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Cacoethes 01-03-2023 10:13 PM

Oh no that's not good.
I hope you manage to get some sleep

I was thinking of the domino's version.
Used to love it.
Do they still do it?
Haven't had domino's in sooo long!

long road 01-03-2023 10:40 PM

If I get to sleep I will probably be able to stay asleep it just really hard to drift off. Rather agitated, like thoughts are going a.million miles an hour but not making much sense.

I haven't had dominos in a very long time either. My partner prefers pizza hut and we generally buy bases and make our own instead of ordering delivery. I do remember my friend who worked there thought they were a pain to make.

Cacoethes 01-03-2023 10:51 PM

I get that.
Maybe try a meditation app?

We have a papa johns here now, but haven't been able to order. I do prefer papa johns to domino's. We also have a fireaway. Which is a bit more boujee.
And a small non chain pizza place, which is way cheaper and the pizzas are square, which is always good! And also delicious.

long road 01-03-2023 11:07 PM

I like meditating. Just find it hard when my breathing isn't great because a lot of them focus on the breath. And I feel almost too fast to try meditating. Like there is a sweet spot where I can actually focus on it before thoughts are too busy .

Papa John's is tasty but the service from the one round here was always terrible. Plus the garlic butter not garlic sauce really confused me the first time. Chain pizza delivery is only really affordable when there is a big group of you.

Square pizza is good. I miss the small chain we had called firezza that did rectangle pizza. It was super good quality and around the price of a medium from dominos.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 08:17 AM

That makes sense.
I don't have asthma, but I get panicky about breathing.
Like in pilates, they tell us to breathe out when doing certain moves and breathing in to reset. But I can't do it because if I try to breathe like that, i start to panic that I can't breathe. Obviously not the same thing though!

Yeah they are pretty expensive.

We're getting a burger place here soon too.

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 02-03-2023 11:42 AM

Morning Cacoethes, how are you?

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 12:11 PM

I'm ok. Tired as usual.
Had pilates, picked up meds, cleaned out guinea pigs and 2nd lot of washing is on.
Just chilling now before nail appointment.

How are you?

long road 02-03-2023 12:15 PM

Hey Tamo, Hey Beckie,

I avoided insomnia, hooray! Got to sleep around 1am.

I have been awake since 9am which felt far too early but 8 hours is a good amount of sleep. Breathing feels a little better again this morning, think steroids are working. My aim for today is to try and get energy for a shower.

New burger place is exciting. I live in a city now so lots of options but where I grew up there was a fish and chip shop a combined pizza/Indian takeaway and a Chinese in one of the pubs. You could get dominoes but it took ages as the nearest branch was over 6 miles away.

Ninja Beckie. Glad you have time to chill.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 12:24 PM

I'm glad you managed to sleep ok!
And that your breathing is a bit better

Where my family live, they can't get any takeaway at all!

Yeah. Just making lunch now

not_so_insig 02-03-2023 12:29 PM

Hello all. I am still not so good but have hearing voices group later so hopefully they'll help. I had a clothes delivery before and fortunately everything fits. That's the thing with shopping online, you never know. My cat is sitting on me atm purring away.

not_so_insig 02-03-2023 12:31 PM

Where I grew up we couldn't get takeaways either. My parents still can't. The nearest fish and chip shop is in a different county!

tamobhuuta 02-03-2023 12:34 PM

We've got lots of takeaways but only need two - my fave Indian and the chippie that does the really good chips.

I have washed and oiled my hair.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 12:38 PM

We have quite a few takeaways now.
When I first moved here, we only had justeat with 6 indians on it and nothing else!
Now we have most things. And also ubereats.

Zurg 02-03-2023 01:05 PM

Hi all :)

Some days when i get the munchies i really crave take away but then i look online and it all looks boring and it feels too expensive. There is a couple of kebab places close-ish by that i approve of. I don't eat meat very often but i Think the kebabs/shawarmas is something i'd miss if i ever go all vegetarian.

I've had a shower because i felt smelly. Cleaned out Findus' litter box, hoovered and now doing laundry. I feel so productive :D (and i Will pay dearly for this tomorrow!!!)

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 01:15 PM

I've been craving McDonald's for a while, but really can't justify spending that much on one meal. Especially when delivery is nearly 4! Apparently due to the distance. McDonald's is less than 5 mins away by car....
Never been a fan of kebabs.

Well done!

long road 02-03-2023 01:22 PM

There is a kebab takeaway nearby run by a Turkish family, they make really nice quality kebabs that they grill over charcoal. I like the chicken shish kebabs the best.

Maybe you could get McDonald's next time you have to go to a big town Beckie? Like plan it in to your day.Hope you enjoy getting your nails done today.

Hope hearing voices group is helpful Dawn. A cat sitting on you purring sounds nice and comforting.

Well done on your hair washing and oiling Tamo!

Well done on your productivity Zurg!

one_step_closer 02-03-2023 03:02 PM

Hey everyone, lots to catch up with. You're all looking busy today. I have read but don't have the focus to go back and respond to you all. You are all amazing, full stop!

