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chinahorse 06-07-2017 01:24 PM

I think they owned shoes just decided to go visit the buffet car without them. Like dude. Shoes. You could get foot fungus or some ****.

So what're you doing with your day beckie now you're not going to asda?

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 01:26 PM

Lol @ foot fungus

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 01:27 PM

Eww! I hate feet!
A guy messaged me on a dating site asking a **** ton of questions about my feet and wanted to buy me loads of shoes....creepy...

Tbh i have no idea what to do!! Its so weird!
Katy sent me a book though which came today so I'm gonna make a start on that.
I used to love reading and it'd be good to get back into it!

chinahorse 06-07-2017 01:29 PM

That's very odd beckie. But free shoes. I'd have been tempted.

Oh yes reading is fab. What's the book about?

You up to much rebecca?

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 01:39 PM

Lol free shoes. That is a bit creepy, asking about your feet lol

I'm not up to much. Staying in my room and playing Zelda most likey.

chinahorse 06-07-2017 01:43 PM

I've never played that. Is it good?

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 01:43 PM

I was tempted by free shoes but I got the feeling that the foot thing wouldn't stop there!

Its called Artemis fowl. You've probably heard of it.
Katy was shocked i hadn't read it so she sent it to me :)

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 01:46 PM

Zelda breath of the Wild is amazing. I would recommend it!

I've heard of that book but never read it!

chinahorse 06-07-2017 01:48 PM

It's rungs a bell but I have no idea what it's about. That's lovely of Katy :)

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 01:53 PM

Yes it was very nice of her :)
Im enjoying the book so far!!

Zelda is awesome!

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 01:58 PM

Zelda is awesome. Best game ever imo.

Whats the book about?

chinahorse 06-07-2017 02:13 PM

Grumble someones made such a cheeky ffer on one of my ebay items that already a stupidly low price and in perfect condition. I declined it.

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 02:24 PM

Oh wow thats pretty rude of them. I've had that before, someone offering me 1 for something clearly worth at least 30!!

I'm still having trouble selling anything of mine *cries*

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 02:24 PM

A super intelligent 12 year old is tracking down fairys to steal their gold because his family lost their fortune. The family are all criminal masterminds.
Thats what i can tell from it so far!

Ugh. People can be so cheeky! Like you specify a price for a reason!

chinahorse 06-07-2017 02:29 PM

Sounds interesting beckie!

It's like dude I'm asking a fiver for something worth 20 quid don't try and cut me down to 3 quid!

Maybe there just isn't the demand for your items rebecca? Or perhaps you're priced a bit high?

Sketchy 06-07-2017 02:36 PM

Good afternoon everyone. *waves*

chinahorse 06-07-2017 02:39 PM

Afternoon lovely :) how be you?

Sketchy 06-07-2017 02:42 PM

I'm alright thank you. Having a quiet day in. Might go out to the shop later.

How are you? How is everyone?

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 02:44 PM

Hi Lorraine :)

Sketchy 06-07-2017 02:45 PM

Hi Beckie. How are you?

Eska 06-07-2017 02:48 PM

Beckie - I remember reading those books maaaaany years ago and enjoying them. Couldn't tell you much of what they were about though!

Hi Lorraine!

Sketchy 06-07-2017 02:51 PM

Hi Eska, how are you?

I'm being lazy again today. Hopefully I'll do some painting after I've been to the shop later.

chinahorse 06-07-2017 02:53 PM

What're you thinking of painting?

Sketchy 06-07-2017 02:54 PM

I'm still working into the same paintings. One is similar to the one I painted in my signature. They are quite big and take me ages.

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 02:57 PM

Im good thanks Lorraine!
Im really enjoying being stuck in a book again.
Its been many years since I've read for pleasure!

Painting sounds good!

Sketchy 06-07-2017 02:59 PM

It's good to get stuck into a book. I need to start reading more. I have plenty of books in my to read pile. Plus my sister practically has a library, so I could borrow books from her.

Eska 06-07-2017 03:00 PM

Lorraine, I'm good! I just walked into town to the library and then around the fields on my way home so I've had a good dose of sunshine :)
I didn't realise the painting in your signature was one of your own! It's lovely!

chinahorse 06-07-2017 03:01 PM

Woah didn't realise that was one ofyours lorraine. You're so talented.

Sketchy 06-07-2017 03:02 PM

Thanks Eska. Sounds like a good afternoon. Did you get any books out?

Sketchy 06-07-2017 03:03 PM

Thanks Lillie. It's quite a big painting, so the signature doesn't show all the detail.

Eska 06-07-2017 03:09 PM

I got a bunch of stuff, mostly easy reading non-fiction. Borrowing books from sisters is always a good tactic too! I raid my sister's shelves on a semi-regular basis.

Sketchy 06-07-2017 03:11 PM

That's good you got a bunch of books. I like non fiction too, although for a while I was very into fiction.

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 03:22 PM

Hello Lorraine! :)

I just got logged out and it wouldn't let me back in for a while. I had to restart the laptop to get in. Weird!

Sketchy 06-07-2017 03:24 PM

Hi Rebecca. That is weird. At least you managed to log back in.

Sketchy 06-07-2017 03:25 PM

Urgh it's raining here. Think I'll leave the shop until later.

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 03:33 PM

It was raining where Beckie was too!! I'm so envious. We have blue skies and sun here, its so hot! I want rain.

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 03:38 PM

We didn't have much rain.
It's really sunny here now!
Clubbercise is going to be a killer tonight!

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 03:50 PM

Don;t they have air con there? I would think they would if you're going to be jumping around and stuff! Or you mean because of your neck? Is that better now?

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 03:57 PM

No air con. Its just held in a school hall type place!
When it's hot we just open all the fire exit doors and hace to drink lots of water!!
Its going to be hard with my neck too! I'll just have to try and not move too vigorously!

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 04:26 PM

Oh no that sounds tough! D: I hope its not too hot for you when you get there!

chinahorse 06-07-2017 04:28 PM

Omg the tube was so hot I've practically melted.

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 04:28 PM

Its been hotter at clubbercise so should be ok!
Instructor brought us all ice lollies when it was super hot!!

Ugh! The tube in this weather is a nightmare! Except Met line. The met line is air conditioned!

chinahorse 06-07-2017 04:38 PM

Wow that's nice of them to buy you ice lollies!

O couldn't even work out how to get to the closest station to her house so I'm walking now.

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 04:38 PM

Oh wow the tube must be awful!!! The trains are bad enough but the tube!!

Eska 06-07-2017 04:39 PM

Have some nice cool penguins

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 04:47 PM

Penguins!! They are so cute!

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 05:05 PM

They are amazing!

Cacoethes 06-07-2017 05:27 PM

Its raining loads now! :)

Shy_Bambi 06-07-2017 05:28 PM

What?! Its still blue skies and sunshine where I am. No fair! *cries*

Buttons. 06-07-2017 05:29 PM

I would kill for rain right now! soooo hot.

In other news I have gained a dog (anyone who has me on facebook please don't mention this on there as I think my mum would kill me :P)

She's a rescue, beautiful staffy (I think cross), seems really bright.

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