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Cacoethes 18-02-2023 12:57 PM

I love the subway salads.
Pretty much lived on them in hospital!
I like a bacon roll from greggs. In the mornings, you can get a bacon or sausage bap with a coffee for 2
Used to be able to at least!

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 01:01 PM


Cacoethes 18-02-2023 01:20 PM

Indeed! When I used to have to visit jasmine in the contact centre, I'd get a bacon and sausage bap and a latte every morning!

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 01:25 PM

Very nice. I discovered some costas did a vegan sausage bap but it wasn't 2 quid!

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 01:38 PM

Nice! Yeah i don't think anything is priced as low as that in costa!

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 01:43 PM

It's not cheap! L spent so much money on me at Costa while I was in hospital, I think they should have given her shares!

one_step_closer 18-02-2023 02:41 PM

Hi everyone. You're making me want ALL the tasty food. I have a pack of brownie bars though.

I hope you're going to be ok, Beckie. I am here for you if I can do anything. I hope the dentist is quick and as painless as it can be. I'm glad you're getting things sorted.

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 02:49 PM

Mmm brownie bars!

Thanks. At dentist now. So nervous!

one_step_closer 18-02-2023 02:55 PM

You can do it! I hope you don't have long to wait.

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 03:02 PM

They saw me early.
He can't take the tooth out.
He's going to refer me to the hospital to have it out in case i have a seizure and it looks like they'll have to cut the tooth out.
And i need to book a check up for other stuff as apparently there is a lot wrong with my teeth...
And he may not be able to refer because he's just the emergency dentist

long road 18-02-2023 03:03 PM

Hello from bed. Not up to leaving it today.

Gah. Irritating he can't take it out. Hopefully referrals go through.

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 03:12 PM

Fair enough!

It is annoying.
I have a check up booked for next Thursday though.
Currently waiting for antibiotic prescription.

tamobhuuta 18-02-2023 03:47 PM

That's not good Cacoethes.

Sorry you're having a bad day long road.

long road 18-02-2023 05:33 PM

I am watching Doctor Who.

Catching up on Peter Capaldi's last series as the Doctor as I didn't watch season 10 when it was on TV. Saw series 11 and 12 though. But going to rewatch them next as I haven't watched the weird flux series 13 and I want to understand some of it

one_step_closer 18-02-2023 06:13 PM

That's a shame about your tooth, Beckie. I hope it's not too much of a hassle having more appointments and the emergency dentist or someone is able to refer you to get it sorted.

Sorry you don't feel up to getting out of bed, Jen. I hope Doctor Who is keeping your attention ok.

How has your day been, Tamo?

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 06:24 PM

I got a text saying I've been referred so i assume he's managed it. Apparently i can track the referral online which is handy!

I've recently binge watched all nu who and already want to do it again!

one_step_closer 18-02-2023 06:26 PM

Not as exciting as tracking an Amazon delivery! :laugh:

Zurg 18-02-2023 06:35 PM

Trust me Lindsay, when teeth are painful you actually look forward to having them pulled ;)
But it is a shitty ordeal. You go to the dentist, you survive the pain and discomfort, you realise several days of pain and discomfort might await in spite of painkillers, then they present you with a huge bill that Will leave you broke and on the brink of bankrupcy for months. And even so, it is somehow still worth it!!! And THAT'S some scary ****, right there!!!!

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 06:41 PM

Definitely not!

If it was painful it would be, but it's just annoying!

I'm surprised they had a check up appt as early as Thursday. Possibly because the dentist is pretty rude.

long road 18-02-2023 07:06 PM

New Who is great fun, tis a good distraction.

Just trying to rest up so I can hopefully get back on track routine wise. And trying not to get to lost in negative thoughts and sadness

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 08:17 PM

It is indeed!

I'm home. I got fish and chips because i am entirely too exhausted to even put anything in the microwave!

long road 18-02-2023 09:45 PM

Sometimes takeaway / delivery is necessary. Hope you enjoyed your fish supper.

Lost focus after 3 episodes of Doctor Who and at a bit of a loss of what to do next.

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 10:01 PM

I was in town anyway so just picked them up.
I begrudge paying any amount of delivery.
McDonald's is like 4 delivery even though it is literally 5 mins up the road!

Could you put something easy and random on?
I've been half watching disney films. Don't have to concentrate too much

long road 18-02-2023 10:46 PM

I'd pay delivery for some things. But not for Mc Donald's. McDondald is definitely a I am in the vicinity and hungry kind of place.

I am vaguely watching some YouTube. Just very disconnected

Cacoethes 18-02-2023 10:59 PM

I only really want McDonald's when i wake up after a heavy night out! I don't get hangovers, but i do crave some good old greasy food!

I only live a 10 min walk from town where most takeaways are. 5 mins from a couple more! So i only get delivery when I'm feeling super lazy. I never have the money for takeaway these days anyway. I'm usually left with literal pennies at the end of the week! So silly to spend that much on one meal.

You feeling tired?
Maybe a good sleep will help

long road 18-02-2023 11:13 PM

Back when I drank I liked a full English breakfast unless I had got a kebab the night before. Haven't had any alcohol since end of 2020.

That makes sense.

I don't know. I am always a bit tired. Might try and sleep but scared if I try to stop and sleep I will just zone out instead

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 08:56 AM

Hope you managed to get some sleep!

Morning everyone

tamobhuuta 19-02-2023 11:22 AM

Morning! How are you?

long road 19-02-2023 11:27 AM

I managed to get lots of sleep. My friend is popping in this morning and when I remembered I used it as motivation to get a relatively early night.

