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MammaMia 13-05-2008 07:42 PM

Zowie. That's literally breaking the law. You're entitled to least 30 minutes break (I believe). When I'm at work, I can have 30 mins for lunch and a 15 min afternoon break (which hardly anyone takes...)

~*forever_broken*~ 13-05-2008 08:04 PM

Glad to hear it Jo. Sorry about your grade Helen, that's rough.

Wow, I'm sorry, I can't really support atm, I'm exhausted, feeling lousy, and I need some food...

MammaMia 13-05-2008 08:18 PM

*hugs Ally*

I'm glad you've gone to eat :)

Detour. Derail 13-05-2008 08:27 PM

Ima gonna curl up in this corner ok?
I don't need this right now...

Katey-lou 13-05-2008 08:28 PM

sory about last night everyone, i'm still here, not exactly in one peice but am here :crying:

*hugs* everyone

MammaMia 13-05-2008 08:36 PM

*hugs everyone*

What's wrong guys :(

BoundNoMore 13-05-2008 08:52 PM

My mind is racing so fast I can't even tell what it is racing about... ARRRGH!!!!

Katey-lou 13-05-2008 08:57 PM

last night didnt go too well and i ended up at that old place called AnE! :'( and it didnt help at all. had the crisis team out today went to uni to try and fin out what was going on wiht my crb and they couldnt tell me anything wich didnt help at all. and now i'm worrying about the operation i have tomorrow! my mums coming with me and i'm dreading it

MammaMia 13-05-2008 09:10 PM

Good luck with the operation tomorrow hun. I know they're scary but I'm sure it'll be worth it yeah?

*hugs everyone and hands sweets & cookies if wanted*

Pomegranate 13-05-2008 11:53 PM

*hugs everyone*

How are you doing now Ally? Did you get some sleep? Hows the wrist?

*hugs Zowie* Well done on your first day at work :)- don't worry about comparing yourself to other people, other people don't deal with the same stuff you have to. Congratulate yourself on getting a job instead!

*hugs Alexx* what's up hun?

Katey-Lou- sorry you ended up in a+e hun. Good luck with your operation too. Hope it goes alright :)

Bound by my thoughts (sorry I don't know your name), the brain is both a wonderful yet also incredibly annoying thing hun. Hope you feel a bit better soon *hugs*

Jo, glad you feel a bit better now hun *hugs* and I know you said you want your blade back in the other thread but you did the right thing (as little as I realise that helps you right now)

Helen I have replied to your other thread hun but have some more hugs lol *scatters hugs and thoughts for you*

*pokes around for Susan, Callie, Chloe, Katch and Jeremy and leaves hugs and milkshake*

Me? Well....I have now graduated from wanting to cut. No. actually thats a lie. I want to drink and cut and od and all those other things I shouldn't want, but I have now reached the point where even more than those things, I just want to lie in bed and never move again, perhaps even fall asleep for a few months until life gets easier. This is the longest I have been without cutting for...well...quite a while. I have so much to do this week and I don't know where to find the energy, especially for tomorrow. I am worried the eulogy is far too long as well *sigh*

*goes to rock hidden in the corner*

MammaMia 14-05-2008 12:05 AM


I love you sweetie. You're doing so well. I can give you real hugs tomorrow OMG =] I hope today goes alright & I'm sure your eulogy will be GREAT!!!!

BoundNoMore 14-05-2008 03:49 AM


Originally Posted by Pomegranate (Post 760128)
Bound by my thoughts (sorry I don't know your name)

My name is Amanda

~*forever_broken*~ 14-05-2008 03:53 AM

*snuggles Emma*
Well done for not cutting hun, it can't be easy, especially at such a stressful time. Please take care hun, drinking, ODing, and cutting won't really help (this is the pot, calling the kettle black)*massive hugs* I am sure the eulogy will be great and I bet your granddad would be very glad to know you are doing it.

Katey, good luck tomorrow hun *massive hugs, and then more for tomorrow*

Thanks for asking Emma. No, I didn't manage to get any more sleep *sigh*. And using my wrist sucks (I scoop ice cream at work:pinch: how smart am I?)

*curls up in her corner and tries to sleep*

blondiebear 14-05-2008 04:17 AM

*gives hugs all around*

This is one of the days I'm out and about much of the day. Three errands on the way to one of my regular aa meetings. Then this is the anniversary of the day my sponsor's husband died, comforted her for a bit. Went to the vision center in Wal*Mart to pick up my new glasses. They fit fine but I tucked them away and I have not looked to see how they look. Yes, I am that nearsighted. Then got socks and cat food in Wal*Mart. Then Auto Club to get tour books for our vacation/holiday. The to the fabric store for 8 spools of thread and a couple of yards of notions.

I've been too busy to have emotions! One of my bad habits, being a work a holic. I need to eat something healthier than pop tarts for dinner, but i'm tired and lazy. Cold cereal? Bring on the frosted flakes aka vitamin fortified candy.

effervescence 14-05-2008 05:17 AM

zowie, congrats on the job! :) u can have a 15min break for up to 6hrs, over 6 you get a 30 and a 15, over 8 u get a 30 and two 15s. but don't worry, i used to have to stand for hrs like that, it does get easier, and also more interesting when you get to know the people you are working with.

hello to everyone else. well done everyone for resisting urges and suchlike.

emma, i dont think eulogys can be too long, its all about the remembering.

BoundNoMore 14-05-2008 05:25 AM

*sits in a dark corner - rocking and crying*

blondiebear 14-05-2008 05:29 AM

*snores and drools on keyboard*

MammaMia 14-05-2008 04:46 PM

Hehe :)

I'm glad it's nearly thursday.....and at the same time I'm very scared =\

lil-princess 14-05-2008 05:01 PM

Heya everyone :)

Hope your all ok!

Hells tomorrow will be ok hun, i'll be thinking about ya :) your strong you can do this.

Amanda (bound by thoughts) you ok hun?

I'm not gonna be around most of tonight and also tomorrow i don't think i'll be here at all as it's my friend's funeral and i'm absoluty dreading it, i've also gotta do a speech and i think that's gonna be the worst part of the funeral i'm gonna end up being a complete wreck :(

Take care everyone and stay safe and strong. *hugs all round* xx

MammaMia 14-05-2008 05:02 PM

*hugs Emma tightly*

I'm not strong :( But I will have no choice but to do it with Emma being there!!!!

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