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 03:47 PM

We have a turkish restaurant in town and it is AMAZING! I coule absolutely live on their bread.

I was considering getting a burger from work after cpn appointment as work is next door and with my discount, works out about the same price as maccies. And is better quality.
I'm not that hungry atm but may be after appointment.

one_step_closer 02-03-2023 03:53 PM

You should definitely treat yourself (and me) to a burger. I hope your CPN appointment goes well.

I've just changed Broadband because I was on a reduced package with TalkTalk and it's coming to an end so I was looking for something cheaper. I signed up with Sky. Keep feeling like I've done something wrong. I hate doing stuff like this.

long road 02-03-2023 04:56 PM

I need to get a new broadband deal, mine expired in December but haven't had energy to dela with it yet and luckily I can afford paying the more expensive price for a few months. I have found that when I have phoned before I have been misled on what was the best deal for me and so now I have to research before I phone. I am not very good at identifying and dealing with sales tactics so I understand how changing your broadband was a stressful experience OSC. Well done for still doing it.

Did you have a burger Beckie?

I have achieved my one goal for today and had a shower. It's been overdue for a while I meant to have one Sunday but because of asthma attack on Saturday I just didn't have capacity to until now. Feels very nice to be clean but I am now very tired.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 04:56 PM

I have ordered a burger!
And also beer.
And vented at my colleagues about the appointment.

Why do you feel like it's wrong?
People change broadband all the time!
I changed mine but still with virgin. But they offer essentials broadband for people on UC which is literally 40 a month cheaper.

tamobhuuta 02-03-2023 05:11 PM

That's a good deal.

I phoned the GP like a proper grown up.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 06:04 PM

Well done!

I've just got home.
Need to get ready for taekwondo now

one_step_closer 02-03-2023 06:10 PM

I'm just not clued up with things, so I mean I might have made a mistake on the package I chose or something.

Well done for having a shower, Jen. The most I manage is washing my hair every couple of days. Can you take it easy now?

Did you enjoy your burger, beer and venting, Beckie? Where are you at with Taekwondo?

Well done, Tamo. That's really great.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 06:17 PM

Ohh ok. That's fair.
I'm sure it'll be fine

I did thank you! Couldn't finish all my chips but managed most of it!
In what sense?
Got my grading next sunday and all day training on Saturday. Getting a lift with a black belt that i have become friends with. So I've got to try and not be weird for an ENTIRE day!

tamobhuuta 02-03-2023 06:26 PM

Lol, good luck with being normal Cacoethes!

I'm really pleased, my sister has invited me out for Saturday mocktails with her and Mum.

one_step_closer 02-03-2023 06:26 PM

Does grading mean a test to see if you can go up a level/belt? All day training! How many hours? Keep your weirdness saved up for another day!

one_step_closer 02-03-2023 06:27 PM

Ninja, Tamo.

That sounds really nice I hope you have a lovely time.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 06:38 PM

Yes it is a test.
Practical (so patterns and 3 step sparring)
And also theory.
If I pass, I'll go to green tag and get a new belt.
It's the first grading not done in class. All the ones so far have just been done in a separate group during class. This one is a specific grading day for all coloured

The all day training is 6 hours!

That sounds lovely tamo!

Me.and some work friends are organising a trip to a rage room and then probably drinks/shops afterwards.
Gonna make a WhatsApp group when I get back.

long road 02-03-2023 08:06 PM

Thanks OSc I had a rest listening to a podcast lying down, now I am chilling watching some TV in bed waiting for dinner to arrive. I try and shower twice a week at the moment (not that I always achieve it) but routine has all been off with asthma flare. Thankfully asthma seems to be getting under control I just wish it wasn't so slow!

Mocktails with your Mum and sister sounds lovely Tamo, and nice to be invited. And well done for calling the GP.

Yay for burger and chips and venting Beckie!
What do you get to do at a rage room? Smash stuff?
I am having Chinese delivered shortly.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 08:28 PM

Yep! A rage room is just smashing stuff!

Ooh chinese!
Love a chinese. What are you getting?

long road 02-03-2023 09:24 PM

I could do with a rage room, but knowing my luck I would just end up hitting myself instead.

I had chicken with ginger and spring onions, egg fried rice and veggie spring rolls. Was delicious and I am now rather full.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 09:44 PM

I'm pretty sure you have to wear some safety gear!