They lives near where I grew up but are passing through where I live now on the way home from visiting family today. They are a really close friend and I haven't seen them since I was visiting my parents at Christmas time so really excited!

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 11:54 AM

I'm ok. Had a team meeting at work this morning that definitely could have been a message in the group chat...
And then we had to do a fire drill. So we literally had to split up into different areas and then go to the meeting point....a lot of people walking past were staring at us...(it's in the middle of nowhere but a very popular walking and running route!)
Oh well. We're getting paid for that 30 mins.

Glad you got some sleep!
Hope you have a nice time with your friend!

How are you tamo?

long road 19-02-2023 11:56 AM

Pointless team meetings are never fun. But at least you got paid!

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 12:05 PM

Yeah! A lot of people didn't go. Even one of the staff who literally lives upstairs....
But wasn't too bad really.

Pilates now. Can't really be bothered. But too late to cancel now!

tamobhuuta 19-02-2023 02:19 PM

30 minutes pay is not to be sniffed at.

I hope you have a good time with your friend.

I had a good time out with my mum and aunt. Feeling a bit anxious for no reason though.

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 02:32 PM

Yeah. A whole 4.75 XD
At least I can walk to work. Some people have to get the train or taxis. Or drive. So they all probably spent more on travel than we got paid!

Glad you had a nice time out

one_step_closer 19-02-2023 03:03 PM

Hi everyone.

I got up later than I have done for a long time. Trying not to get worked up. I should just not mention my getting up times. I'm sick of living them and acknowledging them and writing about them.

Did you get to see your friend, Jen?

Team meetings are annoying, so it must be extra annoying to have a pointless one. I hope everything else that you have on today goes better.

I'm glad you had a good time with your Mum and Aunt, Tamo. I hope your anxiety eases soon.

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 04:07 PM

Sundays are meant for getting up late!
I know a lot of people after the team meeting went home and went back to bed because they aren't used to being up early!

Thank you

Have you got much on today lindsay?

one_step_closer 19-02-2023 05:58 PM

I just did my usual Sunday housework. Bedding change day, will you be changing your bedding?

long road 19-02-2023 06:04 PM

I spent a lovely hour with my friend. They couldn't stay super long as they had a 200 mile drive home ahead of them but was so great to see them. Seeing them has put my day on a positive track.

Just watching today's episode of Australian Survivor.

I hear you on feeling bad when you get up late OSc, I try to look at it as just one day not forever and that I can try again tomorrow.

one_step_closer 19-02-2023 06:08 PM

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your friend and now you get to watch your TV show. Keep the good things coming!

I don't know how to accept my late getting up times, I usually have two days of getting up early for me but I need to sleep later the day after and then it stays late for the rest of the week. I'm in a bad pattern.

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 06:14 PM

I changed my bedding earlier :)

I was cleaning but then started getting super shaky and weird. So I made banana bread and sat down.
I only really had the kitchen to go anyway. I can do it later or tomorrow.

I'm glad you had a nice time with your friend Jen

Two days is better than no days lindsay!

one_step_closer 19-02-2023 06:23 PM

I always change my bedding first thing, get the annoyance of trying to put the duvet in the sheet out of the way!

It's ok to rest and eat banana bread for the rest of the day, the cleaning can wait.

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 06:29 PM


Yeah. Living room and kitchen were already mostly clean because i cleaned out the boys earlier and obviously cleaned up the debris from that!
So just need to shower now.

long road 19-02-2023 09:26 PM

Partner cooked us a really tasty roast dinner. And now I am watching more new Who. First episode of Jodie Whittaker's Doctor. Today has had a lot of good things.

For me first step to waking up earlier has to be to set a consistent time that is more achievable. My goal is eventually between 9 and 10 but currently I have my alarm set for 10:30 with an aim of getting up by 11. Then once I do that reliably for two weeks I am moving my alarm back by ten minutes. . I am up between 10 and 11 around 75% of the time now. I am a Work In Progress.

Might not work as well for you as you have to get up early twice a week but maybe you could pick a consistent time to work towards 5 days a week?

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 09:37 PM

Sounds like a good day!
Happy for you!
Jealous of the roast. Because i live alone, a roast seems like far too much effort for just me!

My lip has been twitching all day and it's getting on my nerves! Probably just tiredness

long road 19-02-2023 09:43 PM

Thanks. I am hoping it continues as it my birthday tomorrow!

Maybe you can have a roast next time you are on shift?

Eurgh to twitching. I get all sorts of twitches and spasms with my FND. Rest sounds a plan if you feel able too.

Cacoethes 19-02-2023 10:15 PM

Ooh happy birthday for tomorrow!

They only do them on Sundays. I very rarely work sundays! And when i do, i do the evening shift. We run out of roasts very quickly so probs wouldn't have any left by then.

Yeah I'll head off to bed soon.
My feet have also been getting tingly which is uncomfortable. My last set of bloods were fine though so probably nothing major!

Cacoethes 20-02-2023 09:31 AM

Morning everyone

Last night i managed to squirt hand soap directly into my eye. I haven't woken up blind so I guess it's ok.
I'm not sure how it happened.

tamobhuuta 20-02-2023 11:18 AM

Happy birthday long road.

How does your eye feel Cacoethes?

I was sorting out my meds for the week and I don't have enough, I didn't harass the GP surgery soon enough after hospital.

Cacoethes 20-02-2023 11:31 AM

It's fine now. I splashed a load of water into it. Stung so badly though!

Ah that sucks. Can you call the gp today?

tamobhuuta 20-02-2023 12:42 PM

My mum's phoning them for me. She's a star.

I've had a full shower and hair wash.

I'm glad your eye is better. Do you have any plans for today?

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