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ConcreteAngel 19-05-2008 09:07 PM

*is dead*

Tuesday 19-05-2008 09:13 PM

*pretends to fall over dead...then gets up like a zombie...*

muahaha now the zombies will all take over....

Absi 19-05-2008 09:20 PM

*walks in*
*screams at finding dead people and zombies*

ConcreteAngel 19-05-2008 09:26 PM

*also gets up like a zombie*

ConcreteAngel 19-05-2008 09:27 PM

im a vampire

Tuesday 19-05-2008 09:35 PM

ooooh wait i'm changing from zombie to vampire lol.
vamps are AWESOME =D hehe
*attemps to suck people's blood*

JDenning 19-05-2008 09:40 PM

but you can't suck another vampires blood or you die, which mean I'm off limits

Absi 19-05-2008 09:47 PM


Tuesday 19-05-2008 09:55 PM

*bites Absi and waits for her to turn into vampire*

JDenning 19-05-2008 09:57 PM

Whats everybodies zombie plan?

OutOfTheWoods11 20-05-2008 12:06 AM


Originally Posted by Absi (Post 775379)

You sound like Ronnie ;-)

Tuesday 20-05-2008 12:12 AM

my zombie plan: run. =]
after all, zombies are rather slow

JDenning 20-05-2008 12:18 AM

yes but they will catch you eventually, there is power in swarms

Mine is to go to wal-mart get all the ammo I can and food as well, the find a place with a second story, blow out the stairs and hole up as long as possible.

Tuesday 20-05-2008 12:35 AM

ok well i have a plan B: hypnotism...muahaha. hypnotized zombies = not a threat =)

OutOfTheWoods11 20-05-2008 01:10 AM

My plan would be to barrricade, get together with me biatches and form our own little possee and cap some zombie mo'fos.... then we'd rade a Currys shop and get a cam corder and make our own Zombie Movies :-)

Oh, and i'd have to get myself a Sherman Crab tank for Zombie Slaughtering

(Basically, a Tank with lots of flails on the end to whip mines.... picky:

.... who WOULDN'T want to drive that into a horde of Zombie-Chavs :P)

Tuesday 20-05-2008 01:29 AM

oh wow....that thing is seriously scary!

ConcreteAngel 20-05-2008 06:40 PM

oooh. imagine zombie-chavs


JDenning 20-05-2008 06:50 PM

Wow, I like this conversation, but what do you do when you run out of gas in that tank?

ConcreteAngel 20-05-2008 07:36 PM

put more in!
keep some spare inside dude..

howlie, 20-05-2008 09:05 PM

Is that allowed?

Absi 20-05-2008 09:18 PM

i could wee in the tank if we run out of fuel.

*turns into a fuel weeing vampire*

howlie, 20-05-2008 09:38 PM

bio fules is it?

Shakespeare's Strumpet 20-05-2008 11:47 PM

^^this is all I have to say about this conversation.

JDenning 21-05-2008 01:03 AM

mmmmkayyyy, that was wierd

Absi 21-05-2008 10:05 AM

tehehehehee......that video was fantastic. thankies darling tiff pants.

Synthetisk 21-05-2008 04:41 PM

*bumps thread up*

Shakespeare's Strumpet 21-05-2008 05:20 PM

*bows* You're welcome.
And to The Exile - I am a member of the Foamy cult. of course it was weird.

Absi 21-05-2008 05:31 PM

*looks around shiftily*

JDenning 21-05-2008 05:36 PM

Ehh I've got a cd by foamy on my xbox, he just sounds like denis leary with a squeaky voice really

ConcreteAngel 21-05-2008 05:52 PM

my mouth actually dropped open at that...

Absi 21-05-2008 07:08 PM


ConcreteAngel 21-05-2008 09:17 PM

that zombie...tiff thing...

oooh oooh oooh...abiee....something,,,damn forgot...

Absi 21-05-2008 09:20 PM


ConcreteAngel 21-05-2008 09:24 PM

that's it.
me>>norfolk>>tuesday-friday =D

Absi 21-05-2008 09:35 PM

OMG!!! come and visit meeeeeeeeeeeee.

ConcreteAngel 21-05-2008 09:50 PM

where you be...?

howlie, 21-05-2008 10:45 PM

i like norfold

JDenning 22-05-2008 03:09 AM

really , I like folding norfold

Shakespeare's Strumpet 22-05-2008 03:39 AM

I once folded Norfold. It got ugly.

JDenning 22-05-2008 04:13 PM

I'm sure it did

ConcreteAngel 22-05-2008 07:23 PM

so long as you dont do it whilst im there >.<

Absi 22-05-2008 08:22 PM


Born Wrong 22-05-2008 09:19 PM

ummm.... ermm.... ergh.. ok I have nout to say. \(o.o)/

JDenning 23-05-2008 01:42 AM


Shakespeare's Strumpet 23-05-2008 02:13 AM

My youth pastor wrote a sermon for me :)

ConcreteAngel 23-05-2008 02:06 PM


issa be..going,,,,sometime...soon..

sparkle. 24-05-2008 09:12 AM


(because this had gone onto page 2 of F & D! )

Behind the Smile 24-05-2008 01:42 PM

was right at the bottom :O

blue_kk 24-05-2008 01:44 PM

eurovision today

keep in top 5 :L

Tuesday 24-05-2008 05:21 PM


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