I've just done a tesco order. I've been trying to decide whether I could afford it for about a week.
But thinking about it, I will end up saving money. Because I can take advantage of the deals without having to worry about carrying things home. Will end up cheaper than going to asda every day.
I do still need to get some things from asda/aldi though. Tesco don't have cucumbers or romaine lettuce. And the boys will be very unhappy if they don't get them! I've given up trying to get them peppers because they don't really eat them anyway.
I wanted to get marmite cashews but I'm not paying 2.40 just for a bag of nuts. Ridiculous.
So that's coming on Saturday night.

long road 02-03-2023 09:52 PM

I am very accident prone and uncoordinated so unless they offer full body bubble wrap probably best for me to sit out XD

Sound good idea to plan stuff out budget wise. Annoying they don't have lettuce and cucumber but probably good to be able to pick up a few veggies during the week anyway, so they are fresh for the boys. 2:40 is a lot for a bag of nuts, could you get plain unroasted cashews and coat them in marmite and roast them for the same effect? Google a real recipie first though I have no idea if that would work.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 10:06 PM

Lol! Fair enough XD

Yeah, I always have to stock up during the week anyway.
And i need to get some stuff tomorrow morning before work.

Even normal nuts are expensive! And added to the cost of a jar of marmite and it would end up cheaper to just buy the nuts! Lol
I'm always tempted to steal the massive packs of cheese from work, but I think the head chef might actually kill me if I did that....i mentioned it to someone and they were like, he'd probably murder you if you stole a mint leaf! Chefs are kinda weird.

long road 02-03-2023 10:14 PM

Plus there is the whole stealing thing being illegal, so if he didn't kill you you might lose your job or something. Cheese is amazing though. I haven't bought nuts in ages my partner is allergic to nuts so I just don have them in the house, they say I could eat them but I prefer not to take the risk. Can't remember what they are meant to cost.

Cacoethes 02-03-2023 10:30 PM

Yeah true.
Though someone was literally stealing from the till a while ago. Never found out who it was but it obviously stopped when it was mentioned in the group chat. And all the supervisors got their manager key privileges takrn away as a precaution. Which is stupid because the till opens with every transaction anyway.
I nearly accidentally stole a pound coin the other day.
I was counting out change and a coin dropped into my apron pocket. Was a bit awkward trying to get it out and put it back without looking dodgy and also trying to get the right change to the customer XD

Ah that's fair.
I probably wouldn't want to risk it either

Cacoethes 03-03-2023 08:36 AM

Morning everyone!

tamobhuuta 03-03-2023 11:01 AM

Morning Cacoethes! How are you?

Cacoethes 03-03-2023 11:03 AM

I'm ok thanks.
Asda and aldi had everything i needed so I'm happy with that.
Either the veggie shortage is over or i got there at a good time!

How are you?

tamobhuuta 03-03-2023 11:07 AM

That's good. I'm ok. Just having breakfast. Going to Confession later which includes walking there and back so I'm doubly looking forward to it.

Zurg 03-03-2023 11:11 AM

Hi Tamo and Beckie :)

I did a fast cleaning of my bathroom. Have some friends coming over in the weekend. I also tried keeping busy because i discovered that the gp appointment i had booked was declined and now my head is going into overdrive. It usually happens when something is declined without any reason. My paranoia is having a ball right now :/

Also major stomachache day today, apparently.

I hope you're both having a better time than me ;)

Cacoethes 03-03-2023 11:12 AM

Hope you enjoy it

I have work. But not looking forward to it or the walk there and back XD

Ninja post zurg!

They can decline appointments??
Can you call up?

Zurg 03-03-2023 11:18 AM

Yeah, they can. I just, in my own hopelessly naive kind of way, thought they'd give a reason for declining. Like, 'you need to book a time with the nurse for that!!' or something.
I should call and ask but that would require to affirm my existence to myself and other people in real life and that's too much for my simple mind right now….

Cacoethes 03-03-2023 11:36 AM

That would have been the polite thing to do!

Yeah I get that.
Life can be hard!

tamobhuuta 03-03-2023 11:46 AM

Sorry about that Zurg :(

Zurg 03-03-2023 12:28 PM

I'm sure i'll gain back control of my mind and retrieve a healthier train of thought eventually.
I've tried cheering myself up by forcing Findus to cuddle with me all morning. Snuggling into very soft bunny fur is a really nice Way to remind myself that love is a thing that exists!!!!

I hope work Will be okay, Beckie. Not too busy but busy enough to distract you from not wanting to be there :)

I hope your walk and confession Will be add some niceness to your day, Tamo :)

Cacoethes 03-03-2023 12:57 PM

Bunny cuddles are awesome!

Luckily i am on bar with my fave person.
But there are 2 regulars just come in and last time one 'made a mess' in the bathroom that had to be cleaned and we also had to throw away a chair....can't be dealing with it tbh

one_step_closer 03-03-2023 02:04 PM

Hey everyone.

I'm glad you managed to get your veg, Beckie. The fluffies might try to eat you instead if you didn't get them. I hope there are no disgusting surprises at work today and you get through it well. I'm glad you're on the bar with your fave person.

I hope you enjoy your walk and confession, Tamo.

I'm sorry about your appointment being cancelled, Kat. I agree they really should have given a reason. Look after yourself today and hopefully you can phone back on Monday, will that be an option? Findus cuddles sound good. We are here for you too as much as we can be.

tamobhuuta 03-03-2023 02:47 PM

Hi osc, how are you?

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