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Cacoethes 13-08-2017 01:15 PM

Hi Lorraine!
How are you?

Half blood prince is one of my favourite ones.
I didn't realise the next one was on tonight!

I just need to get some diet lemonade.

Sketchy 13-08-2017 01:17 PM

I'm ok thanks.

I'm about to get ready to go into town. I want to go to holland and barrett and into the art shop. I also need to do a grocery shop.

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 01:19 PM

Hello Lorraine!
Oh I love art shops. I love that smell of new art stuff!

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 01:20 PM

Ooo the art shop sounds good!

Im off to asda now.
See you guys in a bit!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 01:21 PM

I love it too. I'm only going in to buy a putty rubber, but I want to look at the pastel pencils and other pretty things. We'll see if I can be strong and just buy what I need!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 01:21 PM

Catch you later Beckie.

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 01:30 PM

See you later Beckie!

I have a putty rubber but I've never used it, are they better than normal ones?

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 02:18 PM

Hey guys im back.
Its soooo hot outside!!

Watching big hero 6.
I dreamt about it so watching it now :p

Sketchy 13-08-2017 02:20 PM

Putty rubbers are better in my opinion Rebecca. They cause less damage.

Welcome back Beckie.

I'm at the station waiting on my train which isn't until 20 minutes. I hate waiting.

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 02:23 PM

Welcome aaaj Beckie!

I have my curtains closed because I felt the heat coming in from outside. Not a fan of the heat!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 02:24 PM

It is very warm today. It's nice here today.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 02:29 PM

I hate waiting for trains too!

I have my windows open currently.
Kind of feel bad for not being out and about in this weather but I don't really like the heat!!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 02:31 PM

If I didn't meet to shop I'd probably be hiding indoors too. At least you got out to Asda.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 02:35 PM

I was very tempted to go into the cafe in town because they do amazing butterscotch milkshakes made with real whippy ice cream and it is delicious!
But it was super busy!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 02:37 PM

That would have been nice.

I got a text from my dad . He's in town so I'll probably meet him. Yay my train is here!

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 02:42 PM

Yay! Hope you have a good time!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 02:44 PM

Thanks. It's a quick train journey and then I'm off to the shops. Catch you guys later.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 02:50 PM

See you later Lorraine!

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 03:01 PM

See you later Lorraine!!

I can't have my Windows open, because I have a house cat she poops in the litter tray which usually attracts those big black flies Dx I hate them!

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 03:03 PM

Ugh yeah flies are horrible!
That's why I don't keep my windows open for long.
Just long enough to cool the place down!

Buttons. 13-08-2017 03:06 PM

Enjoy your shopping Lorraine!

I'm enjoying watching a programme about silly/naughty dogs.

Buttons. 13-08-2017 03:10 PM

I hate flies, I must invest in some anti flip strips etc when I have some monies 'cos the amount of flies coming in and out of my house is giving my support workers a psychological meltdown let alone me :P

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 03:22 PM

I have a plug in thing that works well to keep the flies away, and homebase does good fly strips. They also do this sunflower quicker that attracts flies, it's really good my mum uses them all time time, plus they're pretty when the sun shines through them.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 03:28 PM

That must be so annoying katy!

It happens at my mum's as well because they always have their windows open and they live in the middle of nowhere so bugs everywhere!!

Buttons. 13-08-2017 03:37 PM

Good advice thanks Rebecca I'll definitely homebase :)

I can imagine Beckie!! My dad's friend (think I told you about the bat thing?) lives right out in the country and flies are v frequent visitors.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 03:48 PM

Yep you did tell me!
There are definite cons for living in the country!
Pros outweigh the cons though.
I would love to live in the country again.
No neighbours.
Nice country walks.
You can get loads of pets!

Buttons. 13-08-2017 04:02 PM

Yep definitely pros as well as cons to the country. I like both :)

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 04:05 PM

It is hard to get around if you don't drive though!

I really really want a burger!!

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 04:17 PM

I'd love to live in the country. I used to go camping with the brownies when I was a girl guide, it was amazing. You can properly see the stars and everything.

Sketchy 13-08-2017 04:18 PM

Hi all. I'm on my way home now. Just having to wait ten minutes for the train to start. I had coffee with my dad and I did the shopping I needed to do.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 04:18 PM

I used to love camping.
My family are camping in wales atm.
They never invite me! Lol!

Sounds good lorraine!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 04:21 PM

I've never been camping.

Buttons. 13-08-2017 04:23 PM

I'm not a massive camping fan, I do like the atmosphere campfire situation and as has already been said how visible the stars are but I don't do soggy rainy tents in a soggy rainy sleeping bag very well :P

I went camping with Brownies as well :) Then later on at 16/17 I went to a lesbian and bisexual women's camp and no word of a lie, completely accidentally the woman who had booked the site had booked a site upon which the lane leading onto the field was called Dyke Lane. I love life :P

Do you not have any of this Iceland burgers I think you were telling me about Beckie?

Sketchy 13-08-2017 04:26 PM

I can't say camping has ever appealed to me. I like a comfortable bed.

Anyone up to much tonight? I've nothing planned.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 04:30 PM

I went camping with brownies too!
Good times!

That is hilarious katy!!! XD

Im not up to much.

Buttons. 13-08-2017 04:44 PM

I'm not up to much either.

Just TV and being used as either a toy or a sofa by the dog.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 04:49 PM

I wish I had a doggy to cuddle!!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 04:53 PM

Home now. It must be nice having a pet. I'd love to have a cat. My friend's cat is so adorable and a chatty affectionate wee thing. I'll be seeing her on Friday.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 04:57 PM

Cats are cool too.
Except next door's cat.
That cat is vicious!

I'm trying to learn the answers to these questions for driving tomorrow.
In the test they ask you 5 questions apparently like how to check coolant level or tyre pressure and stuff.
Its hard!

Buttons. 13-08-2017 04:59 PM

If you were living anywhere near here I'd lend you Lady Beckie but somehow I think we *might* live a tad far away from each other :P

Aw that's great you're seeing your friend's cat sounds like a lovely animal. Is there any reason you aren't able to have a cat of your own? I think most animals tend to make people feel more relaxed.

Buttons. 13-08-2017 05:00 PM

Ooh that test sounds tough I wouldn't have a clue!! I am sure you will ace it though, seems like you have a talent for driving (which is slightly terrifying :P)

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 05:02 PM

Yeah, only a 4 hour and 80 journey! XD

haha! Thanks :p
Im studying very hard!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 05:07 PM

You will do well Beckie. You deserve to do well.

My flat is a bit too small I think for a cat. If I ever move I'll get a cat.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 05:11 PM

Thanks Lorraine :)

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 05:23 PM

Cats are a awesome! I've always had cats even when I had a dog.

Good luck for your test Beckie!

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 05:25 PM

Thanks Rebecca!!
I don't know why but i completely forgot your name for a few minutes there!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 05:26 PM

That's funny since you both have the same name.

Cacoethes 13-08-2017 05:27 PM

I know thats what makes it worse!!

Sketchy 13-08-2017 05:33 PM

I always liked the name Rebecca. It was my gran's name. My sister was supposed to be called Rebecca but my gran asked mum not to because she didn't like her name. Sister thinks that is a shame since she prefers it to the name she has.

Shy_Bambi 13-08-2017 05:38 PM

My mum was going to call me Rachel, I dunno what made her change her mind but I like Rebecca.

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