! What did you do today if you have been? How often do you meet up?

Rugby is exciting then! fingers crossed!

Doikers 18-03-2011 01:01 PM

I've just got back from meeting Baecky , We talked about this and that , My issues with injury and drink plus just some friendly chat over a coffee :)
Then to the super market and did I remember everythin? nope lol

one_step_closer 18-03-2011 02:07 PM

I used to have a befriender when I was younger and we'd go to the cinema and stuff. It was good to have someone to confide in and do things with.

Doikers 18-03-2011 02:20 PM

Yes it is definatley good to have her to confide in , Of course she is sensible , tells me not to overstretch myself but she is fun too.

ˈsäləˌterē 18-03-2011 02:34 PM

That sounds really great Mark! I'm so glad you have her!

Well, I took my 1st of what should be 6 doses of vits today, first time since last time I ate anything, which was Sunday, but just with water. Prayin they don't make me sick.

Doikers 18-03-2011 03:25 PM

I hope they don't make you ill Solo :S

youngatheart 18-03-2011 04:17 PM

Mark Glad you had a good time with Baecky, she sounds very caring. I always forget what I want in the supermarket!!!

Solo, hope you arent sickxx

Doikers 18-03-2011 04:29 PM

I went back out the shops and still forgot ! How are you Sam?

FlyingNy 18-03-2011 04:40 PM

*Hugs Sam, Mark, Solo and Lindsey*

The book's a good one Mark, it's worth the read :) But I understand it's hard to feel motivated.

ˈsäləˌterē 18-03-2011 04:41 PM

Thanks Mark n Sam! They made me feel pretty icky but I got through it. Problem is I should've already had another dose n it's now time for a third. I dunno what I'm gonna do.

Maybe you should make a list Mark.

Doikers 18-03-2011 04:47 PM

Thanks for the Recemondation Lia Hun :)

Solo I usualy make a list but I thought "it's only 2 things I'll remember" hehe

Louise 18-03-2011 04:49 PM

hugs everyone

Doikers 18-03-2011 05:08 PM

*Hugs Louise* How're you?

PoisonedApple 18-03-2011 05:17 PM

its ok if you couldn't read through Mark, just was a bit of background info on my prior posts...
I only remember what I need at the store since I get a whole list and put it in an organization thing online that has an app on my phone so I check it before leaving lol but if someone tells me to grab stuff right before I go and I don't put it in there I forget it...

Glad it wasn't too bad Solo but please try to keep up on them.

*hugs Lia, Meganna, Solo, Mark, Oliver, and anyone else I missed*

Woo hoo! I found a big rice cooker with diff settings for different types of rice and such -and a veg steam rack- (and only good reviews, for a reasonable price) yesterday and so I wouldn't forget which one it was and have to search again I sent the link to D and instead of putting it noted somewhere for later he ordered it yesterday for me :D I would like to do brown rice more but the fact I could only do it stove top was a deterrent (watching a pot of rice for 50 min is not my cup of tea) and i couldn't set it up for a delay cook stove top... this i can delay cook and cook brown rice and even with the in-laws over I can cook enough in just one batch :D
~Sorry, I'm excited. And yeah I know getting excited over kitchen appliances is a bit odd...~
Oh and cherry cheesecake latte = delicious.
...thought I posted this about a half hour ago lol sorry...

youngatheart 18-03-2011 05:20 PM

I am one of the worlds most forgetful people Mark so you arent alone! haha Im fine thanks, had a bit of a rubbish day but the kids are home now so all is well :) Are you doing anything tonight?

*hugs* Lia, how are you?xx

Maybe wait a while for your next dose Solo? It might make you feel real
ill if you take them too quick?

*hugs* louie, how are you?

youngatheart 18-03-2011 05:24 PM

That cooker sounds fab!!! and how lovely that D ordered it for you! Made me hungry now! hahah

PoisonedApple 18-03-2011 05:39 PM

lol i can't wait! i'm gonna try something i saw on a show that i couldn't do in the small one i borrowed from my MIL. They put black beans in with the rice and cook it together rather than a can of refried beans an a thing of rice... healthier and less clean up!
yeah now i'm hungry too :P

Doikers 18-03-2011 05:40 PM

That sounds Cool Crimson! I would be excited by that! I'm thinking of buying some gardening stuff , LOL I'm growing up hehe , I only have indoor plants (If they grow!) but I want to grow Chillis indoors , 3 or 4 plants tops , I Love chillis in food and cooking and stuff :)

PoisonedApple 18-03-2011 06:09 PM

yeah spring is almost here so it's a good time to start planning for gardening. i planted some seeds for veggies and herbs last night so they could sprout and be replanted when its warmer. planted some flower bulbs last week too.
I find that when its cold out and/or they're just starting to grow plants really seem to like florescent bulbs so my newest seeds are in my kitchen. they won't fit there when its warmer and I transplant them to bigger pots but that's ok. I'm hoping to be able to have a salad straight from my garden this summer! and carrot sticks for snacks! I dunno if I have a green enough thumb though. plants i can maintain but getting seeds to become plants is more hit or miss for me lol nothing wrong with gardening indoors or growing up, mark :D it gets too cold here a majority of the year to have a regular garden.

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